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  1. Cool bike. I had a 175n back in the day. From memory they're pretty simple things. Mine did the same thing at one point, was the lower stator windings (in the engine). Easy to check with a meter, and easy enough to rewind or get rewound if that's it.
  2. I wouldn't have. Those things (the starcross) are soft as sh*t in the carcass. I got one on the front of the's coming off as soon as I get something else. Not impressed with it at all.
  3. Nice result, but I still have this feeling deep down about other people messing with MY stuff.
  4. I wonder how many of you guys have had your bike stolen? It's about more than just $$$$$
  5. Sorry, but if I saw you trying to steal My bike, I'd shoot your ass. No sympathy for thieves from Me.
  6. I still use the old method I learnt way back, sit or stand on the bike in your preferred position, then put you hand on the bars with your wrist and fingers straight, you fingers then should just rest on the top of the lever. Works for Me.
  7. I've hit a mx track on one of was an absolute hoot!
  8. Do it! It'll be fine for a while... I've been on mx tracks on much worse.
  9. I'd mark that bulge, deflate it and rotate it around the rim a bit before re-inflation with plenty of lube. If the bulge re-appears in the same spot on the tire, get it replaced. It looks faulty to Me. Does it feel the same as the rest of the sidewall if you push on it?
  10. Good old petrol here, let 'er dry and re-oil with your favorite filter oil.
  11. EFI is idiot-proof, just hop on and go. The units are pretty good these days and don't break much. Downside is they don't like mods, exhausts and filters etc often need re-tuning. Carbs on the other hand are easy to diy on, but the downside is you generally have to. They require maintenance. But they are pretty easy to re-tune if need be. Personally I don't really favor one over the other for dirt use.
  12. 49, nearly 50. '09 TXC450, first dirt bike (and first ever Husky) since My '85 KTM back in the very early 90's.
  13. Because they supply a setup that is not full of all the compromises a bike/suspension manufacturer has. You buy a setup tailored to you, not the mythical average rider. And their valves are not made with the same cost restrictions, same with the springs. You can achieve much the same thing yourself, if you know what you're doing of course.
  14. Silly question maybe, but did you install the band/ring? this thing