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  1. Hey Gents, My CRF250r (2007) is backfiring a bit on 0 throttle / deceleration. I have read that there are 2 main factors that can contribute to this behavior. First, valves or timing is off. I have recently checked them 2X and they are good. The second factor could be lean on the pilot. Could there be any thing else that would cause the bike to back fire a bit? Can I just richen up air-mix screw a bit to see if it goes away? Thanks!
  2. I found the right one that I need to replace on eBay. Search for seller paragon_bikes. Send them a message, they are pretty good on response times. The item I received was perfect.
  3. Use a torx bit. This is a good video to see how.
  4. Increase the rear sprocket tooth count by one?
  5. Thanks Steve! What "must have" tools would you recommend?
  6. Hello all Just picked up my first 450 yesterday, super excited. It's an 09 yz450, purchased is Craiglist. Naturally, there are things that need attention/replaced, but one area I noticed when looking over the bike was the dirt and oil on the lower front​ forks. Thinking maybe the seals need to be replaced. I haven't had the pleasure of messing with front forks yet, so.... When replacing the seals are there any other best practices I should follow? I'm a big believer in having the right tools to make the job easier, especially when it's the first time. What tools should I consider purchasing and can they be used on forks from other models? When replacing seals, are there additional items to replace at the same time? Thanks guys!
  7. That is better than showroom baby!!!
  8. Great idea What size would you recommend? There is just very little space to get a wrench or socket on it. Never done this, so any suggestions or advice would be great.
  9. So....New vice grips failed, I cut a slot, impact driver failed, infact the bolt broke the flat head tip of my impact driver! I guess I will have to take it a welding shop and have them weld a rod to it so it can be loosened. Grrr...
  10. I was thinking the same thing MLA. Grind a slot and then use my impact driver and/or wrench to get it off. The smaller curved bars of the frame are REALLY making this job difficult!! I just want to replace the jacked up screw with a new one, so when I need to replace the piston, It will be easy.
  11. I agree...but its a little past that now. I am trying to remove it...trying to find out the best way to get it out...
  12. Hi guys I'm need some help. Has any one experienced a stopped cylinder head bolt? It is such a tight space and normal tools can't get in the space. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  13. The key word you used is appears. I've seen many bikes that look nice, but the internals were not taken care of. Case in point is a yz250f I recently bought, it look nice but when I change the oil the oil was basically black, so that tells me that it probably was not truly maintained as it should have been.
  14. For what it sounds like you're going to do, I would take the really nice of 03-04 bike over the unknown 05 bike. But then again having an 05 bike would be nice, with the aluminum frame and better components. I have owned everything from an 01 YZ250 to an 04 YZ125 and for the riding I do, I could not tell a difference except for the engine size. On another note, I would not worry too much about the cleanliness of the frame, but pay more attention to the shape and cleanliness of the engine in the internals of each bike