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  1. Then I am not using the same type of carb cleaner as he is apparently... [emoji23]
  2. Dude, what cleaner are you using! Looks amazing! [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. He is racing until A1.
  4. About time that oversized box o'wheaties poster child announces his retirement. I bet he will "try" to get a title in the outdoors. Can't wait to listen to all of his complaints when he doesn't win. [emoji1303] good thing I only have to put up with it for another couple of months!
  5. I'm not sure what you think the problem is lol. Hard to hear in the video. Get a little seat time riding it with that jetting in it. Sitting and idling isn't going to give you a good reading. If it is choppy surging sound on decel, then your lean on pilot jet. I would try to be a little rich on jetting.
  6. Some will go crazy if I told you to get a Clymer manual off of Rocky Mountain, but I'm going to tell you that your gonna want one for it. $30 for a manual, but it is worth every penny. Gear oil, I would run a single weight in it. Usually I will run something like Maxima 80w in my bikes and change it every couple of rides.(I have 4 2 stroke bikes and Maxima is good, but cheap!) For jetting, find out what the stock jets are for it and run those in it. If the guy bought it brand new and stored it forever, chances are the jets have never been changed.
  7. Lol. I guess that oversized orange box o'wheaties poster child finally decided to announce his retirement. Says he is going to retire before A1.
  8. Have ran big bores on many of my bikes with no issues. If it has cylinder damage, then I would bore it. Send it to Millenium. I wouldn't trust those other guys lol.
  9. Wow! Either hose teeth are made of lead or someone did not replace trans oil! Never have seen a transmission like that ever!
  10. Apparently the 95 kx125 and the 94 kx125 have matching serial numbers for the pipes. Ordered a 95 kx125 pipe and we'll see if it fits! [emoji16]
  11. Hey guys! So I am trying to find expansion chambers for my 94 kx125. I know they make pipes for it, but I have to order it almost directly from the manufacturer. Does anyone know if any other years of kx125 expansion chambers are compatible with the 94? Trying to get this pipe soon (for a birthday). Thanks!
  12. Ok, well I decided to bite the bullet and bend the float tab (even though it was stock settings..) Sure enough, that seems to be he issue. What a difference a millimeter can make!
  13. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I am trying to convince my dad that we should just replace the float, needle, float needle, and needle valve replaced, with OEM, that it will work. Gonna tear us apart some more and check it all... for the quadrillionth time...
  14. Problem is even worse. Can't ride for more than 2 minutes without it running all of the fuel and dying. It is definitely that needle valve and float needle. Only when I mess with the needle valve or needle float, it seems to get either better or worse. I am thinking the one on it may be after market (the kid we got it from was all about aftermarket) and it probably doesn't let as much gas in as oem. My dad is talking a whole new carb for it because he is just done...
  15. Apparently... [emoji1303]