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  1. I ran 9oz on my yz250's for mx.
  2. Just run the gnarly and your stock silencer. Safe 100$ and stock has much better packing. The performance differences in a silencer is nothing you will feel unless it's corked off more than was. With setup you have that thing should be able to idle and not stall. Oh you want sound I forgot lol factory 304 then
  3. Did you replace crank bearings? ?? You put new crank in without new bearings and seals? Crank bearings were probably the problem to start with. If a crank seal is leaking its cause there's slip in bearing normally or it's old and wore out. Crank, crank bearings and seals are the heart of your engine.
  4. Lol top bloke? Sry never heard before but you're welcome anyway. I've been threw alot of these trannys. Was my biggest problem with the modern 250 . Yamaha compacted it down small and just isn't as reliable as other brands now. But it does work good. Also inspect your segment real good and pawls for wear. One time lol i blew 3rd and replaced the gears ,fork that were bad and not long 4th went . But the segment was very worn from 2nd-4th and think that's what caused that failure but not sure. Once a gear starts slipping it's over just gets worse. I always tell customers it's better to be stuck in gear= less money. If you replace everything you see with wear marks it will be good to go
  5. If you start winning every race they will move you up. The AMA or the district you're in. I never suggest moving yourself up. It's alwaysa big jump to next class. Exspecaily novice to amature. I got kicked out of novice after one year . Got smoked for awhile as a amature but riding with faster riders makes you faster. Wasn't long I was in the mix there too. But I wanted it and also had a very good expert mentor back then. After riding Broometioga today I'm back to amature speed I feel lol everyone said I looked great but man I was dying lol only few years off too it's crazy. But felt good to be back out there. Doing a harescramble there next Sunday
  6. A-expert, B-amature, C- novice and then beginner. Was no beginner classes here when I started in mid 90s. I started in 125 novice then 125 amature for years . was so much competition. You make it to amature you're doing good
  7. Never to late. All the other guys you raced are in same boat. You don't race for 20 years and still in beginner class lol i raced +25b and 250b when turned 25. Then made expert and raced +25A +30A. Ride on track today first time in 3 years felt good but took it easy . This track is just up road was a national track from 70s to 06. We still have Unadilla national here tho. That's 30mins away
  8. @ Can see the wear in the pics you posted. Any gear that has any sign of wear replace. Probably need 4 gears and the R fork. Witch is #1 in manual I believe have to look. I'm just leaving track now
  9. Like said before gwt your valks on gas cap both feet down, lots of throttle and use clutch to keep front down. Nice jump
  10. Lol ya get good start and that stuff doesn't happen.
  11. Then two gears and check ones that mesh with them on other shaft. That shiftfork. Any gearthat shows any wear you wanna replace. Not sure how marks on drum got there unless something was in there
  12. You rebiuld crank but didn't put new crank seals in?
  13. Not bad at all ya bet if you get a start you'll be in there.
  14. Porch full lol kids leave thier bikes at my house lol I've done evey engine there but only top end in the 16'


  15. First bike was 13. Mid 70s Yamaha 80 twostroke . Think was a mx80 maybe had deul shocks. Flipped that sucker over 3 times in row lol