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    Trail riding. Am a "do it yourself" guy and tinker on my bikes and various projects. Learned to ride a bicycle in 1948 and got hooked on 2 wheel vehicles.

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  1. You got that right! In 1965 I had a nice 60 Chevy impala. Friend had a nice 56 Corvette and offered to trade me even. I turned him down.
  2. A Good ride with a great group of people, on an unusual cool day in Kansas. I had to ride my Honda like heck to keep up with the KTMs and one Beta.
  3. Kansas

    Yep, great ride with great People!
  4. The way you described the problem, you may have a simple bad connection in some wiring somewhere, or other simple wiring problem. Are you getting spark to the spark plug? If not, check out all wiring and connections before spending $ on parts. Also check the wire to the kill switch. If it is getting grounded anywhere, it will not run. And check the coil before going into the stator. Do the simple things first.
  5. Go to "suzukits.com" which is dedicated to preserving the old Suzukis. A guy on there who goes by "stroker duece" and lives near Salida, Colorado ran a suzuki shop in the 70s and may have the info and parts you need. Good luck. I have a 74 TS 185 and 78 DS 185 I still ride occasionally. Great bikes!
  6. Is that a pair of handcuffs under your soul?
  7. Unusually beautiful day in Kansas, and no rain in several days. It is often 100 this time of year, but highs near 80 next 2 days. Going to meet a small group of great people tomorrow at a place near Manhattan called Spillway ORV park. A small place, but some fun trails to ride down a small "canyon", as they would say in Utah.
  8. Wishing you the best, and hoping the cards aren't stacked against you with the deputy.
  9. Oops. Didn't mean to quote this. Touched my tablet accidently. Travel safe!
  10. Kansas

    See ya about 10 am.
  11. Kansas

    Rain is out of forcast Sat and Sunday. Any takers? (See previous post)
  12. Is there some way I can block my wife from reading my TT posts?
  13. I AGREE! IT IS MY CIVIC DUTY! Husky, if you aren't to my house in 24 hours, I am going alone!
  14. OH NO! Here we go again with a best bike argument!
  15. Hmmm, perhaps my wife would agree to me going out to Colorado and accompanying a female rider 20 years younger, on rides during the week. What do you think guys? Should I ask my wife, or just tell her I am going? Or should I just forget it??