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  1. Can you post a pic of how the cams are lining up with the chain?
  2. Great points. As soon as I can get the YZ250 sold and out the door and the YZ450 ready to sell, I am pulling the engine and will start breaking it down. More to come in the near future.
  3. Interesting, tusk is usually good with products. What did RMATV say about it?
  4. Use a heat gun, they should peel right off.
  5. Maybe clogged leak jet?
  6. See this pic:
  7. Glad you got it fixed! Happy riding!
  8. I like how you ended with....stay tuned!
  9. Mm is so much easier.
  10. Remove the clutch basket and hub and look to see if there are any notches that have been formed in your clutch basket from the discs. This might be causing the discs to get locked into the basket no matter if you have the clutch pulled in or not And over half of bikes I have owned, purchase used, when there was a clutch issue I always found notches in the basket
  11. Valve clearances can cause major problems with starting, idling and running the bike. I have a 2014 KX250f, just purchased from an owner that should have never owned this nice of a bike, that won't start, but will bump start every once in a while, and I am thinking the valves and can timing are so off, that hopefully it will be an easy fix to get starting consistently so I can start rebuilding it. As far as your​ idle try googling stock setting. I can always measure my 2006 here is that will help
  12. You mentioned you pulled the head cover and check the timing marks on the cams, but did you also check the valve clearances? If the clearances are way off it could be causing your bike to not start as well. Also, have you reset your idle screw back to stock and your air mixture screw back to stock and start from there with tuning the carb?
  13. Yep, and thank you. Oil was drained yesterday. New owner will have new oil, new filter, new flywheel, new clutch springs, graphics, brakes, the list goes on. [emoji6]. Wow, I sorta don't want to sell it anymore! LOL.
  14. So basically, just a few parts here and there, some elbow grease with minor adjustments and you have a nice 450! Boom!
  15. So, I had my 2009 YZ450f for a bit, and it runs pretty strong. However, I am getting it ready to sell as the land/track we are making is smaller and tight and the 450 is too big and it not fully being utilized like the 250 it will be sold. In my preparations to sell it..I pulled the strator cover off today and found this! PERFECT! Found a good used on one ebay for $ all will be good, but just never know what you will find! Naturally, I could have brushed this up and sold it...but I want a qualify product going to the new owner, so the right thing to do is to fix it.