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  1. Air is your friend! You need to put just enough air in the tube while installing so it doesn't have wrinkles. I've never pinched a tube, and I've changed hundreds.
  2. I'm not going to comment on whether the van driver was right or wrong. But, a couple of crack addicts from the hood stealing shit should expect to have a very short life span.
  3. Just to give you guys some idea of the impact and g forces involved in that wreck. i had a dress shirt on, my cell phone was in the shirt pocket. The impact ejected the phone from my pocket, but it tore the pocket off the shirt when my phone left! I found my phone in the street next to the vehicle.
  4. I wish I could talk about what happened, but I met with my attorney this afternoon and he told me not to talk about it. Ortho doc appointment Tues.
  5. If he has any Honda, then the answer is yes.
  6. Pretty screwed up evening for me. I was coming home and got in a wreck in my Jeep. Destroyed my old Jeep, and i ended up with a broken hand. The wreck was caused by a Sheriffs Deputy, I'll tell you guys the story later. But, now no more Jeep and a broken hand, so probably no riding this summer. Lucky the urgent care doc gave me the good stuff, 10 mg oxycontin.
  7. I wouldn't do that, especially near Durango. EDIT: And what about your gear?
  8. In today's hearing when questioned about the "bikes for beef" issue he made a brief statement that he is sympathetic to the motorcycle riders' position on this issue. WTF, sympathetic? We need action, we need this proposal modified to to drop the bikes portion of the negotiations. I have no intention of ever owning one of the affected bikes, but this is just plain wrong. The relevant part starts at 2:01:00 of the video:
  9. Also could have fouled up the carb with bits from the rag.
  10. Yep, north of Aztec, just south of Durango. My parents and sister still live in Tucson, west side in the Tucson Mtns. We get over that way once or twice a year, but it always seems like its summer so we don't bring the bikes. I was there last July and took my youngest son hiking in the Catalinas, he was amazed that that terrain existed there. I used to wheel a lot out there in the Jeep, even took my XR500R there a few times back in the mid 80s.
  11. I have a set from that era that I retired and is still in almost perfect shape. Its orange and white, I got it from a KTM racer. But its XXL jersey and 38 pants. Thor Phase=indestructible.
  12. The new generation of dirt bike specific synthetics are wet clutch friendly and lube and last better. Lucas and Amsoil both are good examples.
  13. Your spokes are a whole nother matter.
  14. If guys can make a 19" tube work on a 21" tire then you are absolutely golden. Its rubber, after all.
  15. Mine seems to, I'll drive it and park it, then the next time I drive it something is miraculously broken.