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  1. these videos are awsome. thanks for sharing these. I'm gonna waste so much time watching these and the related videos that pop up on my youtube channel. I think i'm gonna go look for some JTracing gear now. I want to try to like kyles videos and I do for the scenery and the bikes he gets to ride, I hate his white re-20 microphone though. However, his oppinions are a bit hard for me to trust and value. I'm not in position to judge anyones skills or abilities, But I feel that his riding is a little bit basic, compared to what these bikes are capable of delivering. I must admit that I wished the beta 500 that I own, had a bit more hit, more ground clearance, and suspension travel, much like my old crf 450 or yz400 for the desert stuff. But when the trail gets really tough, I'm thankful for the lower seat height, lower center of gravity, compact chasis, and nice smooth power. My riding style appears to have changed. He did step it up a bit with that last beta/sherco video, as the riding was much more involved and technically review worthy. With all the riding he does and his experience, I expected more out of his bike reviews. I'd like to see hendletown review a bike, or somebody with more of a mx background but without any brand loyalties. The australian dudes videos are cool too, and I really like those. But even better would be a cool old skool magazine MXA style 300cc enduro shootout, or even a 250cc enduro shootout would be cool too. Pretty soon, I am gonna be stepping into the market for a new strictly off road bike that's suitable for hard enduro. So that I can have fun testing myself and learning new techniques, and also saving valentina for the more dual sport style stuff. I have been looking for info from everywhere, as I still dont know what I want, and so I'm soaking all this stuff in without bias, because I have no loyalties when it comes to bikes, i simply like the best bike for me and my style, which seems to be different than everyone else. But I think I'm leaning towards a new Beta 300, Especially because of the last video I made. When I was stuck on the side of a rocky cliff, a lightweight chassis bike, with low seat height, low center of gravity, and smooth torquey power is exactly what I wanted. And Valentina delivered exactly what I needed for that situation. A bike that has the same chassis design, but is a little bit lighter than her for wresting around on the side of the cliff without overheating issues, is the bike I want for enduro riding. I'm sure my needs and wants for motocross/desert/freestyle are different, but I doubt they would perform as well on the hard enduro rides. in recollection of that ride. The Beta rules... I think I'm gonna be needing at least 2 new bikes: a 2 stroke enduro killer, and a more highspeed oriented mx thrasher. Valentina fills the gap between both of those, with the addition of being plated. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of kyles beta 300rr video series. I dont know if It's gonna matter to me or not but I'm looking forward to some closure on his video series.
  2. Hey Rhino, I am not familiar with what your talking about. you got a pic? I wonder if I'd be better off with just a regular piece of hose ran down next to the radiator like how my bike came to me with, hmmmm??? I noticed a couple of times when I was waiting for her to cool down a bit, I would flick the tip thingy and gas would splash off of it. I thought that was kind of strange. Maybe this could be causing the bike to run a little lean, and hott???? On my last ride I had issues with it overheating. I stopped about 5 times to let her cool down. I've got the full video coming in a few.
  3. heres sundays quick ride edit. I thoroughly tested the new blinkers and they are good, no issues just a little rock rash from hugging the edge of the cliff. even the gas cap vent is cool but I did notice it burping a bit, kinda weird, but whatevers??? Still havent crashed or laid her down. hahaha
  4. I quit drinking coffee and it's a bummer But I'm still getting us ready to head up to gorman for some sunday morning riding, So I thought I'd share what I did to my bike yesterday. Previously I had already ditched the smog equipment and stuck a crummy blue vent hose on the cap instead of the black stuff that came with the bike. Yesterday I went to the bike shop to get some more motul fluids, and I bought a new gas cap vent. Even though I was looking for a dice or an 8-ball vent I bought this one. I wasnt exactly what I wanted but it was exactly what I needed. I haven't seen anyone with a gascap vent on their beta 500 so I thought I'd share mines. I really like how the bike is coming along with these few simple and easy modifications. She feel like much more of a motocross bike now. Oh yeah my wife got mad at me and wants me to work on her bike now haha
  5. lets see a pic or 2
  6. That was a cool read
  7. OK, So my new led relay came in. I tested it out. And BAM, it worked. So I drilled a couple of holes in the front numbeer plate, installed them, and I think they look great. Heres some pics: I used this relay that has an adjustable speed on it. here's a link to the relay: DOT approved Led turn signals for less than 30 bucks... Howz Dat???
  8. I think it's pretty far out, how the tiny side plate shows off the exhaust. I've never seen that before, except when somebody had already destroyed their bike and there wasn't a side panel left. I'm not so sure I like the exposed muff. And watts up with the gastank washer not being drilled out??? I thought boano was the works stuff. The rest of the bike is pretty bitchin', I like the white seat cover!
