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  1. I'm at 48hrs nothing to say except needs another set of AT81s
  2. 1 2 and 3 are hardcore rock pile gears like a trials machine with ballz. 4 5 and 6 are for open desert and mountains. most time open country I use 5 and 6 and it will pull the front wheel to clear holes with ease 40-70mph
  3. bent swing arm or wrong wheel bushings ? stand it up straight and step back to whats up
  4. don't be a hater just cause you don't have one . My 15 300xcw was the best bike ive owned for extreme rock pile but when this 500 came along I gave it good hard look before buying then took it for a ride. tested it in all conditions and first impressions weren't that good compared to my 300. but after an extreme diet and some easy mods I got the weight down to 237 before fuel and gearing changes have made it my new extreme rock pile bike. only other downside is the engine will get hot when slowing to a crawl. afew clicks on the suspension and I'm in happy land again
  5. the 17 is the new King ! its lighter more stable and handles better than all of its predecessors
  6. my 500 sux on the street but like others have pointed out its an excellent offroader
  7. mine runs like a monster 510cc bike should
  8. I currently have the same stable '15 300 and '17 500. xcw rear fender/light smog stuff delete ecu upgrade Dunlop AT81s Scotts damper 14/52 gears chain FMF Q4 (very quiet) quick turn throttle cam switch delete mirror delete 500 weighs almost as much as the 300 now and carries a plate don't forget the horn and turn indicators
  9. alter tire geometry then make suspension changes ? why ? I use the AT81 Dunlop just like on all the factory bikes
  10. mine is dialed in so as not to flame out ever ! I ride trials style and a flame out will ruin your day also it always helps to alter the gearing . most flame outs are a lean condition
  11. I just put the VX2 on my 17 500 perfect fit
  12. good news is you got the power added with the larger 300 bore. there is no down-side to this upgrade all they did was add power
  13. the blessing there is you have a moto that has never seen dust or sand like us here in the western USA. do check all the valves and since your ride is mostly dust free the intake valves should be in great shape. congrats and enjoy