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  1. Pennsylvania

    Good morning Pat,I turned left and headed to aoaa. I'll catch up with you guys next month. Have a good day.
  2. Pennsylvania

    Thanks. 9 to 5
  3. Pennsylvania

    I know, I'm a couple of hours out too. It sounds like you have a partner already. I'm not sure whether I'll turn or go straight. I would like to do some climbs cause l changed the gearing and want to see how it does. I'll let you know in the morning, I have a silver xterra and a black drz400.
  4. Pennsylvania

    Hey Pat, are you only going to ride a couple hours? I'm 55 but I would like to get the most out of my vacation day. Thanks Lou
  5. Pennsylvania

    I'm heading up on Thursday, I only rode Burma side once with Chris and Bob's crew. I'm looking to either explore over there or just head up to aoaa were I know better.
  6. My mistake, I thought I was there. Thanks
  7. I'm looking to go up RAC on Thursday. Maybe AOAA if I'm solo.
  8. NewJersey

    Thanks, but I was trying for Sunday .
  9. NewJersey

    Riding this weekend?
  10. Pennsylvania

    Wow, looks like a great ride. Maybe we'll see dirt and rock around Easter.
  11. Pennsylvania

    Jersey now has a list of illegal bikes. Even ones that have registration are being pulled.
  12. Pennsylvania

    Yea, I've seen some big adventure bikes run through there. They look like a handful. Like my drz up at rac, a little to much weight. But as a one bike option, it works.
  13. Pennsylvania

    If legally plated, running in the pinelands from Atsion is nice. That's why I run north. Some snow, but melting fast.
  14. Pennsylvania

    No place without a license plate other than the field of dreams in Millville. They have tight trails, no climbs. But the track is pretty cool.
  15. Pennsylvania

    Nice ride. I only recognized the last few minutes. Next time I'm up there, I need to go exploring.