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  1. I'd go with whichever one is in better condition. Both good bikes you'd do same on either one I bet
  2. Should say on the steering stem of the frame
  3. If you had a yz125 and liked it maybe try a yz250f will have plenty of power
  4. You can only hope it's a 93-96 great bikes picked up a 96 last summer off CL blown up in box. Awesome bike now and surprisingly still competitive. Great engine and I raced some serious yz250's back in my prime
  5. They are all the same just little different to me. I do couple 2-3 a week sometimes. If just bring engine takes about 20 mins to split have crank out bearings and seals out. Then clean reassemble with waterpump rebuilt if has one or in kit. I take powervalves out and clean, then clean cylinder. Pre lube everything and back together usually 2-3 hours depending on how dirty they are easiest tho I'd say Ktm and Honda
  6. If you really wanna feel some power try a modern feul injected 450
  7. Pretty much lol
  8. Any modern 250 will have plenty of power probably around 45hp. And will surprise you compared to your old 400. Not taking anything away from that old girl just not as explosive as a modern 250 twostroke.
  9. Yes I learned alot as a kid from Ask The Exsperts. Still my favorite mag but don't look at them much anymore
  10. Set all post beams and joists today.  Just my worker and myself.  Hot tub going on it has to be strong.  


  11. They all work better than the other brands
  12. Twist throttle more and shift better than any hope up
  13. Holding on to race bikes for twenty years lol and physical laybor ofcourse 🔨🔨🔧🔧🏁


  14. Yes it's very smooth and works great ik. But is more compact than others and not as strong . Keep fresh oil in it and when/if have it split inspect carefully pinion gear coogs,gear wheels and segment for wear. try not to miss shift comming out of corners hard wide open 2nd to 3rd. Once that happens it's downhill from there lol
  15. The tranny is the only bad thing about that bike for sure. If your hard on it doesn't last long