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  1. Well, the stock tank is 2 gal so if you are putting in 1.3 gal then it agrees with 0.6 gal left when the light comes on. I agree that it is set to come on too early. I have a 3 gal tank and there seems to be a lot of fuel left when the light comes on. I am used to reserves on petcocks which typically give you about a 15 mile warning. My fuel light gives me at least twice that.
  2. Sounds good. iOS app update didn't fix any issues for me FYI. I still can't access my unread content.
  3. Any update on the update?
  4. And it ran fine before adding the pipe and removing throttle stop? Sounds like an unrelated issue to me, unless there is some sort of packing material stuck in the pipe from shipping that you didn't see and is restricting the flow enough at anything above idle. Take the pipe off and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, take off the spark arrest or and try to fish a piece of solid core wire though it to see if there's something stuck in there like packing peanuts.
  5. It will run very lean being opened up without the comp ECU, but it should still move just fine. Are you saying that it won't move at all? Does it idle? Does the rear wheel spin freely when on a stand?
  6. So he is quitting the AMA enduro to prepare for the isdENDURO? I think he should talk to Malcom to see how not Racing helps you prepare. I understand that is is still racing GNCC but the enduro format would be good to stay fresh on I would think.
  7. Still on track to move the site over within a week?
  8. That is a different bracket than the one that came in my kit from RMATV. Hard to tell from the pic if it would solve the issue though.
  9. I have one in my 2012. It is a nice mod imo, but it does require a bit of jimmy rigging. I shimmed it a bit and trimmed the capacitor bracket so that the slave cylinder could pivot as the clutch went through its stroke. It makes the pull a bit easier, maybe 10%. I also replaced three of my clutch springs with wr250 springs which make a much better difference in the pull force. It's a 1 finger all day pull and I have yet to feel it slip. 200+ hours like that and the plates are still good.
  10. Let me put it this way, my 2006 uncorked (yz throttle stop, open air box, rejetted and with the above muffler mods) was very similar in power to my uncorked 2012 ( comp ecu with fmf map, opened air box, and fmf powercore 4 muffler) and it was quieter too when I don't have the quiet insert in the fmf. I think it worked very well for what it was and would do it again. I regret spending the money on the fmf for my 2012 instead of just modding the stock exhaust like I did to my 2006.
  11. Not true. I did this to my 2006 and it ran much better than stock. Yes, it was louder and needed to be rejetted, but still ran much better. Maybe not quite as well as an aftermarket performance muffler, but the price was free. Remove the tip and try it. If you want more power and don't mind a bit more noise put a 1/2" hole through the baffles. Try it, wan more power and don't mind a bit more noise then add a second 1/2" hole. Repeat this until you find the right balance of power and noise for you. I ended up with three holes. I shoulda stopped at two as it was a bit louder than I would have liked. I put roughly 1,000 hours on that bike with that muffler mod. It makes a good difference and I am not a slow rider, ask around in the PNW forum from those who have ridden with me. Krannie just likes to talk sometimes when he hasn't actually tried it and does t really know.
  12. You air up and down before and after different obstacles? Dang, I wouldn't want to be on a trail ride with you, that sounds like a lot of waiting around even if you can do it in 30 sec.
  13. The best thing to do to get a better "feel" of your forks is to start playing with clicker settings and oil heights. Make relatively large changes to begin with to make sure you can feel the difference. After a half dozen changes or so, you should begin to find where you like your forks set. There may be good forks and bad forks, but virtually all forks can be set up to be pretty good for the average rider.
  14. Keep that whole tip part out, take a 1/2" drill bit and put a couple holes through the baffles in the muffler, then put the spark arrestor back in and ride it.
  15. I am having a similar issue but with the iPhone app If I try to refresh the unread content it takes a long time (like 3 min) then asks me to log in (even though I am already logged in). If I log in in the screen that popped up it still won't load the unread content. It's been like this for a few weeks now.