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  1. Thanks for all the replies all. I ordered a set of the Tuff Lites, $78 shipped. I like that they are "tuff", LED and look to be sealed up good so that mud/dirt doesn't get inside the light, and that the lenses are even replaceable. The brake-side rear turnsignal has even lost its lame nub so it has permanently popped out of its socket with no way to get it to stay in place so that blinker is in at an angle. It is no wonder Beta has revisted the turn signals for 2018. I also ordered some amber reflective stickers as I had one reflector smashed off-thiankfully it took the brunt of the rock, and the other one was ready to just fall off. The decals should blend right in with the gold fork tubes.
  2. Bullet connectors?, to be able to disconnect in the future? Did you just cut right where the wires exit the fender to the actual light?, and left the connectors for future access?
  3. Thanks. I do plan on using the stock fronts/incandescents and putting in some Tuff Lites for the rear. Good to know I won't need anything, provided I can live with the faster flash rate. Did you just cut and splice the new wires in under the tail?
  4. Thanks surfer-dude. I'm going to get a set of LED rear lights and hook them up. I'm going to hope that they will work just fine like you had with your LED rear turn signals. It is fun reading your posts.
  5. I considered all the locks, even the GPS kits that can track the bike/vehicle. I realized that in the end, the bike is insured so if it gets taken, I pay the deductible, get money, get another bike. Then again, the bike is garaged at night and sits in a wide open lot all day long so the odds of theft for me are low. If I had no insurance, I'd either get it or go with one of MeCH_MaN's suggestions as those are pretty good. I'd have locks on the locks if I didn't have insurance.
  6. That guy was jerkin' you around. Like how bicyclists can be seen carrying around their rear tire so no one steals it, you can't just take off a rear wheel and lug it around. That MeCH-MaN, such a joker.
  7. At least for the motor-side, I like this perspective. Buy cheap synthetic-even though it is not a very true synthetic, it is probably a lot better than most of us, I know for me, than most of will ever need. I'm so glad Beta has separated both the oils.
  8. Nice, never thought about putting the x-mission in top gear or any gear.
  9. I've used un-alarmed disc locks on my streetbikes along with the coiled cable that runs from the lock to the throttle and always came back to my bike. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to thieves. I'll be cabling my bike to my carrier if I ever travel with the bike and need to park it so no one comes by with a pickup and a knife, at least they will have to think twice and have to have the tool(s) to cut either the lock or the cable.
  10. Thank you. Time to shop for a new set of bars.
  11. I think there are only 2 sizes, 7/8 and 1 1/8. What is the stock Beta bar?
  12. The drilled out washer does look trick. Super nice job on that. Did you NOT need a relay for the rear LED turnsignals? Your bike is unbelievably clean, right down to the spaces between the knobs on the tires, how is that even possible? They are like showroom floor clean/new.
  13. The changes to the 18 are pretty darned good. Thanks for that link. Shoot, now I will lust after an 18 but will be happy with my 17. Always something better coming along, always.
  14. I ride 11 miles to and from work every day then whatever I get to ride off-road on the weekends. I want the tire to wear out but it seems that it might be a while, which is ok too. All the tires I've had for my vehicles, and they have been many, their tires are known for lasting a long time. 13T for more instant torque, no wait times, no lines. Just all giddy-up.
  15. Thank goodness for the entertainment Johnny Depp, it is all good fun. I learn a lot from y'all and love this bike. I like the instant on torque of the 13T and all the benefits of the quicker mid-range, it is all awesomesauce! I am considering a quick turn throttle as I get more used to riding the 500, my confidence is coming back after having been off the dirt since 2009. I now have almost 600 miles and almost 30 hours. Thankfully I'm still in good shape after all these years. I definitely don't want or need a throttle lamer, no, no, no. I'm going to need a new DOT rear tire, hopefully very soon as all I want to do is ride on the dirt and the sooner I need a rear tire, the more fun I'm having with this bike.