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  1. http://racerxonline.com/2017/01/23/ken-roczen-provides-another-update Now that is pleasant picture!
  2. Bear in mind that the 450 is much harder to get the shock to settle down verses the 250, plus the added inertia from the extra cubes and the way it affects every aspect of the handling, it is very easy to see why someone not trained in bike setup to mistake what he is actually feeling the motorcycle doing and how to translate that to someone else effectively. I am not surprised one iota that Coop still looks tight and is not aggresively attacking the track like he did on the 250. He probably can't make out how he feels, he just knows he doesn't trust what he feels. No surprises there. I am not sure i have seen a reasonable argument for comparing team factory Yamaha with Red Bull KTM?
  3. Outerlimits! Stop trying to inflict severe pain or death to yourself! Just think they are probably going to give a first ride summary and we get to do this all again. I thought Squid was the self proclaimed fisherman here at TT? Boy he really wasn't to hard to catch himself! WES, i know you are enjoying this. You owe me one bud! We will have to go for a ride once i get cleared, next year. Bushpig, i was ignoring you but i did want to say something that seems to escape your line of thinking. Ok yes Red has his 300. Yes he does like it. Explain to us sir why he cannot come on here, proclaim the merit of the YZ while liking his 300? I see nothing wrong with anything he said and guess what, i have a bone stock 02 YZ125 in my garage, it has been my wife's since new. She has ridden it maybe 15 times, myself a little less, yet we both can tell you what our last experience was on the bike and what how unbalanced it felt and stuff. In fact we were discussing it last night at about 7:40 because i am now building it for my next bike. Funny we haven't ridden it for years and yet we remember. Go ride your orange poop around and leave this thread. Everyone of you pumpkin trollers is on here not even talking about the o.p. or anything yet you are the first to complain. All i got out of it is Casing Daily is at least honest
  4. I know, why is that? My brother and law and i will go out when then stupid water truck is out just to lay down lines before anyone else does (i know totally selfish) but then we are stuck in the pits scraping mud for an hour. No fun
  5. I heard Squidco can be pretty brutal in interrogation. They make you listen to Squid idealogy for hours i have heard. Dude full on PTSD or paranoia.
  6. Heck yeah! Dude i KNEW there was something i liked about you! I can't believe you are that honest lmao
  7. When are the orange goons gonna learn not to poke the blue bear!
  8. Have they issued recalls for the spokes that undo themselves, weak wheels that bend super easy, air forks going flat, bolts that continue to back out of the sprockets.............?
  9. Ya i am a total fan. He is a super solid dude who appreciates his ride and i know the team feels lucky to have him. Isn't he kinda the set up guy the team as well. I thought iread somewhere he really understands bike set up.
  10. Oh please everybody, you are too kind! Thank you
  11. Hi, i have nothing in my left knee. If Mooseskin's miniscus is torn (it is) it is not as serious as YOU are making it.
  12. Would that be a Squid mark? Ah ah get it?
  13. Squid i am not trying to be a jerk i swear but i thought the same as this. Dude it's an avatar, you are not even manning up. Manning up would be dressing like that guy in public, dude it's an avatar and truth be told if he lined up he thought and the doctor thought he was ok to race that means JG beat him.
  14. Oohhhhh, ouch. Hey while we are on the topic i had a vasectomy and rode 5 days later! Yamaha SSS suspension baby!
  15. Ok i was at work and so i couldn't spend any time more than just a quick glance, but didn't they think Plessinger had broke??? his wrist in practice? Something severe wasn't it? But oh those plush Yamaha SSS forks. Mmm mmm mmm yes they are a dandy. Such a pillowy delight that Plessinger was able to ride up front on one of the worst tracks this season to date!