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  1. Stop cock or seal grease from a chemical supply is the same stuff. Ignition grease
  2. Mine is a slip fit and I don't run a clamp.
  3. My riding buddies have WR450's and they are really nice bikes. Unfortunately, between us all, our Hondas have been duds.
  4. ...............usually ignitions thrown at restricted fuel flow. When the problem remains, the new fuel system comes.
  5. The S subframe is WAY TOO HEAVY!!!!
  6. Ran a UNI stand alone on my CR125 and it ran just fine. The Screaming Eagle air system for the Harley also eliminated any type of box and it too runs just fine. Best way to jet your carb is to start rich, lean it until it protests, then go back one step richer.
  7. Clean your connectors well and apply some silicone dielectric grease to them before plugging them back together.
  8. Wouldn't this be $280? Should be flatter than my current 2003IN 2048EX. Both of the 22XX are the same profile as my 2048EX
  9. Mine too, but I have also driven a '29 Buick. Beautiful car, drove like a tractor.
  10. This is the 2251-2IN This is the 2252-2EX Thought I had lost my mind for a bit!
  11. E model exhaust has slightly more duration than the 2003EX, and only .28mm less lift. Plus, the decomp. Probably all the cam you'd need for a 400cc engine. Happened to me too when I was trying to get the 2048EX. They listed the 2048, then sent the 22XXEX, saying they are the same. The E cam I recently purchased was listed as a DRZ400 cam, and nothing else. Had to pinch myself a few times, and it wasn't until I saw the intake listed separately, by the same seller, for $55 shipped, that I realized I had scored. Sometimes you just have to search for the fun of it. The cams advertised for the LTZ could be a hidden gem. Definitely worth researching for someone who is in the market for a moderate cam. No risk here; if it isn't like the one in the pic, Amazon will return it for free. Dennis Kirk. $199 price should reflect the cost of the decomp. But, you do need to be cautious. Hotcams website Looks like the 5811 has the decomp and the 5810 doesnt?
  12. Holy cats! Thanks for the correction. They did at one time I thought.
  13. Stage 2 has a decomp.
  14. But, on the E you will not have the upper buddy peg hole to bolt a bracket to. I would be tempted to make my own bracket that rests on the sub frame below the E mount bracket if I was to run an S exhaust on the E.