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  1. The 2 cable you see is actuated by a electrical servo motor mount in the frame, if you check in your rad shroud of if you remove the gaz tank, you will take a good look at it. The servo motor is commanded by the signal that the cdi send when it the engine past 8000rpm ( if I remember well) to open the powervalve. That's very simple. Now what you have to know is how to adjust the cable for that system work properly, fisrt check the condition of the cable, if they are kink, or have cut wire, or if they are hard to move, replace them. It's pretty cheap. After this, adjust both cable for they dont have slack, but do not over tight them, the valve is suppose to open and close freely. There some link that you can check to help.
  2. That oil come frome the oil you mix with your gaz
  3. Well first, check you suspension setting, if it was to hard, the rear can rebound to fast when leaving the jump and throw the bike side to side. Second, squeeze the bike with you leg, that's help a lot, it's the way to ride. Third, learn to play with the bike when in the air( do it safely). Start doing mini whip, when your whip will become bigger, you will learn to bring the rear straight with you leg, the same leg that the rear of the bike goes. That way, when the bike will kick sideway, you will not panic and you will automaticly bring it straight. Hope I help you.
  4. It's not about the years, it's much about how many time you ride by years. If you ride 3-4 time in the years, you not gonna be the next ricky carmichael. If you wanna be good and ride fast and safely, you have to past the more time you can on your bike
  5. That's will look like a thread about what oil you should run, everybody will say run what I run, it's the best. Lol wiseco, vertex, wossner, they are all good product, you will never have issue with it. If you have access to oem parts, I suggest you to buy Honda stuff. Really not more expensive, you are sure that the best for the bike. But that dont come in a kit, you have to order every single parts you need, that's why people go with complete aftermarket rebuilt kit, it's more simple. Just buy anything you want, they all good[emoji106]. But keep in mind that forged piston are way louder when the bike run, it give a rattle that is normal, and you should wait more for the engine warm up before go riding.
  6. Check if it's a oem piston. Oem piston a made by ART and it's suppose to be stamp somewhere under the piston like this... just to look at it, im pretty sure he is an oem. But the best thing to do is to measure the cylinder and check the tolerence referring in the owners manual.
  7. 40:1 is good mix but for sure I would not run that piston again, put a new one. And check the jetting and check if the intake seal good, if the intake leak, the bike will run leaner for sure.
  8. That much look like it melt due to overheating. It's align with the exhaust port. That's all make sens. Check your jetting for to make sur it is not too lean. Also what premix ratio did you run? And check you cylinder to make sure he is in good condition before put a new piston in it
  9. Is that realy improve the handling of the bike?
  10. Im not on 125 bit on 250, but I run 40:1 motul 800 on the track and im always in the powerband, not overreving like a 125 but always hard on the engine and after 40hrs, my piston still look pretty good. No carbon buildup. I change my plug after 10hrs always for precaution. 40:1 is a very good mix with motul, and if you do trail riding and your not that hard on the engine, you can run it at 50:1 without any issue for sure. My local shop owner told me that when he race back in the days, he run is rm250 at 60:1 with motul 800 with know probleme. That a little bit too dry im thinking. run it at 40:1 and dont worry about it.
  12. Didnt know. Thanks to correct me. We learn every day
  13. Nice bike[emoji106] but I think you have a issue with you kickstart, its not suppose to be stick on the frame. Set it like it suppose to, maybe you can just switch the kick from one spline