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  1. Where did you get this exhaust. It came with an exhaust gasket and jets? What jets?
  2. I have had many yosh exhausts. Including for the drz400sm and have never seen yosh provide a gasket with the exhaust. Remove the exhaust and install a new one as mentioned above.
  3. That's normal for the RS2. I torqued mine down to factory recommended specs, checked for leaks and all was good.
  4. I have seen some pics on here of some really clean chains. While mine is maintained/lubed and adjusted/tensioned periodically. What are people doing to clean the chains. What cleaners are you folks using? What specific/brand and type lubes are providing this uber clean appearance but maintaining good lubrication with minimal sling off? Thank you
  5. Carb bowl possibly?
  6. Bike has FCR and E cams already no? If so I would just do the 3x3, exhaust, rejet. Those cbr250 wheels look sweet on the DRZ. We don't have those widely available here in the US. The Scott's damper mentioned is a really nice upgrade too.
  7. What wheels are on the DRZ on the left? KTM wheel maybe? Both bikes look sweet!
  8. Some versions of the edge light mounting plates tuck the light up under the fender better. The version that mounts the US size plates does not tuck the light quite as well. On mine I just filed the holes and elongated the mounting plate holes to allow the light to sit a bit higher up (and tuck under the fender better).
  9. Also worth mentioning many people tend to look at the 160mm tires because the selection is much better vs 140-150. I ran a pirelli 150 with zero chain rub or other issues previously but it was close. All tires measure up a little different and things start getting really close around 150mm on the stock SM wheel.
  10. You have mentioned a few times that you smell gas. Have you taken the fuel screw out to confirm the integrity of of the FS o-ring? Fwiw I too recently got a TT fcr39 and while it runs really well, I question that my float may be set a bit high as the overflow line releases fuel without a very extreme lean/tilt angle.
  11. I got it through amazon but you can get them directly from topar also. They make a few other small bits for the drz also.
  12. Picked up a topar counter sprocket cover. swooz Not sure if you have any ace hardware shops near you but a while back they had a blank that worked for copying a drz key for me.
  13. The smallest these show up in is 160mm width. Is that what you ran on the drz400sm? Did you have chain rub or dish the wheel some to clear the 160?
  14. Can you still find the trail tech flywheels? Thank you
  15. I was able to do the JD jet kit and drill out oem fuel screw plug (and replace with extended FS) quite easily while leaving the carb in. You do still need to remove the throttle cables though. In hindsight completely removing the carb to do this would not take much longer. It just depends upon how much of a tolerance for ship in the bottle type tasks you have. I also should mention that it is guaranteed you will strip out a bowl screw. They are JIS but even with the JIS driver I had I managed to strip one. Fortunately my drill was still able to access the screw made of cheese. With this in mind I would suggest most follow Ohios recommendation of complete removal.