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  1. Here are the pictures. It doesn't touch the pipe although it is very close
  2. 125 2 strokes are often said to be the most fun to ride. They are also the cheapest to maintain. 250f will support a heavier rider (if your grow) and is easier to ride. Maintenance will be much more in time and money
  3. Is there a way to tell what position is stock? You dont have any issues or major discomfort?
  4. Yeah I am really considering that. i was also thinking about slipping something grippy over it Just the way the starter is positioned, you cant kick at a good angle and keep your foot on. gotta try one to understand ya know?
  5. So if I rotate it back a notch, will it hurt anything? Did it make it harder to start? Ill see if another stock lever will fit somehow. Im surprised nobody makes aftermarket ones, it would be a great idea
  6. I dont know if anyone else has an 01 cr250r but does it seem like the kickstarter is the worst kickstarter ever? Its in the weirdest position and my boots slip off it nearly every kick Im about 5 foot 10 and in order to kick through a full stroke i have to lift my leg REALLY high and from a position where my knee is practically over the bars or touching them. Its also really far forward too Is there such thing as an aftermarket kickstarter with a different bend or better grip where your foot goes?
  7. I lived in a tightly packed neighborhood and rode my 110 3 wheeler every day with the stock exhaust. Nobody cared So a crf 50,70,80,100 or whatever with a stock exhaust should be fine. If your neighbors get mad with a stock axhaust, thats their problem
  8. 2 stroke 200cc and up Out of the powerband theyre like butter and can lug through anything. 1st on my cr250 out of the powerband take me through huge mud holes and up steep hills. Want power or get the front end up? clutch it or crack the gas. Takes much more skill than 4 stroke riding but like everyone has said, something about running a 2 stroke makes you grin ear to ear
  9. I would keep them on, too much to risk. If you dont like the looks, they come in many colors and can take decals
  10. Ive got an 01cr250 GET IT ASAP
  11. Yeah i watch those enduro training vids allot. If im not in the powerband and i just twist the gas..... Idk what happens its been a while since ive riden(winter) Im not sure if it would work. Also, when i go off jumps, i usually twist the gas to fling mud off. However with my bike it just stutters when i gas it in the air. Gear Too high ? It was like 2nd Im really just new to 2 stroke yano
  12. I ride an 01 cr250r with an FMF gnarly pipe (not a trail bike but its what I use) I was wondering how most people pop little wheelies for going over small to large logs. Do you just clutch it? My thinking was to stay in a lower gear, coast, and stay off the gas, the engine RPM's would be high and as soon as I give the slightest bit of gas I would hit the powerband and the front tire comes up. My problem is that the power hits so hard, that I cant calmly use it. I know I need practice but I feel like when I hit the powerband I better have plenty of room cause im gonna go really fast really quick. Whats your technique? How do you control a hard hitting powerband if you are using a race bike?
  13. Six that dont fit
  14. I would recommend a 250f. Perfect medium ground bike. Plenty of power and a size anyone can fit on at any age(within reason, obviously not 5 year olds). However, if you buy used, look for a bike about $500 below your max budget. it WILL need the valves checked and most likely adjusted. The suspension may be fine buy fresh suspension makes the bike much better. Thats why when buying used, i recommend 2 strokes unless you plan on wrenching on it or you dont mind the valve issues
  15. Honda has the power and handling, the yami is easier to ride and still in production. Simple as that the 2014 yz250 or 250fx is my favorite yami bike