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  1. I voted Trump to try and De-Regulate some of these BS laws. at least I'm not a Brown-eye
  2. move your perches towards the bend so index finger lines up with ball end this always keeps my levers safe
  3. now that's an adventure
  4. especially lame
  5. cali is the land of fruits and nuts for sure ! why do they think smog control on a offroad machine is necessary anyway? when I see the ranger I wont stop or be intimidated by them. I do volunteer work for the BLM and do a large amount of work keeping these areas open.. what I want to know is why would any agency waist our tax money looking for smog violations on a dirtbike ? why don't they go write tickets for all those noisey ugly Harley's that disrupt our peace. every time I hear one of those POS going down the road I offer up a great big California "howdy" with my middle finger. be a responsible motorcycle operator and respect the peace and quiet our neighbors enjoy. I only use FMF Q4 and Turbine core slip-ons to help reduce noise
  6. not to mention it also lowers the cg and makes the bike handle better that's why the MX guys go low
  7. I think that's what it is, 5mm is very noticeable. I'm 6'3" and with oem settings its cramped. with the scotts under bar and foot peg chang its roomy and comfy on my '17 500
  8. had my 500 and the Dunlop AT81's out on the frwy for a 5 mile section of yesterdays ride and as noted it had lots of shimmy and shake from the in-balanced moto tires. obviously they are not DOT and I don't give a flock cause we don't do much road time. if I had to go any faster than 70 or further than 10 miles this bike would have street wheels for the highway,.
  9. SX pegs are lower than then XC and EXC pegs. I use the Pivot-Pegz system and for most bikes they are adjustable and lower than oem
  10. I don't care for it. I'm a trials rider and an offroader having an automatic sounds good but like any high performance machine it ultimately comes down to the operator. if you have good clutch skills then its not beneficial. move your clutch perch closer to the bar bend allowing the ball end of the lever to line up on your index finger (trials style) and you will have maximum control with less pull needed due to leverage advantage
  11. Inside Line Moto in orange county
  12. DS speeding ; once a few years back I was going flat out on the 405 frwy on my 350 and sure enough I heard the copper siren. I immediately pulled to the side and the officer on his loud speaker said "freeze with your hands on the bars" . oops what did I do besides speeding ? he came from behind and patted me down then said "the way your riding that thing I thought you were a bank robber" I of coarse wasn't but he then asked, " how fast were you going" ? I was honest and said I didn't know cause I don't look at the speedo but I was at full throttle. he laughed a let me go no ticket. I estimate I was doing about 80 ish so owning a 350 has its benefits cause if I was riding my new bike even with the 52 rear sprocket I would have been going much faster and most likely to jail for wreckless
  13. dammmmn nice bike . TPS adjust ,ECU map , FMF Q4 slip on remove reed valve and balance the wheels cause their going to pointing at the moon
  14. one of my biggest dislikes about offroad wheels. the dang locks are next to the stem , that sux.. I thought there was a kit to re-locate stem and balance . anyone have an idea ? or a product ?