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  1. I've never rode a two stroke 250 I like my 4 strokes too I would go somewhere and try both out and see what you like
  2. It's got plenty of power to get over stuff I hop logs all the time and it will keep up with 450s it's really light too and corners awesome
  3. My 08 kx250f brings the front wheel up in 5th with my 230 pound butt
  4. It might have disconnected or something look at the wiring
  5. Ok I'm thinking about doing a hare scramble soon. I've never done one before can anyone help me with some tips.
  6. Maybe get another map
  7. It's should be it's made to be street legal. And I would make sure to Change the main to a 110 and fuel screw 1 1/2 turns out
  8. I need to know how you make a fmf powercore4 on a 08 kx250f quieter without buying the insert
  9. Council bluffs has a atv park its free to get In but you need a Iowa tag for your bike there 17.50 and you can get them at Walmart hmu if you want to meet there some time
  10. I know I just like to see what other people say
  11. How much slack should my chain have.
  12. I need help. Last weekend I went riding down gravel roads for a couple hours. When I left it was topped off with oil valvoline motorcycle oil (10w40) when I got back and let it sit for a couple days the oil was just above the low mark. It wasn't leaking any and it wasn't burning it. I don't know what's up. If it helps any I don't race it I just ride trails and gravel roads the bike has maybe 90-95 hours total it also has an fmf silencer and a 270 big bore kit and also it ran perfect no problems it didn't smoke or knock. 2nd. Why is it so hard to get into neutral when stopped.
  13. Last weekend I went for a good two hour ride and my kx was topped off with oil when I got it home I noticed the oil was on the low mark. It wasn't burning oil it wasn't smoking it ran just like normal have no idea what's wrong.
  14. I weigh 210 and kx250f carries me around no problem
  15. It was coming out of the bleed thing I figured out I filled it up with a little to much coolant. Thank you for your reply