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  1. Lots of people bragging about how much expensive stuff they have. That's annoying 2008 ram hauling a 2017 yz250f
  2. I'm going to get the tuner and see if I can make the low end power more Linear and manageable
  3. Ok I'll try it without it and see what happens I'm on a budget lol
  4. Should I invest in a hole shot device? Is it worth it? Not my first race but it's my first on this fuel injected bike so I'm getting use to this instant power
  5. You should have taken her out to! I'll follow these guidelines and hope for a good start this weekend thanks again guys
  6. Best advice I've gotten thanks this will help a lot I know 50% is believing you can get the hole shot
  7. Do I let clutch and brake out and same time or dump brake and slowly release clutch? How much throttle do I need? 50%?
  8. Yea I didn't think about doing 3 gear start I'll trying that and see what happens. Maybe I'm giving it to much power and need to practice timing and throttle control with clutch release
  9. No hole shot device should I get that or a power tuner to make the low end power smoother?
  10. I feel my bike has to much power in second gear and always end up wheeling is bc I'm not toning it right? Should I get pro launch to help keep the front down or get a power tuner to help even out the low end jerk? Any help is appreciated thanks
  11. Did it come with the yoshi
  12. Is it worth it? I have 17 yz250f mostly motocross. Can you really notice a difference that helps?
  13. Sometimes the track has huge rocks on it. I heard the pro use it to keep there disc clean but I think it's just promotion to sell stuff we don't really need.
  14. I was wondering if it's worth the money to get brake covers and if anybody uses them for Moto's? They look kind of tacky to me but if they serve a purpose I'm all in. I'm looking at the Acerbis x brake cover for $42 mount and cover for n Motorsport.com
  15. I have a cycra on my 17 looks ugly but protects good the bottom and water pump. I was scared of big rocks hitting my case on the track