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  1. OEM or SKF brand.
  2. What's the tow capacity of the X5? I never would have thought of one of those as a "tow vehicle".
  3. That is a good beginner bike for sure but I would not buy one that doesn't run as you have no idea what the problem is. It could be a 10 min free fix or a $2000 nightmare. If he will let you take it apart before buying it to find the issue then it might be worth looking at if you don't mind fixing it. Just don't buy blind.
  4. Yes, about $1600 too much unless it's never been ridden.
  5. Those three bikes will fit in a small truck bed like the ridgeline just fine.
  6. I ran the tusk ones. They lasted one ride and one tip over going about 5 mph and broke in half.
  7. So how do you put three bikes in your truck? Or by multiple do you only mean two?
  8. Could u mount it under the frame up my the tong? I have seen lots of trailers with their spare in that spot.
  9. Palm savers have worked magic for me in the past. I haven't used them in over a decade, but I doubt they have changed their design.
  10. That's not bad at all. You can file those down if you want to, or just leave them. Have you tried adjusting your clutch? A whole new clutch is not needed. How are your fibers and steels. How old are your springs?
  11. Is there a way, probably. Should you try to re-glue it, not unless you need to ride tomorrow and have ho way of replacing it prior. Air filters are cheap and it's not worth the risk of it coming apart again and letting dirt through. Go buy three new ones, oil them all up, put two in zip-loc bags and one in the bike. You will be set for a while and will only need to have cleaning sessions 1/3 as often as you did before.
  12. Look at earthx. They have internal circuitry that prevents over charging, over discharging and balances the cells with a standard charger.
  13. Bump!!! This is awesome. I just signed up.
  14. Replaced my 5 year old shorai with an earthx battery. Hopefully this solves my estart issues.
  15. If money is no object, 2017, lectron, spring fork conversion.