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  1. Actually it seems kinda typical to me, many of us have built a toy and then did not like it, the garage only holds so much. That thing has been lowered too much IMHO, but bout $450-500 would bring it back to a height/suspension travel and valved/sprung for her weight through some OC Zoke specialists in the northwest Bling on a used bike is only worth a small percentage of what we invest If I was looking for a 300 I'd call and speak with this guy, nice deal!!
  2. This tool from Motionpro works great on my Beta basket, too easy
  3. I think you are on to something with looking at the MotoZ HT as a possible "next" tire to try. I've been pleased with the I/T from MotoZ for a couple of years, but lately I've been overwhelming them in the rock gardens, and creating some interesting wear on my rims (Lol!) Ok, for the slightly moist to wet terrain the I/T is great but once into the dry rock gardens at least for me they start to fail, mostly in the sidewall area (being way too soft) Last weekend spoke volumes to me on this subject. I got a Cheater rear and a MotoZ hybrid front for one set of rims that are out being rebuilt as we speak, but my current (day to day) rims are going to get something else, maybe a Motoz HT rear and a Fatty front ????
  4. There's lots of different companies that make thermostat delete silicone hose kits for out Beta's, people say Samco is a great alternative, I'm running a decent set of Chinese ones....
  5. Nice idea! My stock headlight is redundant for me as I rarely ride at night, turning it off for most of the time would help my battery live a happier life. I'll look into the switch for the headlight ASAP. And an LED light would help also. I've been lazy working on other aspects of keeping it cool, but not addressing a couple of good ones. I gotta a feeling that the fan is going to run a lot moving forward. Idling in the garage it slowly rises to 179/180 degrees then the fan kicks in and stops any increase in temps and holds @ plus/minus 2 degrees, gotta love that 180 degree sensor!
  6. Couldn't agree more, I've quoted Tom @ Sierra some of Boano prices and he meets their pricing, but ya gotta call, not email..... It's a game everywhere theses days with parts. But they for the most part are damn safe USA company to deal with.
  7. Ok, I will say the Mylers radiator is working excellent with the silicone hoses and the lower temp radiator sensor switch which seems to turn the fan on @ 180 degrees, last weekend the temperatures were crazy hot @ 100 +/-degrees on singletrack the Beta ran @ 180-210, Vs. with the old system @ 220-240 degrees. Though now I'll put more load on the battery with the fan starting @ 180, time will tell....... A clean pic prior to getting dirty!
  8. Ha Ha , well after 2 years I'm changing out my Tubliss inner bladders, which they recommend. But yes, it can happen though low bladder pressure or abraded area around the hole in rim, but normally once the inner bladder and liner are in place, they're not normally known to move to tear a stem...
  9. Great result! Class act indeed. Looking forward in seeing more solid results from this man!!!!
  10. I buy all my Boano parts from Sierra Motorcycle Supply as they are making orders to Italy almost daily and they are quick in shipping and a USA company I can trust
  11. Even some of the more expensive aftermarket brands will leak and fill with dirt unless you carefully seal what looks to be sealed assemblies with plastic glue & silicone seal at the wire "pass-through".... At least now you can toss that pathetic excuse for a license plate holder (which that and the silly turn signals) are some of the first things that should be sh*t-canned upon bringing your bike home. BTW the subject of OEM turn signals is the same for all of the DS bikes today, I've seen the KTM nice looking ones fall apart in the first 20 miles
  12. Just a quick thought with outfitting a lighter DS bike into Adventure duties, many of the adventure tires are designed for a much heavier bike, so they are loaded with the weight they were designed for. Consequently using "some" adventure tires on a beta will create a sense of vagueness in the dirt, and not loading them on the street they may play games "on the edge" such as letting go without much warning. Granted everything is a compromise, and we all have to make 'em from time to time. Most of us that want an adventure tire for DS bikes are saying so because of overall mileage and wet weather riding safety, and of course wanting more that a DOT dirt bike tire can offer on the street. Which can be understandable. But in the past I've seen friends try this approach and get into serious trouble offroad, fooling around and easily losing the frontend or both ends, or not being able to get up a steep hill. Sad thing that most adventure tires today are designed for a bike that weighs 200-300 more pounds than a Beta, I would consider them to be 80% street / 20% dirt like the MotoZ adventure. I've used the MotoZ H/T and presently the MotoZ I/T for my 50/50 tire(s) and on my other rims for serious 80/20 duties now have a MotoZ mountain hybrid front 80/100-21 and Shinko R505 Cheater in the 110 size on the rear. If you're looking for a long lasting DOT dirt tire the MotoZ H/T is a long wearing decent off road tire...
  13. Agreed, since we have at least 6 months till they get here, I'm sure that either a simplistic kit or BYOB. As always the time between an introduction and the real time we really see 'em, hmmm thinking it will be a while. It takes, what like 15 minutes to remove the primary case cover and then install a kicker assembly, then reassemble, right? Beta 4-strokes are much more complicated and they take just bout 15 minutes, 5 more to get the clutch assembly out. Funny thing, I've always installed quality batteries over the last 12 years in DS bikes and NEVER had an issue, not once. I guess I should buy a lottery ticket....
  14. beta 125rr

    Is it only me wondering, but how did this subject go into bowels of skid plate/chain guide performance or lack thereof? There has been many subjects here in the past on their performance, good or bad. Why don't we resurrect one of them or start another, as it is a great subject! Just saying...
  15. Folding mirrors anytime for a DS bike, period. I've fallen with a solid mounted left side mirror on a DS bike on pavement, and it took out the entire mount leaving me with no clutch on my last bike, not fun. Solid mounted mirrors that are installed on most DS bikes for only one reason, they are cheap to produce, as quality folding mirrors are always more expensive...