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  1. This video is proof the Steve ran a KICKSTARTER in spite of the weight handicap. Shocking I tell you! You can pause the video and move it back to any certain point in time, but please try to focus only on the bikes and the kickstarter, it's a little distracting and hard to do because those stupid Maxxis girls keep getting in the way
  2. A 2nd on the day for Holcombe, but he stretches the lead on his Championship contenders. Freeman in the Juniors takes the win and his rival takes an 8th. Beta moving on up! Good luck Sunday Boys!
  3. pg 49, that is a different side panel, the bolt holes are not as deep and it has a different contour. My compression adjuster knob already rubs my knee and rubs the color off the knob, it will be worse now most likely but appears to be slimmer.
  4. Photos of the new "Factory Racing Edition" here:
  5. They probably decided to discontinue their best seller. Full Sarcasm Alert!
  6. There have been at least 3 threads on Honda's at VitalMX about catastrophic engine failure, clutch plates coming apart, idler gear riding on a CAST shaft coming loose from the cases. Several photos of Yamaha frames splitting with low hours. GG has a worse dealer network than the others and unproven. There narrowed it down for us.
  7. Facebook results for Saturday, Nambotin 1st, Holcombe 2nd, Larrieu 3rd.
  8. On page 51 is a photo of the 480 from underneath and behind where you get a good view of the new rear airbox area. It appears the toolkit holder area is gone (of course since it was covered by the number plate). The mudguard is changed (no more rubbing) and the airbox area is supposed to be slimmer which would likely require new side panels but they look the same.
  9. * Stock components and internals on Sachs front and rear other than valving to suit him * He believes he would prefer the 390 over the 430 if he had to choose a 4t although he hasn't ridden the new ones yet *The '18 engine is based off of his race bike, R&D does the engines and he doesn't know the specifics but it is essentially stock, and has never seen a dyno, torque is key for him, linear, runs 14/49 and can pull it because he has a bit more power * The new frame is a lot more agile in changing direction and a lot more control, he feels the less weight in braking and turning * Strong parts are many, Engine, new frame and plastics * Bad parts, it's been a few years since it's been redesigned, It's good that they changed the back but..
  10. Thanks HDR, that is a way better interview than the audio only different interview I posted earlier. I'm not sure who was asking the questions but he was spot on. The responses were so frank and un-guarded, not at all what I expected or am used to with riders. Steve pronounces "Beeta" rather than "Bayta" as I am used to. He also pronounces Sachs as "Sosh" rather than" Saks". Most teams would never allow there riders to be so blunt about the bike. I know most forum members are less interested and may not take the 14 minutes to listen to the interview, that is their loss. If I have time it would be nice to make a cliff notes version of what he said. Very Revealing!
  11. Wow what a great bunch of reporting. The tester rode every bike, the details and illustrations are more than I have seen elsewhere, and the photos are brilliant! A particularly interesting lead off to the 480 test: " So here's where the narrative goes even weirder. For the 480 felt to wear its power more comfortably than the RR430. If I were to go big-bore racing, based on this test experience, I'd pick this over the RR430. Reason being there's a sense the RR480 is more about torque than rev, while the (assumed) greater engine braking on the RR480 makes it easier to slow-down before the corners. Accelerating and decelerating, it felt to have a better grip on the terrain than the sometimes furious, scabbling RR430. And that extra power meant you could be a touch lazier- leave it in third and let that torque push the 140/80/18 firmly into the ground. It felt "engaged" whether trying to find grip on a dusty slippery off-camber downhill corner or powering out of a long uphill rut. Yet it didn't monster me, there's a sense it's a bear of a bike, but it's a big friendly bear." Do yourself a favor and read the ride reports on the different models, it is one of the best answers to the most common questions we get on this forum over and over, "which model is best?"
  12. Sounds like he will be running the '18, made reference to the new frame and trying it out this weekend. "That's helped a lot in performance on the bike, can't wait to get it into racing and see what we can do with it"
  13. Here is the motherload of Beta tests, Soloenduro.
  14. One of the coolest things about this Solo Enduro Italian video isn't the new bikes, there are a couple of vintage models that rock! Also some hanging out drinking wine. Enjoy!
  15. GNCC's and Sprint Full Gas are mostly 450's with the odd 350. Since these bikes are hybrids 450 are the norm in MX also. Hare Scrambles and Enduro are a bit of a 2nd rate series these days. Personally I feel Jordan should be on the 480, or at least try it out.