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  1. 2017 300RR, just rolled 400km and 27hours (all of it is rooty single track type stuff). My fork seals started leaking two rides ago. I've attempted to clean the seals twice now and haven't had much success. Today I took my third crack at cleaning them. This time I used the Motion Pro seal saver tool. It seemed like a lot of oil leaked out while I was cleaning...but no problem, kinda makes sense. My issue/concern is the dark grey fork oil that oozed out. The calliper side was OK, but the other side was dirty oil and grey. Something is wearing...I'm guessing a bushing?? Anybody else find this? The front wheel has been installed correctly and the clamps are torqued to spec. Thanks!
  2. No, exact same plugs. Both are what the manual suggests. They were brand new when they went in. I gapped and installed the left, rode a 20km loop of single track. Next, I moved the clip, installed another new (and gapped) plug and went for another 20km loop of single track and fire road. The second lap was probably a little faster than the first. IE first lap was top end of 3rd at most. And the 2nd lap was top end of fourth at most. There was no float adjustment made between these experiments. Temps were the same as well.
  3. I put today aside to play with my air screw/needle and see if I could tune the motor a bit better. Looking at the original plug, it was black and oily (no pic). I thought it was a bit too rich. Here are the details from today's experiment: '17 300RR **both were new plugs plug on the left (dark one) air screw 2.5 38 pilot needle N2ZW 2nd clip 165 main plug on the right air 2.5 38 pilot N2ZW 1st clip 165 main I ride at 4000-5000' in the Canadian Rockies. I also dropped my float slightly because I was leaking a bit of gas and had terrible mileage. Today the mileage improved and leaking stopped. Also the engine performed better with the right plug installed. 2 questions: Am I on the right track here or am I missing the boat? If I'm off track, what can I do to correct? Thanks
  4. I nailed a rock and bent my shifter on the last ride. After finishing the ride, I noticed an oil leak had started from around the seal. A couple of questions: 1) What are the chances I bent the main, internal shifter shaft? I tried to manually bend it back in the field, but stopped after having to pull too hard, but not hard enough to straighten (or even re-bend) the shifter. 2)Could I have distorted the oil seal without damaging the shaft? 3) I'm hoping replacing the seal will fix it. Any tips or How-To's on how to do this? 4) I'm guessing/hoping I can find the seal at a bearing shop. Is this reasonable? Thanks for any input.
  5. I have a stock carb (I do have the air box opened up to 3X3, but stock jets) on my DRZ. In a few weeks I'll be heading down the Continental Divide Trail. Some sections are obviously quite high (12000' in some cases). my questions are: -what (if any) extra jets should I carry? -for the high areas, what would some recommended settings be (interns of needle adjustments/jets etc) -would stock jetting be enough to get me through? I know jet changes are easy, but I don't really want to swap on the trail too much. For what its worth, I currently ride from 4000' to 6000' and don't seem to have any performance issues. Thanks!