  9. male bullet>>> I did not cut with the factory wiring at all I just pulled off the stock license plate hanger, and signals and drilled the 2 holes for the new leds and all the rest was just cimping on 4 new bullet connectors to my new leds plugging them into the stock wiring, and then reassembly. You actually need to disassemble a bunch of stuff to get access the wiring. I hooked up the leds with male bullet connectors that go into the female connectors on the chassis wiring harness, just like the stock blinker assemblies. Then I just pulled the wiring tight towards the airbox so that it is neat, and wouldn't hang out the back, this way incase I get a ticket I can put the stock stuff back really easily for the write off. So yeah, all I did was tighten it up under the fender towards the airbox, everything else was just plug and play. Hopefully the led I ordered works for my front blinkers too, if not I'm gonna be bummed. as I am constaly bumping the front blinkers on stuff too, they are almost perfectly in the way, the rears are perfectly in the way.
  10. use some male bullet connectors those lights look nice, so they should come with them.
  11. This was from yesterdays ride. She ran great. This weekend, we're thinking about going out to johnson valley for a few. So I'll probably do a video of that place too. It should be funn, so subscribe and stay tuned.
  12. Yeah I believe that I like the bike better without a kicker, it's weird but cool. Hopefully I don't end up stranded out in the middle of timbucktu. I have a felling that a kickstarter delete is gonna happen to Valentina. I like the led signals too, 5 bucks each, and DOT approved ,,, I&I drilled out the tank washer, no biggie, I just measured it out. Long ago I fabricated some teeny little carpenters squares for building architectural models to scale, so I used those to lay it out, then I fired up the old drillpress. Not exactly exact but pretty close. I always wanted a drilled out tank washer like that, ever since I seen travis pastranas bike at the LA x-games around 2004, That drilled gastank washer really left a lasting impression on me. So I finally got one. I'm glad you like it. I'm stoked... my wife and kids don't care... Thanks, like I said my wife and kids don't care, but my dad likes it tho. I DID NOT need a relay for the new truck stop rear led turn signals to work with the stock bulb front signals. However, when I hooked up the new front leds, the blinkers didnt work at all. So I rehooked the stock fronts with the new led rears and all is good. I ordered a new led relay last night while I was watching the 2017 erzberg. Hopefully this will allow me to ditch the stock front bulb blinkers and use the matching leds that are sitting on top of my toolbox. My Valentina bike looks clean because I rode her down to the self service carwash and degreased and powersprayed her. I even rolled her around to get under the tires and rims real good. And then I took a bit of gas and a toothbrush to her before I started opening her up for maintenance. Today was "International go surf day", which coincidentally also occured on the 41st anniversarry of the movie "Jaws". So after a morning surf, I lifted some weights, and even planked for a few sets, Then I took off the chainguard and reinstalled the 15 tooth countershaft sprocket. I also took some gas and a toothbrush to the rear wheel and countershaft areas, then I regreased everything. I noticed some wear on the back chain slider part, behind the main chain slider. This is the part that also prevents the chain from smacking the back tire. Since I never cared about protecting rear tires before, I cut off the part that hangs down and protects the tire. I then reattached the leftover part to protect the top portion of the swingarm. I don't know if this was necassary, but I did it anyways. When I get a new tmd slider maybe I'll take this part off... I then readjusted the chain, I read that about 45mm behind the slider from top of swingarm to bottom of chain was spec, so that's what I dd. 45mm =1.77 inches or ~ 1-6/8+ a c-hair for you carpenter types like me. Now I feel much better about her first impression. I just got back from doing a surfcheck with Valentina, and the waves look funn, so I'm gonna fire up the 70's chevy van and go for a surf till the sun goes down. Valentina's running really good right now and I'm happy with her. I've had zero issues with her and she's saved me from wiping out at least a handful of times. Mann, I gotta tell you, this is the best mistress that you could ever hope for... I'm almost done buying gear for my kids, so hopefully I get to start buying some stuff for myself, and Valentina of course. I can't wait...
  13. just in case you didnt look at my "our 500 and 125 thread". I'm cool with valentina , She's already paid for I'm just gonna put her on a diet and sexify her up with some blingage.
  14. It was Fathers Day, so after going to Ports o'call for seafood with my Dad, my wife and kids, and then watching the new Great White Shark horror flick "In the Deep", I made it out to the garage and did a little late night fathers day wrenchin'. earlier in the day, I picked up some led's at Long Beach truck supply and I tried to install them. The rear end came out great but, the front end didnt work out, so I left it stock for now. Evidently, I need a new led compatible relay. So I'll track a new one down and make sure it works before I pull the stock front blinkers off, and then drill holes in the headlight surround for the same style signal lights as the back. I also drilled out a couple of washers And I also pulled something else off. When I do the oil pump gears I'll probably do a delete kit if I can live without it I also removed the charcoal canister and cleaned the air cleaner...