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  1. A few weeks ago, on this thread you said this: "The only reasons ktm's are lighter is there made out of inferior material made to last a couple races max. Maybe you should try a bike thats proven wr450 here in the UK we had a race event called western beach race event hard on machines plenty of yamaha and Kawasaki finished " loads of orange bike's litterd around the course broken" ....then I replied: "Yeah....I guess that KTM dominating the 2016 race there with 12 of the top 20 places in that Weston ( not western LOL) proves your point alright Oh yeah.....those WR450's you mention were cleaning up too.....FIRST one came in 190th! " .....I wonder WHY you didn't reply to the facts that i pointed out to you?? First Yamaha came in 41st...Hmmmmm Joe
  2. Haaa haaaaaaa Joe
  3. Night rides? Joe
  4. I'll just leave THIS here...... Joe
  5. Probably need to replace the bendix gear a search on here and on ktm talk and you will see that this subject has been covered millions of times because it is so common. Joe
  6. We were at Mattawa on Saturday also.....excellent conditions. Tip for future videos: Point the camera higher so picture isn't mostly just in front of the fender. Joe
  7. You will be blown away with a much lighter, more powerful 2 stroke like a KTM 250xc or xcw. Joe
  8. Doesn't affect Devils......Only table + red hill. Joe
  9. Yes.....not sure what brand bike, but look at the plunger shaft that the end of the brake pedal pushes up into the master cylinder. Make that shaft smaller by loosening the lock nuts and screwing it in / reducing the length. Joe
  10. We were out there today and saw nothing.... Joe
  11. Hmmmm....same story every year about this time. Joe
  12. LOL......I think it's funny that 1. OP mentions he is "middle age" at 30 and 2. No one has mentioned that. OP is still a kid and he has plenty of time to ride in the decades ahead. Enjoy the kids now because at 16-17 they will tend to not want to do things with dad as much. Then you can have way more time to ride after. I have been riding almost 50 years now and plan on at east 20 more. Joe
  13. Rocky Mountain for sure. Great prices and so reliable. You know when it will be there. Joe
  14. I agree !! Mine was just 9 Joe
  15. Awesome description. Joe