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    Trail riding. Am a "do it yourself" guy and tinker on my bikes and various projects. Learned to ride a bicycle in 1948 and got hooked on 2 wheel vehicles.

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  1. In Moab the rain skirted around us, but it is cool. A light jacket felt good today, and the wind was strong. Almost looked like a dust storm in places at times.
  2. Finally got to campground with wifi. First 2 nights had to stay 10 miles out in the desert because everything near town was full. Finished 2 days of riding. Got sore muscles where didn't know I had muscles. 9 rode yesterday, 10 rode today. We may have 12 tomorrow. Riders from Canada, California, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado and Kansas. Some bumps and bruises, broken turn signal lamp on my bike, a flat on another bike, and gear shifter on another bike, but nothing serious yet. To see a sampling of what we are doing, good to YouTube and look under Sovereign trail, Kane Creek, Lockhart basin, Enduro Loop, Hook and Ladder, and others in Moab area. Dmac has made some good videos of some of these areas and can direct you to those. We actually have done very little slick rock riding
  3. Spring and fall.
  4. Yes, If you are talking about huskydog, trailrydr, etc. It may be a mess when we get there. The first guy to get there just texted and said all the camp grounds are full and running over.
  5. I might add, you need to be consistent with using it, and stick with it for several weeks. Headed to Moab early in the morning. May not be able to post while gone?
  6. I had neck and lower back problems in my 50s, and using an inversion table 2 or 3 times a day did wonders. Takes pressure off the discs, and allows them to regenerate.
  7. I am 75 now and have fewer bone and joint problems than did at 50. Back then had quit riding and was sitting at a desk much of the day. Keeping those old muscles and joints moving, keeping the weight off, eating right, not smoking, and having something to look forward to really helps. I also do the stairs to the basement to help keep knees limber.
  8. That is Correct! Welcome to seniors blab.
  9. Congratulations!
  10. Use a bigger fuse. Try a 20 amp. If it still blows, you know you have a short somewhere.
  11. Kansas

    I am packing and loading to go to Moab. Leaving Friday morning for 6 days of riding. LOL, hope the bike and I last that long! And It always takes a week to rest up afterward. Looks like another wet weekend here in Ks.
  12. KTMs are great bikes, but the Hondas, Suzukis and Yamahas are all good bikes, and for same money you might get a newer one. And think about parts availability. And with an engine over 400 cc, you wouldn't have to worry about low speed grunt. 2 or 4 stroke wouldn't matter. For me, not having to mix the gas is a definite advantage. When you first posted here, you said you had read the WHOLE THREAD. LOL, how many times did it put you to sleep??
  13. If you enjoyed it before, you will still enjoy it. I got out because we started having kids, and got a Jeep so wife and kids could go along. After kids left home, and wife was tired of jeeping, thought I was too old to go back. Ha! Until saw guys older than me riding. You probably will want to keep it, but I would suggest getting something that is popular, so you could unload it easily, "just in case." Are you large enough to man handle the 520? In the beginning, if you are doing trail riding, there will be spills. And you don't need that much power if you mainly ride trails. LOL, I am just a little runt and at first got a bike that was too heavy. And I had trouble finding a bike with seat height I could handle. Keep in touch!
  14. It came back fairly quickly for me, and another thing that helped is watching YouTube videos on dirt riding tips. Another thing that has helped is the much improved suspension in recent years. I finally upgraded to a "modern" bike, and it has really helped my riding, and confidence. And after riding the old 2 strokes with a power band, I really like the smooth, grunt power of a 4 stroke. Yes, being street legal is really handy!
  15. Welcome to the new guys! I also was out of riding for years, and thought I was too old, until ran across some guys in their 70s still riding. Heading for Moab at the end of this week.