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  1. After spending hours doing this very thing I would buy that tool even if I only used it once
  2. If it were me, I'd take a standard small auto catch can with the port on the bottom and a filter on top. I'd mount it vertical somewhere high on the front of the bike. If the oil gets up there it would have to fill up that catch can before it came out through the catch can vent filter.
  3. If the oil tank has a slight leak but you have it vented to atmosphere can that cause issues with the motor running correctly?
  4. How much heavier is a yoshi RS2 for a SM compared to a MRD for a E?
  5. My bike is a E with a big bore kit so a stock DRZ is quite a bit slower to me My friend bought a 17, i rode it and then he did the 3x3, jet kit and yoshi exhaust all at once. It didn't feel all that different to me, just louder.
  6. Probably should have researched the fuel screw. The JD instructions are for stock fuel screw, just because they sell someone elses product doesn't mean they know exactly how it will work in bikes without them spending R&D time and money on testing. As far as needle position it depends on your location and such. Also, don't expect a huge difference with just a 3x3 and jet kit. It'll feel a little smoother but that's about it
  7. Lol that sprocket is worn and the chain look like it has seen better days. The first step is denial I guess
  8. You say you don't have a tach? Have you ever heard a DRZ idling at 1200 RPM? If not, it is probaby actually idling between 1500-2000 rpm turn the idle screw counter clockwise which will lower the slide. It sounds like the slide is too high to me
  9. I doubt your bike is running at 1200-1300, it works but its a very rough idle. Trying turning the idle screw counterclock wise about half a turn
  10. RMZ450 GPR billet triple clamp with V4 stabilizer just installed today on my E model. I had to call GPR to get the frame mount made one off for this setup
  11. New triple clamps are $900.. you can get them off ebay for half that. Not sure why you're saying used items off ebay are "garbage" but I've bought triples for multiple bikes and they're fine
  12. Forks look fine. I'd start with a set of triple clamps off ebay.. they're about $400
  13. I'm trying to think about how I would do this if for some reason there was no possible way to get the fork off the bike. I guess you could pull the cartridge out of the top of the fork body and then pump the oil out..
  14. Lol mine is worse. It's basically not there