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  1. Coop has won a heat and podium'd a main. My bad!
  2. With the exception that he already has.
  3. Ya he is in full on T-1000 mode. When Eli's feet do not come off the pegs while railing turns.............. if I saw him do that I would just put my bike back in the truck and watch from the seats.
  4. No he didn't know either
  5. Dungey has 12 reasons to be in the driver's seat which you elude to in your well written post. I kind of being thought of as harsh but I really think Dungey is almost totally lacking focus and giving Tomac the inside like a gift is not showing much fire either. He better be rattled because that T- 1000 is coming
  6. Lol wow, missed your Xanax? Why are you kicking your own rear end?
  7. And where are your 2015 and 2016 indoor stats and do you ignore the outdoors? Guess you forgot that in 2011 he jumped to a new team that was still in the building process oh but he got 3rd! The shame! The horror! As far AMA/Field goes; thanks for stating the obvious. You just demonstrated that a PRODUCTion company is interested in cleaning up their PRODUCT to attract more customers. Good for you that you are not calling the shots because it sounds like you are only interested at being a flatbiller. Why is it you can immediately can spot a flatbiller by his beating the JS7, RV drum every time!
  8. I do remember you saying that very thing and I want to say something directly to you and Cooksie, I come here to get the scoop if I want industry jargon I would pick up Transworld. I watched you and several others who take racing seriously post in on this forum and it just gets ignored. I honestly think I will post something stupid just so you know someone is listening.
  9. DeCotis hasn't podiumed in how long? Ever! I am really stoked for McAdoo. The kid hucks it.
  10. indianapolis

    Tomac's feet have not been coming off the pegs in the corners, that is very bad news for the others. BTW, what does the Exploited have to do with MX?
  11. Ya totally stoked for him. Forkner talked about how this kid just hucks it and he certainly has shown that. Great story with Smart Top and very stand up.
  12. How do you ruin MX/SX? From the inside out by introducing needlessly expensive jewelry un-necessarily. Well the second salvo that has been fired at the 2-stroke has been fired, let's hope it misses and doesn't take out the wonderful world of the angry bees
  13. Guess I should have read the link first then responded. Yes that
  14. No this is the first I have heard this regarding McAdoo of all guys. Wow is there a team that looks like a good fit for this kid?
  15. Part of me is surprised you just threw that out there, then again.....................