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    Trail riding. Am a "do it yourself" guy and tinker on my bikes and various projects. Learned to ride a bicycle in 1948 and got hooked on 2 wheel vehicles.

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  1. Looking at national weather radar, it doesn't look like a lot of riding will be done this weekend.
  2. You didn't say what rear sprocket you are running. I didn't realize a 15 tooth would even fit on that bike. I have been riding the old Suzukis since 1970. My 78 DS 185 runs a 520 chain with 12 front and 45 rear sprocket and is good for all around riding. The 12 tooth front was stock from the factory with a 39 rear, good for street riding. 60 mph is about top speed for the old 125s, and they aren't known for being wheelie kings. With the stock 39 tooth rear sprocket I have used an 11 tooth front. A little more wear on the chain, but works okay. The ratio of 12 to 45, or 11 to 39 is about right for that bike if you are doing any off road riding.
  3. That's what kept many of us alive!
  4. Cj, your new icon is soooo handsome!
  5. Kansas

    Sounds like a 2 stroke Should! Those RMs are torquey engines. The power band will take some getting used to after riding the TTR.
  6. It wasn't planned. We just happened to get there when the light was right to get the fire effect.
  7. Dmac, about 5 years ago we drove up Combs Wash from down south and hiked up to the ruins. You probably also recognize a couple of the other picts above that were taken on White Rim trail. I would also like to explore Beef Basin (?) Someday, which is at the south end of Lockhart basin.
  8. More photos to entice everyone to visit SE Utah. The scenery and the people are unique. I love it.
  9. OOoops, forgot to post the antique of the week again. I know everyone is is really disappointed! Anyone seen this one of these before?
  10. For me, it is a toss up between Moab area, and the Silverton/Ouray area. Therefore a spring and fall trip. HUSKY, You are right, a trip out there will cure almost anything, but LOL, it takes me a week to rest up after a week of riding! And I am sure age has nothing to do with it!!!
  11. Kansas

    Yep, that's me.
  12. Kansas

    Yokomo has a fun new toy. A really neat camera/drone. Flying it amount all those trees has got to be a Challenge! Hope he doesn't show my hopping over one log and crashing when I hit a second one. But it was the least severe of my crashes that day. I might add that he has done a lot to improve the spillway area. It has trails and hill climbs for different skill levels.
  13. Padilen, I have a 14 year old Springer/border collie mix, and she is just now beginning to slow down! Still gets excited about almost anything, and loves to travel. Here she is above our campground in Moab 3 years ago. Speaking of Moab, this weather is crazy. It is hotter in Kansas that it is out there.
  14. You're gonna have to have a talk with that Bike! But, hey, 2nd place is Great! Was it at Stiiwater?
  15. Robbie, where is your ride report?