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  1. Kinda looks like Scott
  2. Jump sharks too
  3. He's lucky Pierre
  4. We are all Iowans like Bricktop
  5. Marvins not doing it, will roger even be there? Kens career is over, Honda can't buy a win. JS7 is over but at the same time a prime time JS7 would have been everything they could have dreamed of.
  6. Midwest blowers club right here folks but I'm a fan
  7. maybe KTM or Honda but I think he stays retired
  8. Jarvis is hard to bet against but I'm rooting for the Nor Cal local boy!!!!!!!!!!
  9. When he passed Eli on the outside as Eli has become known for my face even felt the warmth of that Washington Post reportable bitch slap.
  10. His hat is in the ring but dominate is a long reach at this stage in his wasted career
  11. Seems to be the right man for the job, I even walked by and admired the # 15 at Hangtown. I would be interested in a wager payable to a charity of choice that he -CP377-fails to show at every round. That alone puts him out of contention.
  12. I miss my Sienna van with all the seats out and a rail on the back for my bike. I slept good and parking was easy.
  13. Why pay Barcia? Eli Adam and Josh on Monster Kawasaki ? Phil needs to stay 450. Keep Craig on Kens bike.