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  1. How sideways are we talking here? You crash on landing? I think most of us have landed pretty sideways without crashing at some point. Do you have any vids? When you crash are you highsiding or lowsiding? Are you still centered over the bike in the air, or do you get off balance before you land? I generally just treat it like a slide, lean to the inside, turn the bars into the 'slide', keep your upper body centered behind the bars and let your hips go with the bike, and land with the power on. Unless you're pointing backwards you should be fine.
  2. I'm suffering from the same problem after a 25 odd year 'rest', fast for about 1/2 lap 'till the lack of fitness kicks in, then start to really struggle after 3-4 laps (10 minutes ish) I'm feeling it's from being way to tense, and just plain not ride fit. I find once I back off to about 8/10ths and relax I can go for ages. I blamed the suspension too, but after getting it sorted I still have the same issues. I think we forget how tough this game is, and how long it actually took for us to be able to ride hard when we started. And we were a lot younger then (most of us anyway...). I've found I have to keep reminding Myself I've only been back riding a short time and not worry about it too much. Even tho it's frustrating as hell. This guy is on to it, gripping the bars too tight and fighting the bike instead of flowing with it. I always hated stretching, but nowadays it really helps. And I'm not stretchy.
  3. Sorry, that is dead. The ring will never seal on a scratch that deep, and it'll probably pick up on the top of the port and destroy it even more. It'll need repair/replacement.
  4. Interesting idea, I'm gonna try this next time I do a tyre.
  5. When we get Pirellis in they sometimes come with cardboard inserts to keep 'em spread. When I got collapsed tyres (tires) I used to simply put the new tube in and inflate it a bit and leave it overnight.
  6. I grew up on 2 strokes, but coming back from many years off I KNOW I'm faster on the fourstroke than i would be on a smoker right now. They are so easy to ride in comparison. Maybe once I get some fitness etc back it may be different, but for now it's the 450.
  7. This thread is hilarious. Dmac, the old rule is lean it out when running higher fuel to oil ratio's, the fuel is usually thinner with less oil in there. But trial and error (just like any jetting changes), and don't blame Me if it blows up.
  8. We don't get many doubles down here, our governing body is pretty tough on safety (too much often) but, a double/triple/quad is very unforgiving when you get 'em wrong. I think if the question is what obstacle creates the most serious injuries that would be it. I personally love big jumps, and it is possible to make 'em without making them doubles. Tabletops as mentioned, and nothing beats the thrill of launching over the top of a blind hill. We're out there to go fast, not put on a stuntshow. Oh, and the 'don't jump them' thing doesn't work when you're trying to win a race....
  9. Yes. I was not to shabby on a MX track back when I was younger, and I can barely stand upright without falling over. In fact My other half comments on this all the time. Pretty good at wheelies these days, though I still can't do 'em real slow as I fall over sideways....
  10. What He said, though I don't hold the brake....also, don't be shy to basically lie on the tank/handlebars to keep your weight forward and low 'till you get moving if need be. Use the clutch to control the power. Also get used to feeling what is going on, as you often can't really hear your bike in that mad first turn rush.
  11. Not that I'm an expert by any means....but to Me that looks like you're over working those poor muscles by giving them a hiding 2 days in a row. When I was into training hard out I did back and biceps together (back is pulling-contracting the bicep) and chest and triceps together (the same- but opposite) That way they get a decent rest. Something like that was a few years ago...
  12. I try to do a bit every day, mostly cross trainer, 15 mins - 180ish calories, or 1/2 hour mtb. Not too much ( horrendously unfit lol ) . Weight training is pretty sporadic as I'm already pretty strong, and just working on cardio as it's what I really lack. I generally do nothing the day before riding. Riding....once a week, or maybe every 2 weeks atm.
  13. You could work it out with a very short straight edge in there. 1/8" wouldn't matter inside the swingarm. DON'T machine the spacer short, that will put a side load on the bearings, cause them to bind and kill them in no time at all. You are better to have it a little longer than need be, the bearings should be a press fit into the hub and shouldn't move. If it were mine, I'd measure how much the spacer protrudes, and get a shim spun up to fit under the bearing to correct it.
  14. Probably beating a (half) dead horse, but.....I'm 50 this year, just got back to dirtbikes 3-4 months ago after 20+ years, I have been on roadbikes in this time and done a small amount of weight training/running/cycling etc, but probably spent way more time in the last 3-4 years on world of warcraft (online game) than is healthy. I do work a semi physical job. I'm finding that it's taking 3-4 days for the muscle soreness to subside after riding or even hitting the mtb or cross trainer. Sometimes even longer. Um, any ideas on how to speed this up? Or am I just being impatient? I do take a decent multi vitamin, and have tried bcaa's as well.