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  1. I have run the 3rd line, it becomes an inside line demon but doesn't like to stay in ruts, it wants to turn inside of them. 2nd line still good turning and holds ruts steadier. I run sag under 100 and run MX and Scrambles and Enduro courses.
  2. They have him listed as a Yamaha.... Now not to slight Max Gerston for his 2nd in the Western Hare Scrambles after switching to the 390: I realize this is a bit old news now.. I had no idea Max could compete in high speed stuff. Quite Impressive! It is a good read, I like the part where Nick Burson mentions running a gear high everywhere.
  3. Attack riding position and standing, he is not playing around.
  4. So the season begins in the frozen tundra of Finland, and the locals dominated the results since the conditions are far from normal with studded tires and snow and ice. 10th overall Saturday 3rd overall Sunday, 2nd EnduroGP class (the 1st place rider Antti Helston is not a series regular and has a job to show up to on Monday, perhaps he will be signed this week?) Day 2 video highlights
  5. Jordan pulled off a 4th today in Georgia. This is probably Beta's best finish ever in GNCC XC1? The announcer mentioned that he had knocked himself silly in Florida and didn't know where he was (9th place). (I never saw any result for the 2nd race and am not sure he even raced?) They also mentioned this is not bad for his 3rd new bike and team in 3 years. 1. Kailub Russell (unable to stand after the 3 hr. race, bad stomach cramps) 2. Thad Duvall (finished with no front fender, number plate and a handguard just dangling) 3. Stewart Baylor (come from behind bad start) 4. Jordan Ashburn
  6. the 2014 520(498) RS info from "its power character is smoother overall, with an extremely tractable low-end pull that transitions seamlessly through a potent midrange before gently signing off near the Beta’s 9100-rpm rev limiter. " The engine was redesigned in 2015 downsized to a 480 (478) and fuel injection added in '16 so things may have changed a bit, but I don't think it will crack 10k. In the real world what it needs (as well as lots of other bikes) is a big shift light when the torque signs off. My experience is a few vivid memories of the very few times I ever let the big dog eat (in the dirt), and it will leave a stamp on your mind forever. You run out of room to get it shut down very quickly. The engine feels like a beginner bike (cheater) with incredibly forgiving power under 4-5k as long as you keep it a gear high and gear it tall. Once you cross the threshold of mid rpm with the throttle pinned make sure your insurance is paid up and you are wearing some good safety gear, because it goes into warp drive and will pull a bike length on race 450's in a jiffy. It's like the turbo's kick in and it is not for the timid. On the street there is a lot more room, and that kind of power isn't so freaky. On the dirt, just stay away from it and shift.
  7. I've never seen one with the purple frame? It's the real deal though (1977): Thanks for posting that up. Here are some more conventional colors 1979 1978
  8. SX/MX Pro's remove them, especially the ones without e-start in the hopes that it will keep running in a crash avoiding the dreaded hot bike kickstart. It is commonly mistaken as a bike with an auto clutch, since it seems odd that the bike doesn't stall (my conspiracy mind likes to think some Pro's secretly run Rekluse auto's).
  9. Don't count on the FMF saving any weight or adding power. It is louder though so your stealth will no longer be a problem. One thing it might be good for,is running against race bikes off of the starting line and knowing your shift point when you otherwise can't hear your engine. I have found the solution to that is launch a gear higher than you think you should and avoid needing to shift. It will shock you how easy it is if your willing to give it a go. Hole-shot contender almost every time.
  10. (Edited above to get down to the bike review) You are one of the 1st I have seen (besides myself) give the standard gearing a chance, and your review matches mine (it rocks). The big torque advantage of the 480 is lost or neutralized when running shorter gearing. Many are afraid the 480 will be too much power, and then right away gear it down creating exactly what they didn't want. The advantage of being able to casually tractor up difficult climbs is amazingly easy with this bike. The stock suspension is another area where many wrongly assume it won't do the job. I'm sure the right springs would help, but I found even with the springs too light the suspension action stock on my '15 was great. You haven't even changed the oil, trust me it gets even better. Congratulations on a win! That's a long time away from racing. I assume you aren't planning to become a hard core racer. Enjoy being out in the dirt again and having your wife being interested in joining you! Not many of us ever get to have the fairer sex come along in the dirt. Great ride report, thanks for all the posting you have done and keep it up. Now about the riding gear, are the Raider's still your team?
  11. If you are an A offroad racer get the Racing Edition. If you can't appreciate the difference at high speed of the forks, the $ is a better value with the goodies that come with the RR-S even if you take them off. Voyager GPS Cooling Fan Keyed Ignition Turn signals / mirrors / license plate mount The 50 state VIN If you don't spend the majority of the time under 15 mph, you might consider dropping $200 more for the unmatched torque and the additional likely service life on the road of the 500 (480). You already know the differences, and you can't go wrong no matter what. Join the Club and post up some ride reports! They will build any model in BYOB, unless they are "sold out" at the warehouse. That doesn't mean a stocking dealer can't replicate or better the BYOB program.
  12. I run a full liter trans oil and haven't had any problem. How much did you Kram in there?
  13. No, just disappointed. I hate to see him get behind in points early, because I think he can run up front to the finish. I'm just wondering if anyone has seen his race report yet and know what happened to him? Those courses are filled with lappers and the top guys can surprise them and cause big problems. That is part of it and Jordan has plenty of experience. I don't even know if that's what happened to him, just trying to keep up with the news on the 1st race of the year. I am pulling this bandwagon, not getting off of it. I saw a facebook video of some drunk rednecks fighting on the main line.
  14. This is a tougher field than Sprint Enduros. Ryan Sipes got 3rd after dominating the Sprints. Bollinger moves up a class and gets 4th. Jordan leading a lap is a good start. Crawl, Walk, Run. Over 700 riders on the course made the lappers a huge problem, especially on the hills. The only GNCC I ever ran in 2004 in Gilmer TX was exactly the same. Hole shot the start and led into lap 2 until I had a rider fall right into my line at the top of a hill and had to go back down and take another run at it, lost a ton of positions. Made it back up to 9th Senior C 45+ I was not in shape for a 2 hr. and the track was packed with riders from all classes mixed together after a few laps. Biggest hills I have ever seen in TX. Big fun and bucket list checked off. Glenn Boyett and several others who finished ahead of me were top TX MX pro's back in the day. Now just Old Dudes on dirt bikes having a blast.
  15. Well, that is not the result I was hoping for. Just inside the top 10 after leading the 1st lap for Jordan. I haven't found a story yet that tell's about Jordan's day? Tough result with a small flash of potential.