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  1. QC comes in programming of the welding bots
  2. I am starting to think bike manf's are paying shills...You hear that Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Husqvarna, Beta, Husaberg, ATK, AJP, e/t/c....I'm available
  3. You saw the future 2016 outdoors. Light on the bike and more body input wins over who can hold the throttle open longer
  4. I had to look that up
  5. Dung is on his way out Marv is KTM's guy now and if he stays healthy he'll be flying outdoors. His riding is WAY better this 2nd season on the big bike
  6. did anyone ever collect winnings?
  7. Yeah but is he going back to his usual rail the rut WFO and hope it holds or are we going to see him lighter, lower, faster with less throttle
  8. I'm interested to see how ET3 looks outdoors. Its hard to see if he's really changed his style much on an SX track
  9. any one see Brett Que not even make a skip on Kdubs factory bike...
  10. Bad enough and they never go away completely...40mph low side is good for that
  11. RHYNO LITES XT hubs on these rims is a pretty much bombproof setup
  12. check out MTBR, thats my go to for shop recommendations, yet to let me down, just got back from a good day riding in Santa Monica
  13. Wege looks like he's rocking a big gunt there...
  14. They usually have production year problems with large changes like this