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  1. Hey there Grouper, Google searching is not the be all end all. There is really not much you can do with a stock Mikuni CV carb for real off road performance. I was using those CV carbs for years and just learned to compromise with the shortcomings. Do yourself a favor and get the Keihin FCR if you want real performance.
  2. In reality the only reliable theft deterrent is a small non detectable tracking device and firearm. When the bike is stolen the owner tracks down the thief and puts a bullet in their head. If they are squeamish about killing the bastard, then just cripple the fingers by bending each one back until you hear a snap then twist until the nerve is severed.
  3. Hi there Duane, I sent you a PM in case there are thieves watching this thread. Those locks are not good security. It's really sad that a quick google search will help a thief steal just about anything.
  4. In case thieves are watching your disc lock thread, I'll give you some advice. I thought about getting one until I saw a YouTube video on how easy they are to defeat. It's as simple as wrapping a wet towel around the lock and lifting your bike away. The towel almost completely silences the lock where no one can hear it.


    1. hawaiidirtrider


      Thanks Chris!.. yea I figured as much.. I was thinking of an alarm lock too.. I know they can get anything if they really want.. but just a little more deterrent. I was thinking of getting a couple of cheapo disc locks for front and back.. but now I remember that my rear disc is solid.. so maybe 20 bucks for an ebay one for the front.. and one that's black so maybe they don't even see it. My dealer told me ..just leave it unlocked so it can get stolen and I collect insurance for a new Beta.. At this point that's almost not a bad idea.. The other day a robber unbolted the running board from a van next to my van and stole that.... What are ya gonna do.. eeehh .. Anyway.. hope all is well with you. I'm ok.. got the normal added growing older pains.. but that's everyone.. Must be happy for what we have.. Aloha Duane.

  5. We are one big happy family. Born and raised here. It's one of the best places in the world to live! The riding areas are epic....
  6. I personally use Dave at Get Dirty Dirt Bikes.
  7. Glad you like it Ben. I have tried a whole bunch of different gear ratios. IMO, 13/48 is best overall off road gearing. If you want even more snap get the quick turn throttle. I put quick turn throttles on all my bikes due to a bad wrist. You simply run a gear higher to tame the throttle when tired.
  8. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. 80.00 for good quality Race Tech inner/outer bushings is more than a fair price. Add the SKF wiper kit and oil. Your looking at just about 150 bucks for a complete fork service. Pretty darn good price.
  9. Just go to the local motorcycle shop and get some Motul 300V. Every bit as good (if not better) as the 7100 and pretty cheap as well. It runs about 10-15 bucks a liter.
  10. Right here:
  11. My Beta is plated so I don't need a ramp. I simply ride out of my driveway 100 miles to favorite trails, do a day ride and ride back home. Loading plated bikes into trucks makes no sense.
  12. Ben, you will find that 13/48 is perfect gearing for off road and short pavement to connect trails.
  13. California

    Wow!! Cool looking tire. Too bad I already have a new Kenda Big Block ready to mount.
  14. Hang in there Bob!
  15. HA HA!! As good as the big blocks are, I figured you had something else in mind. Well then there is always this one: Sorry I don't have a review on it yet. I just pulled off my well worn Kenda Equilibrium and put this new IBEX on. The Equilibrium was a really good tire and had excellent traction. Unfortunately the sidewalls were very flimsy and it tended to get squirrely in the corners and whoops when pushing it hard at low pressures. Right now this new IBEX is the hot seller. I saw it side by side with the cheapo Chinko Cheater competition.. Just a little more in cost and lot more performance. It also feels much lighter than the Chinko. The knobs are soft well spaced. I saw a well worn one on my buddies bike. It really seems to last and no chunking. He says it still gets really good traction even with the knobs half worn. Also looks like it will be a good sand tire. I can't wait to try mine out! The only good experience I have with front Kendas other than the Big Block are the 760 Trackmasters. Those are a really great tire in the rocks and sand. Very predictable everywhere. For the Beta I still have my set of X30's mounted on my off road wheelset. Nothing more than having to regroove the rear to get a few more rides. These bridgestones are really hard to beat. It's good to know you are liking yours as well. The Kenda 270 turned out to be a horrible tire. Lasted about 2 rides and started falling apart. Right now on my 300 I have that Golden "fatty". It's not bad but in all honesty, I like the Bridgestone X30 front tire better.