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  1. what type of and speeds ? sand ? or hard pack ? the fire roads and sand should lower that a bit , is the engine ecu and tps adjusted ? Thanks ?
  2. might need to use the powerline road
  3. google earth , we are going there this weekend. camp rock rd (cougar butte) to slash X
  4. my '17 500 got remapped havnt adjusted TPS yet and 14/52 gears pulls wheelies all day long in 3rd and 4th. I can idle mine down to trials speed and it stays running and smooth
  5. 14/52 here and the gap is just right
  6. good read
  7. hmmmm yes we want the best tune possible
  8. something was loose, the braided ground strap can crack where it touched the frame and corrosion can form on the cable.
  9. you cant compare a DRZ to a Beta or a KTM , those Suzi's were lame
    great product easy to use is it available for the 2017 500exc Ca ?
  10. thanks will try. I don't like to call out dealers here on the web .. has anyone visited ? they have a great list of products to help our rides run better. I giving them a holler. what about a programmer likr they use for the cars/trucks ? has anyone fitted the IMS 3.2 gallon tank to their 2017 500?
  11. excellent pics thanks. I been running the 2 smoker so long forgot how pretty these new valve trains are. please keep posting hours and adjustments
  12. my last ride was the KTM300 XCW so if I got the 350 it would be a disappointing power drop . power up brother and get the 500 same weight much more bang for your buck