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  1. Definitely not an 85 you'll grow out of it way too soon. Go to your local dealer and sit on some bikes and see what suits you best.
  2. It isn't a very good place to ride but it's definitely worth checking out. I go out there with my buddies pretty often and have come to enjoy the place. At least it's somewhere to ride
  3. Got a couple hours in yesterday at Hannah ranch. Anybody else been here? Not a great place to ride but it's somewhere.
  4. Why has no one mentioned reeds!!![emoji848] that was my problem. When was the last time you checked on them?
  5. don't mind the KTM in he back [emoji51]
  6. Good ole Marin county sunsets
  7. Those rear tires last forever
  8. It's a big event people will be sandbagging just to get a bear
  9. Your first race is gonna be a mammoth qualifier [emoji51] good luck getting top ten. As for the question about the dog house it all depends on how the first corner is.
  10. Have you checked your reeds lately?
  11. ? Don't understand what you're trying to say. If you start it tonight and let it idle for a bit you should be fine