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  1. WD40 isn't a lubricant.
  2. For a bike that sees nothing but trails IMO its necessary. I got tired of carrying stuff in my fanny pack and hydration pack. I don't dual sport.
  3. Someone please explain to me why you need one of these. I've seen numerous posts on them before and always wondered.
  4. I've said this before, but it bears repeating. Make sure it is snug to the point of almost too tight, the padding will seat in. If you buy a comfy helmet it will be loose after a ride or 2. My current Bell almost hurt my head when I first tried it on, after some rides it is the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned.
  5. One that was way too fast and dangerous for my skill level, I'm lucky to be alive I think. A 1969 Kawasaki H1 500 triple when I was in high school. One of the scariest bikes ever made. No brakes, flexy frame, and quicker than anything with a motor at the time.
  6. Some people have BS down to a fine art. Sounds like you just met one of those people. Thankfully you got out whole.
  7. Just to add to this, they also trap vegetation. I've had to stop and pull small branches out of my rear one. I plan on leaving this one on until it too breaks, then not replace it.
  8. You need to try on the different brands to see what fits your head. I saw a graphic a while back about brands and head shapes, someone needs to post that again.
  9. The Lucas doesn't, that's why I like it. Neither does Chain Wax, but that stuff turns your chain into a giant ball of wax so I don't use it. Are you needing a little chain lube education? Don't spray the stuff on and then ride your bike 10 seconds later. Lube your chain, then gear up, by that time it has congealed and won't fling off.
  10. Why do you hate drilling through the fender? My bag stays there, so no big deal, and plastics aren't exactly a million dollars anyway.
  11. Watch what the douche says at about 1:25.
  12. What are they made of, inch thick plastic? I have destroyed stock plastic disc guards a bunch of time on rocks.
  13. Lucas, nothing better.
  14. I don't know about front plastic ones, but I've destroyed several rear ones in gnarly stuff.
  15. We have a lot of street bike wrecks around here. One of the main causes is we also (at the risk of being politically incorrect) have more than our share of drunk Indians. The biggest rez in the country is adjacent to this area. Its just not safe to ride street here.