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  1. Wait is this at Sahara sands?
  2. Me and your son are the same age and we like the same things put me Us in touch.... or don't our unhealthy obsession with old bikes might drive both our families to the poor house
  3. Hey just lost my riding spot right in manahakwin sad day
  4. NewJersey

    Thanks for this we really need this what part of the pines you ride in?
  5. Well I mean for one no one can tell where it is by me saying the name, second I'm aloud to ride at thee places
  6. Met two very kind guys today taught me a lot
  7. Wait I know you turns out I'm aloud to ride at the quarry
  8. All the places I mentioned aren't illegal :|
  9. Thanks I appreciate the help if I see some pole tomorrow I'll try to get some balls to ask them hope I don't look too stupid though
  10. I've only got stopped once anyone know any mx people out there who are skillful
  11. I'm trying to find people who ride mx here
  12. I live by Spencer's and ride there almost everyday and I'm asking about Sahara bc a lot of people I know ride there on weekend on the track off the quarry
  13. I'm in ocean county
  14. Hare scrambler*
  15. Anyone know these places Nj