BRP sub mount kit

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  • 4

Decent underbar mount. Does what it should

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  • 5

I bought this kit for my 2012 KTM 350 SX-F and have been really happy with it.  I also have a BRP sub mount kit on my Honda as well.  For my KTM I decided to try this rubber isolated model instead of the cheaper solid mount kit that BRP also offers.  If you are a tall rider and want to mount up a stabilizer I highly recommend that you go for a sub mount.  Not only will it raise your bar but it keeps the stabilizer in a location where it is very unlikely to get damaged in a crash or worse, smash your face off of.  The kit comes with blue and red bushing.  The blue ones are softer than the red and will provide more flex in the bars.  The installation instructions that come with this kit are easy to read and also include color pictures.  Overall the install took about 1 hour and was very simple.  It can be a little tricky if you are doing it by yourself but it can be done.  The install instructions tell you to use loctite in several different places.  Make sure you don't skip this step as I had the bolts that hold the rubber isolators come loose on me after one ride because I did not use loctite.  Ended up having to take it all apart and do it again with loctite and have not had an issue since.


The fit and finish on the part is excellent and the black powder coated finish really looks sharp.  The guys at BRP really thought of everything when designing this product as there is even a cutout for you to be able to slide your forks up in the triple clamps a few extra millimeters without interfering with the mount.  The rubber bushing definitely seem to reduce some of the vibration in the bars and also make them more compliant on hard hits.

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