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  1. anyone have an issue with the adjuster not clicking when adjusting? i was making some adjustments the other day and then the adjuster started to free spin. any suggestions?
  2. Slavens is always down to call people out! Just like the Best Dual Sport Bike/KTM Husky guy. They have an ongoing beef between each other
  3. i liked the channel a lot better when he was doing more reviews on parts and accessories not full on bike reviews
  4. I have a clutch holder from tusk. I got the nut off easily the basket is hard on there. I'm gonna try the puller and heat
  5. anyone else having issues getting the basket out? i use a clutch holding tool to get the nut off but the basket for the life of me will not come out. is there something I'm missing?
  6. Where did you get the parts from?
  7. Is there anyone that makes rebuild kits for the brakes or clutch master cylinders?
  8. looks good bro!
  9. motoxgiant can you search for parts by make and model?
  10. Awesome thanks for your guys help
  11. I blew out a fork seal today and want to make sure I order the right kit. The guy I bough the bike from had the fork tubes powder coated black. Is there anyway to identify between the Sachs and marzocci forks based on how they're built? 13 350rr 4t
  12. anyone know the torque value of the center clutch nut for a 13 350RR? putting a core manual on and the rekluse instructions say refer to the OEM value and the torque spec manual i looked at from the beta website is only for like frame and other items but internal to the engine...
  13. Yeah the lack of plastic availability confuses me. They only make a white number plate. But they randomly have black fork guards?!? [emoji848]
  14. new plastics installed, graphics to follow. hate if you want lol already had some people call it 'sacrilegious' but whatever its plastics!