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  1. Just looked at it. Beautiful shape. Started it up, exhaust was cold started up first kick. He said he took it to a mechanic we can go ask him everything he maintained the bike. He said they did the gaskets. My dad wants to get it. I loved it, comes with manual, original tool, had ufo bark busters.
  2. I live in Ontario, Toronto, but I'm looking at bikes out of Toronto too. I've been looking at yz125s too. Also I really want to do mx this year but I'm gunna ride trails for sure. I'm not the one spending money but my dad is buying the bike for me his budget is around 4k I'm getting a job soon so if I got to spend $200 to $400 I will.
  3. How much do you think I should offer?
  4. I think it's just my area (Canada). Here's another bike I was looking at but the guy lives 3 hours away from me and he's asking 4800 for a 2012 ktm 150sx and he said he would take 4600 minimum. So I don't really know
  5. Me and my dad are going and my dad isn't a mechanic so he won't really know what to look for. I have no one to bring with me, the people I can live far away from me so should I just go? I want to be a mechanical person, I have that personality your saying a bit. never really had the opportunity to work on any motorized thing yet Here is another picture of the chain area
  6. I'll take some pictures when I go see it for there to be a better look of the bike
  7. I'm looking at different ads and for a 2016 in Canada is about 8 to 9k, even 2012s are around 5k. I wonder if it's people pricing them really high or just where I live.
  8. I live in Canada, I don't know if that makes a difference for price but I've been looking around for ktm 150s and there all around or even way more expensive with this.
  9. Hi I'm 15, coming off of a ttr125, me and my dad are going to look at this 2011 ktm 150sx. He was asking $4200 but my dad talked him down to $3700. He says he bought a new ktm (a more lean bike because the 150 is too much for him for his age). He only rides trails. he says it has around 70 to 80 hours on it. I really like it, but I heard nightmare stories about ktm bikes with major issues and also I heard bad things about the throttles sticking, but I also hear people saying how ktms are better than any Japanese bike. Here are all the pictures of the bike on the ad.
  10. Hi, I'm 15 years old coming off a ttr125 and I might be getting a 2010 ktm 150sx for $3700. The guy says it has around 60 to 80 hours on it, I don't think he has ever done the top end. Hes a old guy and bought a more laid back bike so I don't think he rode this bike hard or anything. I don't know much about repairs but I know you have to do top ends alot on two strokes. I was just wondering if this is something I can learn easy. I am interested in working on my own bike so I'm ready to learn. I just don't want to get this bike and mess it up by me doing something wrong. It has quite a bit of hours on it so before the season starts should I do the top end and check everything else here's a picture of the bike