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  1. Pennsylvania

    How about Friday? Can anyone make it?
  2. Pennsylvania

    Yeah, it looks like a winner. Watch Chris closely, he usually picks a good line and Eric from MD. just mosey that dr650 up anything. I'm going to look at vacation schedule for next week, maybe Thursday or Friday? Can't make it next weekend, I'm on call Saturday & Sunday. Enjoy your day, Lou
  3. Pennsylvania

    That's the way I'm looking.
  4. Pennsylvania

    Hey Mr. sorry to say you'll have to count me out for Saturday. My grandson made the allstars at the ripe age of 7. He's a lead off hitter. The tournament starts at 9am, and if they keep winning they'll play until Monday night. These coaches get nuts with these things. But its his first one, and pop pop is going to be there. Maybe I'll take a day off next week and ride. It would be great to get my drz on one of those dual sport rides. I keep ending up on that single track. Thanks Lou
  5. Pennsylvania

    Looks like the Mr. has a crew meeting at Darkwater rd Rac# 2. I rode with Steve and Eric a few weeks ago.
  6. Pennsylvania

    I know. I'll be up there Saturday. I'm on call the 24th & 25th. But I'm off the week of 4th of July. So maybe we can hook up then.
  7. Pennsylvania

  8. Pennsylvania

    I'm shooting for 9am.
  9. Pennsylvania

    Either is ok, I just wanted to get an earlier start. I was never over at darkwater. Valley Rd was crowded a couple weeks ago and I have ridden bruma 3 or 4 times .
  10. Pennsylvania

    Good morning, nice jump Mr.. I'm looking at Saturday too. Maybe around 9am. Pick a place. Thanks Lou
  11. Pennsylvania

    Hey Bob, Wish you the best. Heal well and get ready for the beta.
  12. Pennsylvania

    I'm sure it is, I'll message you my number if I can figure it out.
  13. Pennsylvania

    Wow, lots of hits. I'd have to try it. I won't be available until the 16th or 17. That one inch lower , I don't know. But it would be nice to flat foot it, once in a while.
  14. Pennsylvania

    I only have seen your beta, What is the ktm?
  15. Pennsylvania

    6' 178 Is this yours or are you talking about Bob's?