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  1. Pennsylvania

    Yeah, it's tricky. You need to just run between 28 & 32mph and go for it. I guess I need a tour guide to fine those treasures.
  2. Pennsylvania

    Thats great, 2 days in a row. I'll be there tomorrow morning. On Saturday, make sure you get there before all of the chicken salad is gone.
  3. Pennsylvania

    Sounds like you had a great week. How did you like surfing that soft sand? I've been in the pine barrens alot, but not enough to find that peace of history. I'm heading up to Burma road tomorrow morning. Is anyone going to be around?
  4. Pennsylvania

    Hi all, I can't make it up on Saturday 5/20, but I will be there on Friday 5/19. Maybe someone else will be around on Burma road side. Let me know, thanks. Happy trails.
  5. Pennsylvania

    With the weekend forecast, I tried to get tomorrow off and join you guys , but not happening. If Saturday is not a wash out, I be there. If not, I'll be up one day next week. Whichever one looks good weather wise.
  6. Pennsylvania

    What's with the weatherman? Saturday look ah decent, now not so good. May have to use a vacation day.
  7. Pennsylvania

  8. Thanks for the BIG laugh. Enjoy your vacation Mr.
  9. Hope you have a coffee while you're waiting for the big wrecker.
  10. An old wise man said to me, You will never go broke taking in a profit, and the more you ride the less time you have to bitch. Moral of the story, it's a beautiful day - go make some money and use only some for gas! Just ride and enjoy the scenery.
  11. I don't know, I've seen permit numbers in the high 800's. I think that's pretty good.
  12. Pennsylvania

    Hey Pat, I got to get me a job like you. Ha,ha, I'm working on Tuesday. I'll be up there at 9am on Saturday. I don't know if I could get Friday off. I'm not sure if 2 days in a row will fly.
  13. Pennsylvania

    Anyone riding next Saturday 5/13. Would really like to get out and ride. I'm going to be busy the following weekend.
  14. Pennsylvania

    Wow, looks like a great day.
  15. Pennsylvania

    Thanks Bob, but I can't make it on Saturday. I'm going to try for Sunday. Maybe I'll hook up with someone.