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  1. I had bubbles in my overflow tank when my headgasket was leaking. No bubbles now that I have a fresh top end
  2. My motor was quiet until I had my leaky valves replaced by fastheads with Ferrea. Now it makes an audible tick. I guess its normal
  3. I didn't really notice a difference when I put the Zeta tube on
  4. Hmm when I put the slide in I didn't feel any binding. I checked for free movement.
  5. Yes
  6. Even with the stock tube it was pretty stiff. It's always felt the same, I thought new cables would help but only a little
  7. That's pretty frequent for a DRZ. Most people go 1000-3000. Of course everyone should get oil anaylsis to find whats optimal
  8. I have a DRZ400E with the slant carb. My friend has a new DRZ400SM. His bike's throttle is about 10x easier to turn. I've heard this is normal because the FCR's spring on the throttle wheel is stiffer. Is this true? -New Zeta quick turn throttle -cables less than a year old and were lubed prior to install -stock cable routing -adjusted cables to have a 1/8-1/4inch of slack
  9. if you haven't filled the bike up with fluids taking the side cover off is easy. You'll find it there
  10. I ended up getting a low hour cover off ebay. I just replaced the impellar and did the RTV fix. Good to go
  11. Wanted a shorter lever
  12. I measured and everything was in spec. I layed the plates down on the table and they seemed flat, but its not a perfect surface. I haven't placed the order yet so maybe I'll hold off until I get the spacer.
  13. I ordered a EBC clutch kit. It wasn't too expensive and it'll eliminate a variable. The basket isn't worn out.
  14. I found this on RSC's website.. sounds like I may need to get the spacer Do I need the spacer for my RSC to function correctly? No, you do not need the spacer for your RSC to function correctly. The spacer is an option for those that seek a more distant engagement/disengagement point from the handlebar. Easy pull clutch levers move the engagement/disengagement point closer to the handlebar than the stock lever or any OEM replacement lever. It is also an option for those that wish to use the inner of the two cable holes on the lever to maintain ease of pull. The spacer can be used to achieve correct clutch operation when clutch plates may be slightly out of factory specs, or other factors that deter proper clutch operation may be in play.
  15. Tightening the set screw with the nut brings the lever closer to the bars