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  1. Ok I've been practicing my wheelies and I just wanted to know if doing wheelies can hurt my motor
  2. 250's are awesome I'm 15 and I have a 250 and I love it plenty of power. Anyway ask about what he used it for cause if it was raced I would walk away. Good luck with your searching
  3. I would have if I had more experience in only 15 so I really don't know how to do it yet
  4. I did but what he really did was the guy before me stripped the drain hole so he re threaded it and he said he would finish the oil change
  5. Ok He did a oil change
  6. Ok so I picked my 08 kx250f up from the dealership and I rode it around the neighborhood a bit and the. When I stopped at a stop sign it stalled and wouldn't start unless I had the choke on and now it will only idle on choke. It has good compression and it drives good.
  7. Ok my 2008 kx250f doesn't want to idle it drives fine but when I pull in the clutch it stalls out. And would it hurt the engine to ride it like this
  8. 2008 kx250f
  9. I just bought a new bike with pro action suspension and it's set up for a 200lb rider I weigh around 230 what do you recommend for sag
  10. Hey Matt I'm a big fan of yours and I would coat it in something if I were you
  11. I think alpinestars makes tech 3's up to 16 but I'm not for sure but I heard of this one guy that had the same case as you and he said that a company custom made some for him
  12. Ok so I just changed the oil and the small drain plug is just fine but the big one screws in all the way to the top but when I go to tighten it it tightens and the gets loose
  13. Ok so if there is anyone on here that lives near me and knows a place to ride besides the motocross track please let me know
  14. Ok so I just changed the oil in my bike but I lost the oil filter spring somehow will it hurt the engine to run without the spring
  15. What is the best oil type to run in an 08 kx250f