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  1. Landing on Plessingers bike.... hmmmnn. I wasn't there but with the recent history I suspect that's not why it failed. If they didn't lie last week maybe we would believe them this week.
  2. Agree last year was amazing, With that said, if a company pays you 7 figures to ride their bike... Ride through the issues and talk to the manager on Sunday. If at the end of the season if Coop feels like he cannot win on the bike Yamaha will let him out of his contract (like JS7). They don't want to force a rider to ride a bike he thinks is garbage. If I was on the Pro Circuit team last week I might have pulled off, can you imagine approaching one of the big jumps not knowing if your bike is going to lock up.
  3. I totally agree, it makes me crazy when these teams pretend we are mental midgets. If a bike blew up, don't tell me the spark plus cap came off...
  4. I wish I was more connected, but I did some snooping and here is what I found out about Cooper. After Hangtown he was disgusted with the bike and very upset they couldn't fix specific handling issues. His parents and Swanepoel told Coop to ride it as is and do his best. After he pullled off during the second Moto at Glen Helen he leaned the bike against the truck and yelled at Keith Mcarty. They had a closed door meeting inside the truck with Cooper yelling at Keith. So yea, sounds like Coop might be a crybaby. Keith Mcarty is every bit as good a team manager as anyone but he isn't much for seeking out attention. Now to the rumor portion, some are saying Coop is trying to get out of his contract because he knows KTM and Honda both have open spots next year. I don't see this happening, because most of the Yamaha team sponsors are contingent on Coop being the rider. Stay tuned! Great ideas for future articles! Maybe when everyone does their, where riders are next year I will focus on the Managers and resources available to them.
  5. Erroneous! I am a greeter at Wal-Mart.
  6. He has ridden the 2018 and apparently it's much better. My personal opinion. this is more on him than Yamaha. He worked on his outdoor setup after his shoulder injury in Supercross. The engineers can get you whatever you want, but the riders need to know what they want. Jeremy Martin is a perfect example of taking a bike he didn't like and telling the team what he needed. Now the Honda looks good.
  7. I did hear some rumors at Glen Helen: - Cooper is frustrated with the Yamaha and pulled off out of spite in the 2nd moto - Reed will be on JGR next year - Wilson signed for next year - Zach O and Hill will stay on a 250's next year, although Hill wants a 450 ride.
  8. The hate is real.....
  9. I heard some bad things about Cooper and his attitude. Never got confirmation but I was told he quit the second Moto. No major injury or bike malfunction..... If true, not good!
  10. He got 13th at A1.
  11. He is Fly Racings new hope! He started SX good, but suffered a severe concussion while practicing. If he can stay healthy, expect big things.
  12. Yea, pretty dumb not to post them somewhere. GuyB from Vital filmed and posted them. If I knew they weren't being posted anywhere I would have filmed them too.,15649/GuyB,64,15650/GuyB,64
  13. I am all for a good argument. If you have thin skin, don't post articles for everyone to judge....­čĹŹ I do reserve the right to change my opinion if I get new information. I am all for a logical debate. The haters always read my stuff and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my articles.
  14. All valid points, but at times he looks amazing. Like many riders in the past, first we see glimpses of speed and then they find consistency. Eli has always been better in the outdoors. Many people assume he will dominate because his SX performance was better than expected.
  15. Thanks! Wouldn't expect everybody to agree with me, that's no fun.