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  1. Ah f him then I know a kid with a cabin in the Piutes whom is as fast as as anybody in the desert who invites me regularly to the Piutes to ny old grounds of the 70's, I tell him I'm old he says he doesn't care. In other words he remembers me working with him as a kid. I use to ride with another who did last man standing in Texas and was very gracious and taught me things when I came back to riding. Chrus I get it. 40 years of busting my ass has taken it toll and I am left with pounds of metal in me. I like to ride but even better I like to ride with my friends. Even the ones that are not yet 50, even the ones that have bit into sixty lots of fast guys, i like riding with friends
  2. She was right huh
  3. I told them put it out 6 weeks further and have it at Stoney.
  4. No it doesn't and that's one you do not mess with and in the great words of Brennan " make sure you get them good cable TV, it keeps them happy" It should be excessively nasty this year too.
  5. A Medi-cal recipient
  6. Sorry I can't link as ever since my house flooded I have been borderline homeless and my coverage is spotty. That said one of those guys I watched so often as a wide eyed kid has passed. Goggle the Tim Harts name as he was faster than &%$#@! but in a sport of here and now most have never heard of him. Godspeed Tim
  7. Have fun for me as I'm taking a hiatus for a bit, I will be back.
  8. That's Feld and they sell tickets sure they love that and Chads take out of Trey too. Than they look to the FIM to be the keeper of the riders they clearly care less about
  9. I'd be all sketched on that shit
  10. Regular Mike Huncho
  11. Suspension
  12. Well my kid went to Qatar and said here was this track set up in the big Motorsport complexe like supercross and he was able to get right next to the track and was able to get to Tony's bike- post pic later- as no one was there. He told me no alcoholic drinks of course but virtually no food or fans in the place. said it was a fair race but nothing great. Then again he could care less about races.
  13. California

    My yard and my street just around the corner in no order
  14. Text to remind me Brennan as I want to go and will go I just my hands full as you know.
  15. Yamaha sold a million bikes in India alone, take that KTM. Yamaha sells over 15 million worldwide and still innovate in the sport and produces some of the best built most reliable and cheapest to maintain bikes on the market. They didn't even bother with a Team and still was a leader. KTM is putting out 150K a year I think, the very survival of the brand depends on this mass marketing campaign as even a simple 20% cut in sales of the top models would put the company on at financial risk