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  1. I've worked with nuclear engineers, molecular biologist, physicist, computational scientist, etc. For the most part, you can not imagine a more socially backwards group of people - they dwarf electrical and mechanical engineers in their lack of social skills. Amazing that a group of people so intelligent but have the social skills of a second grader (well maybe not that high). However, they are usually kind and well meaning people. I usually find that people like CTO's are clueless morons, generally dicks as well, don't even have a clue that they are such; however they are generally people who make there way through life talking about things that they have relatively little knowledge about. At least a physicist will have a conversation to you about dirt bikes. You won't understand anything he says but at least he is trying to relate but from his knowledge base. On the other had a CTO will tell you all about dirt bikes because he rode one once and landed on is back side - I think that is where CTO's keep their brains. LoL.
  2. Just finished watching it on youTube. Funny as shitz.
  3. Yup, I pretty good about being happy with my delusions of grandeur too. As I tell people: please leave me alone with my delusions, I quite happy with them!
  4. Good. Because I'm a fair bit past two.
  5. Me being stupid today at my job: I'm bitching because one of the sales guys forgot to invite me to a customer meeting. I whine a lot at work but people like me because I get the job done and I do it right the first time. My boss (new this year as boss) rated me highest of the group. I have no idea why because I give him so much crap, LoL. We've worked together for quite a few years so he know my bitch'en is between me and him and will never go any farther. We have a 2 week travel rule wrt booking airfare so people don't like to go to management for approval because it shows they were not planning... So my boss asks how long of a drive. I say too long. He responds "so and so does it". I say NFW being stubborn. That is the dumb ass part - I just passed up on three days of driving up and down the CA coast with meals and lodging paid on the company and only one more day in what would most likely result in a 1 hour customer meeting. Oh, BTY it's driving between the bay area and Santa Barbara which is a pretty scenic drive. To make matters works I hear there is a pretty awesome track at Pismo Beech which right there as well. So that's basically three days less a couple hours of being paid to screw off. All I have to do is set an "out of office" message in my email and go dick off of a few days. I think I'm calling my boss Monday morning and begging forgiveness for my stupidity. Sometimes I forget to listen between the lines when he's talking to me. Shit, if it's nice I could take the Heritage; no way I'm taking the V-rod as way too stiff of a ride for that many hours. I even would get paid mileage or I can just do a rental. I opted out of the car plan a while back. I work too hard! A career in IT and not always stuck at the desk.
  6. No, that's where you get to laugh your arse off as they pogo away from landings. A couple months later, another guy, same thing.
  7. So you're saying stop at two?
  8. OK. So sounds like one issue - they don't take your advice well or at all. Questions: These are people you like riding with? You get along? You can rag on each other and not get upset? If you get hurt you know you're going to be able to count on them (they will see that you bike makes it home safely). If one of them gets hurt you're friends enough to want to help rather than the guy is so annoying you really want to run him over? If you can look on that one issue a different way - "they are some dumb for not listening" or such - and still enjoy riding with them, then they are keepers. I wish I had a buddy to ride with who was good with suspension! The friend I ride with thought setting his rebound to soft was "slowing it down". I had to actually show him in writing (yes, I had a printed copy in my car).
  9. Yep. I found out the problem then becomes the 450 wants to over jump the stupid short ones... Oh, it is so easy and fun to "loft" the front tire on a 450.
  10. It will fall right after spinning my rear tire around to get better traction and more life time. LoL I found it in Amazon video and will watch it. Raining cats-n-dogs here in NorCal = no riding...
  11. I'm a beginner and been riding for 14 months now. I logged 150 hours on my 250 in the first 12 months. I'm in the process of converting to a 2017 CRF450R and I love it. I too feel the difference between the 250 and 450 and like the characteristics of the 450 more. I'm also very glad I started on the 250 and not the 450. I think the larger rear tire also helps a lot. I too like the more planted feel of the 450. And I will admit it. I'm older and not quite as willing to go death defying fast so the 450 helps a lot on some of the jumps to just give it a little extra throttle and you clear the jump no problem. I have the multiple maps settings for both bikes. If you are worried about the power getting out of control you are better off staying in a gear higher and that fixes it for me.
  12. you of course realize how much in our lives we are surrounded by IT? Cripes what are we using to communicate right now... as much as I whine about work with my co-workers, the people I worked with (yes there are a few exceptions), the projects I worked on, I would go back and do it again just the same...
  13. Hell no. After sitting behind a desk all day, last thing I want to do is sit in a chair and watch TV. LoL Healthy, hum, I would suspect injury as a lineman is quite a high percentage risk factor. I've learnt to do a minimum amount of exercise throughout the day - all I need is the floor and myself. Then I also do cardio quite extensively throughout the week. Add to that I ride MX 2-3 times a week. I feel pretty decently about my health. The guy I know who is a lineman is not that healthy. Not all careers in IT involve sitting in a cubical 100% of your time. Most of the people I know are pretty happy working in IT. Myself I would be happier to be doing something that involved working with my hands. That being said I've found success and longevity in IT. It pays for the dirt bikes and other things so I'll settle.