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  1. RT @MXAction: Who is going to win Anaheim 1 in the 450 class?

    Great review plus bonus footage. I picked up a Motoz Mountain Hybrid last week. So far, it hooks up great for climbs and not sure how it compares to the Shinko. The Motoz set me back about $100 at Chaparral. The Shinko looks a little more MX oriented and possibly might wear a little better than the Motoz. Riding mostly hardpack and rocky terrain south east of the Pinnacles staging area Slavens claims it has a harder compound than the Sedona MX 907, a tire that wore very well and had good all around trail performance. Note, I run Tubliss 8lb front and 7lb rear.
  2. I'm not sure how this article can be attributed to an advertisement when the conclusion says " it isn't a black and white, indisputable, one's better than the other kind of choice" As for my choice, I'd rather not clean anything more than I have to so paper works for me. No need to wonder if I got all of the microns of dirt out during cleaning and mkand153s point about water is the deal breaker for me. Now, who makes the best paper filter for motorcycles?

  4. Bummer, the site says its no longer available. Hopefully the replacement lens is available somewhere else? If not I guess I could get this and do the headlight adapter from monster.
  5. not2shabby, do you feel that the new setup was worth the trouble and money? Please give a little feedback on the difference between the stock and your upgrade. Thanks
  6. Nice summary and comparison of many different choices. I hope that the OPT 7 will be an easy install on my Husky.
  7. From what I understand the e start is very dependent on a good battery with high cranking amps. Using the e start when the battery is low can put a strain on the e start so do make sure your battery being charged properly and its also a good idea to let it recharge in-between starts during a ride. I use the kick whenever I have to restart after short ride. I also use a BatteryTender designed for lithium batteries to ensure my Shorai lithium it fully charged before each ride.
  8. I'm also interested in one of their seats. I don't know how helpful it would be but it would be nice if their site had pics of both with a mouseover to reveal the stock on the bottom and lower seat on top. Hopefully someone can put up a pic of theirs side by side and from the top.
  9. You should post the License number and serial number plus any unique parts like a special exhaust, handlebar footpeg etc. Were a small community and any info like that will help identify it quickly.
  10. I'd have bought it as a back up for that price.
  11. It's actually in-between the desert which is the valley below in pic 2 and the mountains. If I head 10 minutes to the east from these pics it turns into MC/ATV trails thru the pinetrees in the San Bernardino National Forest.
  12. Ok, I'm not sure if my battery is on the outs like the OP Husqvanarn 510s bike. Started fine, went for about 15 miles in the dirt, stopped and when I restarted it stalled after two brief starts, the third I kept up the RPMS and it ran fine. Rode another 5 miles turned off the motor at the top of a hill. Waited about 3 minutes and tried to restart but it wouldn't crank. Did a downhill start and rode 10 miles home no problem. Next day only the lights and fuel pump come on.