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  1. is there anything i can use for my clutch cover instead of buying a gasket
  2. yea i like listening to music will i ride till i get a face full of dirt and my headphones are in my dam head lol ill look for one of those cubes
  3. dos anyone no were i can get two headsets to talk to my buddy while we are riding (mics)
  4. motorcycle superstore
  5. if you ride in alotta mud and slick places shinko is the way to go
  6. ive tryed out and it still dosent work
  7. what will it do if it messes up the jetting
  8. good point but i live
  9. ok thank i got another question? will it hurt my bike to run it without my slip on shorty pipe i had it ziptied on and i blew it off and been ridin with it off?
  10. i no its the &%$#@!ing rider and not hp i just needed to no incase i sell it or something
  11. I got a quick question when I go to pull in the clutch and shift up it won't go into the next gear it will stay in the one its in..it dos it pretty often... do you no why this is happening also when i pull in clutch it keeps going
  12. thanks i was just wondering
  13. 👍
  14. thats what i tell everybody
  15. i like older 2strokes like the rm.. people ask why i dont have a brand new bike i tell them i dont need to look like im rich nor fancy. i like my bike and its just as fast as new ones