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  1. And the picture I put up was the one you posted afterward when it moved and healed that way because the pin has little to no resistance to rotation. Don't blame my you posted the picture of the malunion.
  2. Post a new X-ray. As I recall, it healed crooked, and I can't say that I haven't been sued for way less. Maybe it straightened out on its own?
  3. If it were getting better, I would wait to see how it turned out. It can always be repaired later.
  4. I could care less what the MRI says. Is the knee stable or unstable to examination?
  5. I would do it if I could get funding.
  6. I published that paper in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2011. While, I have treated more than several patients who broke their femur at the top end of the knee brace, we didn't see that in our experimental series. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It just didn't happen in the group of patients we reported on.
  7. Plate and screws. No post op immobilization. Will heal straight in six weeks, and return to sports without restriction. Got to find someone with a brain to do it.
  8. I wouldn't let my son go through life with that deformity.
  9. Dr. Mark, 

    Thank you for what you do here! I am 47 and don't want to stop racing 6 2 and 210 lbs, could be more fit but I can finish an enduro in the B class. The problem is I can barely walk for days afterwards, forget about getting out of a chair or climbing stairs. I travel by car a lot, I believe this has caused imbalance in my leg muscles and my legs want to pronate. Went to an Ortho this morning and his nurse wasn't even smart enough to take my blood pressure correctly. He was ok but like the others I have seen, only seems to want to deal with the big-ticket need- surgery-now patients. My kneecap cartilage is deteriorating and my caps are out of alignment (see xrays from today below) and bone spurs are forming. I asked him to inject cortisone into both knees, it helped the sharp pain but they are aching now. I want to fix this, what are my options? 


    knee left.jpg

    knee right.jpg

    1. DrMark


      From what I can see, there is arthritis in the right knee, and probably the left knee.  There are no options until the correct diagnosis can be established.  It takes more than a casual glance and X-ray.  What part of the world are you from?


      If your in Texas, you should visit me.

    2. Bark3rd


      If you are in Network for United HC, I'm in .


      I live in Fort Worth area


    3. Bark3rd


      Found out UNC out of network, daingit!


  10. It would be a good bet
  11. The fracture is unstable and out of place. Come visit me for a day, next week. At least you will know it was done right.
  12. The repair job was excellent. There is no arthritis and the alignment is good. An active athlete never is very happy until the metal is removed. That's what I would do.
  13. If you posted the most recent X-ray, I might be able to offer an opinion.
  14. Arthritis and/or deformity. The answer is staring your in the face. What part of the world are you from?
  15. When you take a weight bearing X-ray, the answer will be apparent.