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  1. Suspect the float in the old smart carb would do this sometimes and always a fuel starve issue . Tapping on it usually did the trick. Also, no exhaust blocking issue ( removed and replaced packing lately? Vent tube "venting" on gas tank? Joe
  2. LOL Steve ......then Tiger's guys could film another episode of "messin' with sasquatch. Joe
  3. Here is what Russ was doing today, on Father's day.... Joe
  4. Crap.......that landslide is in a bad spot. Joe
  5. Ha don't know the half of it. I would say he has donated about 6 or 7 bikes to events and causes HE has organized to benefit OUR trail systems at first, and then OUR wounded warriors. The last bike donated that I know of was a Husky 250. Joe
  6. Check in with Frank and pitch in. He has helped clear Mad trails for years and needs help this week end. Joe
  7. See my response to scott above.... Joe
  8. What you don't understand is that Russ has not only been a sponsor on here for over a decade, but that he ALSO is an active rider and trail volunteer in the this state ( WA) where YOU and I ride ( he also helps in OR and AZ ) . I have ridden with him for 12-13 years and can attest that he is an avid dirt biker through and through. Have you ever ridden at Naches?? He spend virtually ALL of last summer working on clearing and improving those trails so that you could ride them ( then put on an event there that raised thousands for our military vets). Have you ever ridden Taneum? He was volunteer of the year a few years ago, chosen by ranger Mikki. Have you ever ridden Tahuya?? He also helps keep THAT place clear of trees and open so YOU can also ride there. What else does he need to do for you ? He is a local RIDER not some snake oil salesman just spamming random sites. Joe
  9. Explain to me how 50cc less, produces the same "power". Or at least explain what you mean by power. Joe
  10. Just buy a complete 250 top end/ cylinder and all and bolt it on. Sell the 300 cylinder and recoup most of the cost. It is done the other way around all the time. Joe
  11. To quote Jethro Bodine......i believe it's called "Cyphering" Joe
  12. Silly question
  13. it that dry already? Lots of snow around. Joe
  14. Rory tells a great story about how when his kids were young, if they spent too much time inside/on computer....he would lock them out and tell them to ride their dirtbikes outside until they ran out of gas, or it got dark. LOL. Jason is now an awesome rider and rides with him all the time. I got lucky with my son, and he was plopped on a PW at age 4 and rode with him almost every week through age 18 or so....then after he pretty much took a 5-6 year hiatus, is back with a vengeance now. Joe
  15. You were asking an awful lot of him........counting to two and all. Joe