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  1. Yeah you get your weight down and to the side of the bike and then pull the bars down toward you
  2. For me it would depend on the steepness of the landing and the next obsticle. 3 foot drop to flat in a high speed wash, I would barely let off. Steep landing into a tight corner I'm trying to hug the vert and go as slow as posdible.
  3. Another vote for front brake as primary. When going down really steep stuff I get so far back ( I can feel my butt/leg hit the tip of the rear fender), I'm not sure reaching the brake pedal is possible. On more mild hills, rear brake for settling suspension and maintaining speed, front brake for fine input, hard stops. Pretty much anytime you lock the rear wheel it's bad technique.
  4. I'll be riding zaca station Saturday March 11th with some friends, and the main divide trail Sunday by my self. If anyone in the area is interested in rding those this weekend let me know
  5. Best case scenario, you start to turn while you still have momentum. Get the bike perpendicular to the steepness of the hill, plant your up hill side foot on the ground. Wiggle the front tire and roll back down. Less ideal is when you come to a stop and start rolling back. Crank the bars to the steering stop in one direction, don't lock the front wheel. It needs to roll so it can turn. Fall or dab you foot to the uphill side. End perpendicular to the steepness of the hill, ride away like a boss
  6. Let's see you on yours
  7. Wheelies are nothing more then the lesbian sister of burn outs
  8. Taking one foot off, the foot that is still on the peg levers the bike, causing the bike to lean toward and press into that planted foot and leg. You need your bike to lean a little to get the cg to one side of the contact point, and your body weight to the other side to balance. If your both on the same side or inline with the contact point you tip over.
  9. the bro club here is just as strong here as it is there.
  10. does your hand cramp something like a crab claw with your thumb and index? I'll get that at the end of the day sometimes when the track gets choppy.
  11. Don't worry about what class you are in, if you want to race go race. You can race vet classes, they're fast but most that I've met are beer drinking guys who just love riding. it isn't that serious to them. It's for fun, you want to have fun, get the 250 two stroke (they are super fun). Do a couple races, see where you stand. Spend some time dedicated to practice (consecutive weekends are better then consistently riding IMO. I'd take 5 weekends in a row over riding every other weekend for 10 weeks.) . Find friends to drive/ride with. Hit up some trails. Do a couple more races and see if you've improved.
  12. Double bump
  13. took 5 minutes on google earth. 90 feet max
  14. still smashing
  15. that rider was shredding