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  1. Good deal and welcome. Love you bike, looks really nice. As single mentioned, stay on top of oil, oil filter, air filter and valves, and you will have a long lasting bike. I would recommend you purchase an hour meter and install it. I just purchased the works connection tach/hour meter, with tank mount for my 14 kx250f. Great device to remind you when it's time to perform the above mentioned steps. For $60, it's a piece of mind device.
  2. kx250f

    I agree Eric, normally, I label when breaking down, but I neglected the sensors. When I took the wiring harness out, I did label where they went on the bike, but it was a little late.
  3. kx250f

    Thanks LS! I got it all sorted out! WOOT!
  4. kx250f

    Hey LSHD, I looked through the manual and could not find it. Any chance you could point me in the right direction?
  5. kx250f

    I will look
  6. kx250f

    Thanks LSHD, your description was perfect. Currently, since I do not have the mounting bracket for the vehicle-down sensor, I have ziptied it to the front frame, near the area where it is suppose to be mounted. This is only temporary, it will not be ridding this way. Now, I have just a few more questions on sensor connections, specifically the rear harness part. In the pic below, can you please help me determine where and what each connector attaches to? The far left one, I do not know. Second from the left attaches to the air sensor in the airbox Third from the left, maybe the fuel injector? Right connector, maybe fuel injector? Since there is only one fuel injector in the air box (upper injector), I am not sure where the other one will go. Thanks in advance.
  7. kx250f

    Thanks LS! I see you are in SC! I have family in Charleston. Only 1 of your pics is coming looks like you posted a few more? Do you have a pic of the side where my 3rd pic is, where my hand is holding the Vehicle-down sensor? There is a lower horizontal bracket, right above my hand..what gets mounted there? UPDATE: Is that green plug mounted to the bracket I am asking about (on the left side of the frame)? If I cant find the bracket, which I dont think the previous owner had (I have a pic of the bike before I tore it down) and the vehicle-down sensor was mounted on the incorrect bracket.
  8. Hello all, UPDATED: I believe I found out what is suppose to be mounted in the front frame bracket area. It looks like the Vehicle-down Sensor gets mounted on a bracket that is secured to the the area that I am originally asking. If that is the case, I believe I am missing the mounting bracket (OEM P/N: 11055-1541) that the vehicle-down sensor is secured to, then what gets mounted to this bracket (picture of where the current vehicle-down sensor is mounted, pic with my hand, third pic). I am in the process of putting my 2014 kx250f back together from an engine removal, frame cleaning, etc process and this is the furthest I have taken a bike (electronics removed, etc). Now as I am putting it back together, I am confused on what gets mounted to the front frame bracket in the pics below. It is the smaller alum bracket that is welded the front part of the frame (2 smaller holes, in vertical alignment). I looked throughout the service manual and I am at a loss. Thanks in advance!
  9. There are plenty of blue ones out there
  10.] $684 is better than $1000
  11. Update coming soon, just need to get the laptop fired up on my flight.
  12. Correct, the orings are in the same schematic.
  13. I ended up with 2.50mm shim in to get to spec on the intake side. the .15mm feeler fits in nicely now.
  14. Will do. My goal here is to get it to run (well at least kickstart), then take it for a few rides. A ride for me is taking it to our property (approx 40 acres) where we made a trail/track and ride around. We never get to full speed. Also the bike is only ridden about 1-1.5 hours total per ride even though we are out there for about 4 hours. After I do that a few times, I will send the head off to Fastheads or BBT for what William suggested. I was happy to see that the cylinder was in REALLY great shape, no vertical marks and some slight cross hatching. The piston looks pretty good as I guess he really did replace the jug and piston! I have the motion pro fuel injector kit coming in tomorrow so I will also clean both injectors just to be extra sure. Once I put the engine back in with all the hoses, wires, etc...I dont want to have to pull it back out for something.
  15. That does help! I do have the hotcam shim kit with a TON of different shim I can drop in a 2.50mm shim without going the sanding route. Will this process be the same as you are mentioning? BTW, I do all measurements in's easier for me.