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  1. Cool The picture helped. Now I just need to decide on the exhaust. I may go with a Q4 but not sure yet.
  2. Okay I think I am beginning to follow. It sounds as though the difference (aside from E diameter header is larger) is that the midpipe on the E model rides higher up. So if I get the passenger peg delete adapter plate and use that on my E model subframe this will then lower the midpipe mount point enough I would be able to run an aftermarket exhaust system made for an SM such as a yosh rs2, mrd, or fmf. Then when you mount this delete bracket to the E model subframe you are only using one of the subframe mount bolts vs two that would be used as intended on an S or SM model subframe. Does this sound correct? Thank you
  3. Many thanks for the information. Yes I had a an MRD (shorty open) on my first SM and could not handle the volume. I sold the mrd and went with a yosh rs2 and will totally agree that the MRD does slightly outperform the rs2 but the volume on the yosh was just more acceptable to me. While I may consider doing a full FMF setup on this E model, I am still confused as to how a yosh rs2 made for the SM model could fit? The adapter plate you mentioned is made for the SM model and is just a passenger peg delete bracket no? This delete bracket bolts to the SM sub frame with 2 bolts where as on the E model subframe there is just the one place (bolt hole) where the mid pipe attaches to the subframe. How would this work and is the OEM E model exhaust any different from an OEM S or OEM SM model? I understand that the E model header has a larger diameter but the mid pipe and exhaust can look to be identical to S and SM versions.
  4. I recently picked up a 2004 DRZ400E (electric start) for a deal I could not pass up:) From the looks of it appears that FMF is the only option I see offering up exhausts for the E model. Can anyone else recommend any other options? Also while on the topic is it the mounting on the subframe of the E that makes the SM versions a not fit? Would it be possible to fabricate an adapter plate to make an SM version exhaust fit on the E model bike? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Is this a weld on mount or clamp/bolt on? I have had both versions of the Scott's mount and am interested to see if yours is much different.
  6. I remember reading that there is a gas cap on Honda 5k watt generators that will fit the stock metal tank. It's the silver metal gas cap version. Also worth mentioning that while the zeta cap does require oem cap internals to work it is possible to create the latching mechanism with some basic tools and nuts and bolts. The down side though is sourcing the gasket. I could not find the needed gasket size anywhere.
  7. I too have been looking for a decent all around 18/21 set of tires. I am leaning towards the 244s as they get decent reviews and are quite cheap. I am not sure though which size might be ideal on the rear of a Drz400e (4.10x18 vs 4.60x18)? Also do any folks here have any experience with the Mefo tires? I have heard some very good things about them but they are easily double the price of most options.
  8. Good info! Looks like from the picture you posted the light also has an integrated white plate light.
  9. Thank you for the information everyone! As mentioned above the banjo pressure switch on the rear definitely has some fitment issues. It looks to me that by the time you space the reservoir over (or up) the placement can get quite close to the exhaust which is not good. I don't mind getting a rear foot brake lever and switch from an S or SM model but I haven't looked close enough to see how the little switch is mounted on those bikes to see if the switch can mount the same on the E model. Also as Hans mentioned I may just put a pressure switch on the front brake for now. Does this brake light that comes with the fender have 3 wires (to actually function as a brake light), or is it just a two wire (always on) running light? Thank you
  10. I picked up a 2004 DRZ400E recently and am looking for some brake light options. This model E has a battery and E start (no kick). While I may add blinkers and some other road gear later the first thing I would like to get sorted would be adding a functional brake light. Currently I am not real keen for whatever reason (unless folks here strongly recommend it) on using a banjo pressure switch. I am thinking about getting an S or SM model rear brake lever and the little oem switch and wiring this up. However I have also seen on amazon where tusk has a complete street setup for the Drz400e model and it's not that pricey considering all you get, but I don't think that mentions that it comes with brake actuation switches/gear. I know many folks have been down this road so any guidance is appreciated. Thank you
  11. I have very similar setup. Stock gearing SM, full yosh rs2 (corked), 3x3, fcr39, JD jet kit, 1100' ASL, average temp 85 F fairly humid though. I am running recommended JD jetting for my conditions except I am running a 165 main jet. I purchased several different mains to try out in addition to the JD kit. The 160 definitely felt as though the bike was starving on top, the 162 felt better, and the 165 was also good, the performance did not feel as though it was suffering until I went up to the 168. So after playing around I settled with the 165. I could probably benefit from messing with my low end but for now it's good enough. The motor just barely shuts down with the fuel screw closed so I believe I am one size large on PJ. It pulls off idle pretty smooth and strong with no noticeable bog. Also very very little to no decel popping. Also nice job with the TPS report!
  12. That's impressive mpg considering fcr39. I'm getting around 38mpg
  13. I have the SM version and they are a really good bang for the buck imo. There are two SM versions I believe one puts peg at stock height the other version is 10-15mm higher I believe.
  14. Piston slap? Raising idle can alleviate some of it or don't twitch off idle so fast.
  15. I was looking at that one awhile back. Does the visor pull down and turn into sunglasses so to speak?