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  1. Have ya' looked around lately? Most of the bikes in the off road world are from Austria, now that the Japanese have pretty much abandoned us ( a few token models notwithstanding). Joe
  2. Well.......he is not going to reveal that, as riding those trails now would be "illegal". Joe
  3. Washington

    Lookin' good there Tod. Joe
  4. Nice? I wasn't referring to a 70 inch wide trail as nice can drive a truck down that. THIS is a tight trail....
  5. LOL......60-70 is "tight"? Wow......around here maybe 12-18" is Joe
  6. Pacific Northwest uses hand / finger count to signal number of riders behind you .....I would say that 80% comply. Joe
  7. Yes
  8. Pffft......This has been an issue on almost all KTM 2 strokes since at least '08. Had to fix high float on 09 and 12 bikes that i had and most others going back to 08 had commented the same. Joe
  9. Gino should be, son not sure . Joe
  10. I run a trials rear tire and current one has 138 hours on it and probably can get 50-60 more. Joe
  11. I will be camping there. Joe
  12. MX side cars?? Just having fun with ya'....... You guys over there sure have some crazy racing. Joe
  13. Since the cop called the previous owner....I would have had him ask a few follow up questions as to why he passed off and sold a 1999 bike as a 2005 ? Joe