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  1. I'm liking the volt meter. Where did you get it?
  2. I don't remember exactly how I set mine, but taking the rod off the diaphragm seems familiar. Try extremes and see what gives you the slight pause when the slide opens.
  3. I had just got done installing the K subframe and the new rotors, so it had the 'toothbrush' treatment while it was apart.
  4. Seems there are more NOS in Europe than over here.
  5. I run Lucas NGLI2 in my swingarm and suspension pivot and Lucas syn fork oil up front.
  6. From the interweb, the whole kit looks something like this;
  7. What does everyone do with the manual decompression kits that come with the kicker kit? There must be a pile of them somewhere!
  8. Does your bike overheat?
  10. Shock length and linkage ratio of 4:1
  11. I just got done having my coffee too!
  12. I use chainsaw bar oil for lubrication and kerosene to clean. The cheap bristle brushes at the hardware store work well for cleaning and application.
  13. Maybe there is something against the valve body for top-out they move or modify?
  14. Very unlikely.
  15. Anybody wise enough to scoop that gem up would be a multi-bike owner who does his own maintenance and tuning.