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  1. Hey, I learned something else on this thread, "Prescient" I don't think I've ever heard that word used before so I looked it up. I like it.
  2. Ok, that's a subject that I've never invested time into. Glad I did and that you made it easy to understand. Thanks
  3. Well, indirectly. Once you have to carry the Red Plate, you realize you have something to lose and everyone else wants it. All of the sudden, everyone around you is telling you to do something different than before. If you buy into that you've now changed everything about what got you there in the first place and are riding in uncharted territory. No longer feeling that you have nothing to lose, you naturally attempt to protect what you have and overthink each obstacle. Still, it's far from over.
  4. Most likely your bikes running a little cooler due to the changed flamefront. I'd rather go in that direction than the other way. So in the end, not only are your fuel parts cleaner, your bike actually has added engine life because it has less contaminents cooking into the combusting chamber. Less likely to stick rings, reduced friction etc. As a dual sport rider I'm more vulnerable to spotty gas pump fuel. Add that to the EPA's stingy fuel curve which makes todays bikes run very lean. Which leads me to ask this. Which gas stations have the best premium gas?
  5. Handgaurds Though I think the injuries reflected on this post are probably a minority, I do think the problems some have had is concenring enough for me to reconsider my use of the plastic wrap arounds. I've always thought having them was a no brainer. Now my brain knows better. This discussion is very enlightening.
  6. malignity, fair enough and for me the rotating 180º is something I hadn't considered. Without the guards, what would the likely damage have been? Smashed fingers etc? Were the ones your talking about like the ones on my Husky?
  7. My 2011 TE310 and my 2017 FE 350.
  8. My 2017 Husky comes with Bel Ray. At the first service the shop changed it to something else, I think it was Castrol Synthetic Racing. I immediately noticed that it made shifting harder. I was already using Bel Ray before I bought this bike on my older TE 310. I really didn't like that a Husqvarna shop would put a different oil in without asking my permission. Their is a sticker on the clutch cover that recommends Bel Ray so I didn't think they would decide what is better. Last week I did the first real oil change and Bel Ray Works Thumper Racing Synthetic Ester 4T is back in and so is the smoother shifting.
  9. When making an accusation against someone on this thread, you should always include a reference back to that work, otherwise it looks like libel.
  10. Been a Dungey fan since I first saw Roger taking interest in him. I'd love to see the story book ending where the reigning champ pulls out the championship at the last race and retires the champ. I'm also ready to move on regardless, realizing that even if that doesn't happen, he'll still be a formidable champ in the record books and I'll be choosing the next "Dungey" to cheer for.
  11. Sure hope not Chris. As mentioned I'm a Dungey fan but above that I'm a bigger fan of MX. Though I want Dungey to win, I want him to win against Eli at his best. One things for sure, as fans, the potential for a truly epic showdown in Vegas is almost a certainty barring injury or an MDNF. Momentum has been Eli's friend recently but in part, I agree that no one should underestimate the weight that carrying the Red plate puts on a rider. Can't help but recall the Bradshaw vs Stanton battle for the championship. If there ever was a prooftext as to what stress can do, that was it.
  12. I live at 5,800. Arm pump is more a hereditary condition that is exacerbated by elevation. I'm a Dungey fan but don't see arm pump as a likely problem but stress. Yea, it can not only influence physical problems but cognitive ones as well.
  13. shotie450 Seems that the squeaky wheel needed some grease.
  14. Ok on the coaching part. My guess is that someone took notice of how well that technique worked for Villopoto and he incorporated that into his practice sessions. I should make the distinction that I was referring to using the rear in turns to pivot. As far as using the rear wheel thru whoops, rhythm sections etc, he's setting a new bar similar to Stewarts scrub technique as something others will be sure to emulate and we've seem him doing that on the Honda before.
  15. Eli's technique on the Kawasaki seems to have changed early in this season. He rides the rear wheel more and uses outside lines more. Has Villopoto been helping him in some way?