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  1. Search the 'E tank on an S' threads. There is a gem of a Chinese fan for $14.
  2. Have you removed the broken part from the carb? Pics?
  3. Rear shock should have 2.5wt shock oil, forks should have 5wt fork oil. Only exception might be 2.5 in the forks, but shock oil is $$$ more than fork oil, plus most of the stacks on the susp. page were calculated using 5wt. I am going to pull one 24x.10 out of each my two lower stacks and use them to replace the two 24x.15's on my third stack; I have waaaay more bottoming resistance than I need, plus my bypass valves are nearly wide open. Front shims are 6mm holes. The 44mm shims are for the rear shock. Do your forks first to gain more knowlege before tackling the rear.
  4. I'd imagine the TEC-SA spark arrestor would fit that pipe. I run one in my Tri-oval.
  5. Let me qualify my previous statement better. Bike didn't crank when I first got there, and I blamed not having the proper charger due to the bike being sluggish to turn over once some time months before. Jumped bike off of F350, it started and ran for 20 seconds and died. I immediately re-cranked her without a jump and it weakly turned and started. No problems ever since. What impressed me the most was 20 seconds run was enough to get a second crank when it was too dead to run the light when I started.
  6. I got away with it for maybe a year? I know the proper one charges to a slightly higher voltage, and it does make a difference. Perhaps the hysteresis is much wider on a standard charger, not totally sure.
  7. Mine worked fine in Naches two February's ago. Lots of melting snow on the ground.
  8. Totally happy with my OSHC's, but if I didn't have them, I would choose the Webcams 293/536. Same profile exhaust as the OSHC, but with a better matched intake cam.
  9. Hands down the WR450. Two of my riding buddies have them and they are excellent bikes!!! 2007 and onward are preferred.
  10. 'nother vote for JT. I like the aluminum flavor. Priced well too!
  11. I used two 1/4" washers on my S subframe to eliminate the rub of my Yoshi Ti on the shock spring. Once I switched over to the E subframe, the washers weren't necessary.
  12. Good idea. With only one mount hole, there isn't any aftermarket brackets that I know of to fit an S exhaust to an E subframe.
  13. I am interested as well................
  14. I didn't realize that the S and SM fenders were that different.
  15. Getting cranks rebuilt is possible.