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  1. I'm not going to watch it as I have measured tons if fork sags and 45mm for crazy fast riders, 55mm for most mx riders, 65mm for woods
  2. Yes you need a revalve
  3. It has a few functions 1 it lubricates 2 it sets the air gap ( this is a huge function of spring assistance ) 3 it provides damping via the spring seats ( ports )
  4. You have any idea what it cost in ti to shave off the same weight as going from an sss to a aer And before anyone says we don't need a lighter bike the kx 500 weighs the same as an husky 250f
  5. Better as in lighter and more adjustable?
  6. Jealousy is a very damaging emotion
  7. You sound very much in denial [emoji6] I had a yzf 250 2006 , it had jetting issues that were known to be very hard to sort, working on that carb was the worst job ever !! I would have loved to put it ones dyno, quick remap and done, each jet change meant I had to take the whole back end of the bike off...... Easier starting is basically a fact and starting a hot 4 stroke is the worst thing in the history of mx, so that alone is huge , not including any other points
  8. Probably not a good idea then , there is a chart here that shows how thick oils really are Most of the thin ones are shock oils
  9. Lol so fi only has Better mileage Better throttle response Better sound (imo) Less flame outs Copes better with elevation changes Lighter throttle action Track side adjustment with no tools Adjustable rev limit Then you hear people say , tell me the big advantage? What do you want it to do ? Make you a millionaire?
  10. 65mm total sag from on stand to with rider , almost half what the rear sag is
  11. It's high speed
  12. Yes it's valved too stiff
  13. I would prefer it if rt had it's own forum on it's own website , using tt is not really right when you have paid rt ? It's not the users fault it's rt model of selling imo
  14. Sticking with carbs is not an option!! Get over it lol
  15. Both soften high speed and low speed, the rt instructions are to help you think in terms of hs and low speed, sadly it's not that simple in reality, I would go for the low speed stack and see how it feels The one thing I find frustrating is the rt guide is not good enough for most new people, so they need to ask elsewhere, but rt has the money and others are doing the support, I'm not saying we don't like to help , we do, but rt needs to have a forum for rt users imo