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  1. Wow, look at how close those other houses are! I don't know how people live like that.
  2. I only ride trails and never get on my bike without my neck brace.
  3. For the money you can't beat the Atlas Defender. Padded plastic roost front and back, if that is what you prefer. I bought one, but wasn't fond of the way it fit me, so I gave it to my son who loves it. And yes, I can't imagine being enclosed in one of those things with arms and everything in the high desert SW in the summer. I prefer something more minimal with separate elbow protection.
  4. I ride an XR250R (277cc) in the southern Rockies all the time. No problem with power, it does just as well as my sons' CRF450Rs on the single track stuff.
  5. I have an MX-9. wonderful helmet, Bell quality. I am amazed at the quality, although they did start out at near $200, but Bell has changed their line and discontinued that style.
  6. And then you get into the discussion of what constitutes a wide foot. And how wide is too wide for most boots. Then you have feet like mine, skinny heel and fairly wide front part, I think its from running almost every day for over 40 years. Virtually nothing is comfortable.
  7. There is cheap, and then there is inexpensive.
  8. Unfortunately footwear is so subjective, its not like a chest protector, gloves, knee guards, etc. Especially if you have feet that have trouble being comfortable in a boot or shoe. This is the one piece of equipment that I have become reluctant to make any recommendations on anymore.
  9. Its not like buying a pair of shoes where you walk around the store for 5 minutes and walk out with a new pair of shoes. Even if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where you can try on a variety of boots, the true fit and comfort don't come until much later. That is why I am so reluctant any more to drop a few hundred bucks on boots.
  10. You will note my last sentence. Buying boots is a crapshoot.
  11. I'll start with the first 2 boots on the list, because I have experience with both. The Fly Mavericks are probably the most maligned, and bad mouthed boot on the planet...by those that have never owned them. They are extremely durable. The O'Neals, they are junk. I have had both, the Flys, a pair of which I still have can last a few years, the O'Neals a few rides, they literally start coming apart at the seams. I have experience with a couple other of the boots on the list, you didn't list A Stars, and I have mixed opinions on them, the 7s not so good, the 10s, excellent except for the buckles. My experience also extends to Answer, boots from the early 2000s, decent lower mid priced boots. Anyway, my point is there are as many opinions on boots as there are guys that have worn them.
  12. I'm 62 and wanted to make sure I was well healed, (and it was winter). Actually, the complication was having a free floating collarbone. The wait was for the tendons and muscles to develop to the point of supporting my shoulder well.
  13. Just stick a wad of gum in the hole, you'll be good.
  14. Yes! I've bent several bars in my life, in fact I'm currently riding with a set of ever so slightly bent Renthal CR bends. That is a very good point, less chance of cracking a triple tree or something else expensive.
  15. Give that kid in the pictures a green paint marker and let him at it. He looks like he's the kind of kid that would have a blast...at your expense.