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  1. They should bleed off excess pressure no matter what way you bleed them or fill them
  2. I didn't expect that outcome
  3. That was a all out duel
  4. No spoiler but well worth watching
  5. I don't think he's consistent enough esp considering he's on 250
  6. They are running 250s , even the Yamaha, only tm is 300, they don't have a 300 kit for the new engine yet
  7. Bb was amazing, he was 38th after the crash and came to 3rd and still had a few minutes left , red you should be curtious and admit he got very high up , not 2nd but 3rd is so impressive from that far back , on a track that looked very fast already , web did decent and got to 9th ? He was around 30seconds behind bb and started a second in front after the crash
  8. In aus , might be ktm is outselling Yamaha in 17 in usa It has to be a 300 still
  9. I assume its modifed but it will never put the power down like a 450, I dont know how he can do on a 450 sorry
  10. I don't believe just getting a prescription gives you a tue,getting a prescription is super easy as you know, there is more to it than that, what is in it for Wada to ban people for no reason? I don't think they want to ruin people's careers for zero reason ?
  11. David Dunn on kas suspension ( totally std are just revalved ) wins first mx300 ( 2 stroke ) race from Lombardia, his lap time was 1.46.7 which would have placed him around 15th in the 450 class, I don't know but that says to me ktm makes a real good platform that a 2 stroke std based bike can compete on lap times with full factory 450s
  12. I don't care a crap about Wada or any other , assuming you have a pass as you have submitted paperwork is dumb, if every person is treated the same in Wada what have you got to complain about?
  13. They're not Wada?
  14. No you don't get it at all , submitting for a tue is not the same as having a tue approved, when bubba for the 18 months I posted a list of suspensions for lots of others and his was LESS than most of them , since then they have doubled the ban lenghts for everyone , I guess they got fed up of people assuming they could just put the paperwork in and assume it's a pass