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  1. Although I haven't seen the X-ray, I can't imagine why a 23 year old can't have his collar bone straightened. I do this at least once per month.
  2. I fix these all the time. I remake the fracture with a saw or chisel, straighten the bone, put a plate on it, and use some bone graft from the proximal tibia. Folks notice the difference the next day when they try to raise their arm. Its really a no brainer for us.
  3. At the end of the day, it will be a cold day in Hades before I ever install one of these devices in one of my patients.
  4. It comes with the territory. Does your doc regularly do the patella tendon. In California unicorn tendons are more commonly put in.
  5. I only do patella tendon grafts for ACL surgery. Assuming that the patient has closed growth plates, that it.
  6. I'd be way more interested in the guy who is holding the knife any thing else.
  7. the link won't open
  8. I really don't know exactly what was injured. If you know more specifics than I do, post the link
  9. Its possible to be in th4 450 class in Supercross. And if you never had a bad get-off it would be just fine.
  10. I would suggest a knee brace in this case. You have a lot to protect. The knee prosthesis is not living tissue, and is incapable of healing (duh?) Try on several before you decide what is most comfortable.
  11. And the picture I put up was the one you posted afterward when it moved and healed that way because the pin has little to no resistance to rotation. Don't blame my you posted the picture of the malunion.
  12. Post a new X-ray. As I recall, it healed crooked, and I can't say that I haven't been sued for way less. Maybe it straightened out on its own?
  13. If it were getting better, I would wait to see how it turned out. It can always be repaired later.
  14. I could care less what the MRI says. Is the knee stable or unstable to examination?
  15. I would do it if I could get funding.