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  1. You may have worn out crank bearing/s witch will make seal leak. The new compression could be to much for it type thing. Sounds like everything else is ok. I'd do a bottom end atleast bearings /seals. Before you try again
  2. Looks like the novice class in mx here. But barley and experts anymore . Harescrambles tho every class like that it's booming. Starts next month. Be muddy lol
  3. I like them. Good grip,comfortable, and don't tear my hands up
  4. Some nice dirt there. Awesome pic
  5. May wanna check your shift shaft. It's nice to put new shifter with new shift shaft tighten up and forget about it you probably need one or will just keep coming loose and end up with same problem. Just a thought
  6. Keep your fingers crossed
  7. Done alot of engines stuck in gear and most of them was from a wear spot in shiftdrum = stuck. If it's this problem won't cost that much for that part. Like I always say stuck in gear is better than slipping on gear alot cheaper lol but yes check shaft first as fellow above says
  8. Ya the ones with stitching across your palm will do that. Been there before lol
  9. Nice job man Ya i don't get blisters lol
  10. Hey goodluck to you both be safe Hey goodluck to you both be safe
  11. Done that on every bike since the beginning but I doubled it.
  12. You got play that's your problem . Bearing gets wore out and seal leaks sucks air on that side =will do that to piston every time. Crank bearings and seals that bike will rip
  13. If you have good work ethic and want it. Sounds like you'll have no problems and will have bunch of bikes like most of us on here
  14. Looks like it has some hours on it is all
  15. Hand of a working man . Many years of racing also