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  1. I wish I had some way to measure performance other than just by the seat feel. Like when I was playing with the cam advance and retard. I know that one spot should clearly be the best performing, yet I could not feel the difference. But I know it was there. I just never found it. If there was another way, other than dyno, Each mod, could be maximized. As it is, I feel like a blind man. However, I could feel the stroker, and I could feel the UFO in the carb.
  2. The stroker has to give it more, technically speaking, however, I think what your looking for will be found in the carb. My stroker gave me more power without the rpm's. But not much, It was faster, but the difference was lifting the front with less effort, less finding yourself needing to gear down , holding pressure with the throttle. However, my stock bike with the stock carb with a UFO under the slide, came up equal in power to my highly built 230. This tells me that the stock carb is the weak link. It's all about the fuel perfume spraying rather that dribbling. You will have to get used to the different "roll" on of power because of the required throttle change.
  3. I had mixed feelings about this issue. I refrained from sharing my opinion because I did not wish to stir the pot. However, it looks like she has moved on. Anytime you buy a dirtbike, you have the option to back out based on the condition of the bike. It's up to the buyer to look it over and determine it's risk in the sale. It's a used machine..... with the potential to have issues as well as issues that show up. Only if he promised he would fix anything and everything, which I don't believe, because that would be the most foolish thing I ever heard of. The cost of taking it to a dealer would far exceed it's value, so i don't believe that was ever in the deal. Anything you buy from me is "as is" always. The fact that she was a female.... not sure if that matters. I realize this is the internet.... so objections to this opinion is expected. It will not be taken personally
  4. LOL, one of these days.... I will regret this, but I got 2 more 7fters and 3 more 5 fters. Not sure what to do with them. I suppose I'll stand the 3 up.
  5. That was not me. It is a guy who is here on thumper, whom I met to ride with at Brushy Mountain. We never got to the Enduro trail in the video. We rode all the single track except this. I really want to ride this soon. Before it gets to terribly hot. I geared my Freeride up to make 1st more usable, opposite of what some have done making it useless. I changed the front sprocket up one. Which made my 2nd lose it's anti stall on low rpm hill climbing, so I then changed the rear up 2 which made it perfect. Had I known, I could have just changed the rear by two to accomplish the same goal. I played on a hill this weekend for an hour, up and down, over and over. Fast, turtle slow, 1st and 2nd, my bike is dialed in. Amazed at how it will climb with hardly any throttle, almost so low you can't hear it running, and never come close to a stall. I love that (: i do have a flywheel weight. My first is great for climbing, 2nd best if traction is needed. Love the videos. They make me think.... and cause me to visualize what I need to work on.
  6. I'm surprised at the larger riders on the 230. A testament to the bikes ability. I'm 5"11, 200lbs, 51 years young. I'm too big for it in my opinion, however, being to big is much better than the bike being to big
  7. I used your post to blow off some steam. Peace
  8. "Huffy", This is simply not the case. I already acknowledged in the opening statement that I should probably start buckling, the video posted as an example why. What resulted was typical internet insulters whom were quick to insult. Whom did not say, "yes the video is a good example, glad you see that now rather than later". And they did not realize I posted it for others to watch and realize the same if they were not already doing so. I got huffy, yes I did, over the insults, not advice, whom would be careful how they word a conversation with others in one on one daily relational conversations, yet on the net, are quick to insult and comment as if they did not read or comprehend the OP.
  9. You don't have to be such an ass
  10. I really like the tool, mostly because the 10m is lower than the hole, making the wrench harder to turn while at the same time holding the inner stationary. It gets more crowed than I like with two separate tools. The feeler gauge, I posted. I really like the stiffness that it offers... to be able to slide it under
  11. I should clarify that the guys we were riding with, we had never met before. They graciously said yes when we asked if we could trail them because we did not know where we were going.
  12. Order this while your at it.
  13. I don't expect it to be jetting. After running a broad range of jets, they all worked. It's just that one was a weeeeeeee bit better. Stalling on the landing after a hill climb is common. I have never seen the fix for it posted. Seen lots of talk about it.
  14. LOL, I assumed you to be 60+ with that name. I'm 51. We all use the flip down visors. I hate goggles. If I'm in front, mine goes up for more air. We all wear gloves, mostly for comfort. I now have expensive knee braces that I wear on faster rides. I have a full chest,elbow,etc, suit that heats me up terrible, so I never wear it. Wrist braces, too restrictive, so I never wear them. The kid that got knocked out, we have since given him some riding boots. However I can't take charge of him. My son, has the basic, must haves and would rather take a rock to the chest than wear his chest protector. Although I agree that more is better, I don't want to debate a moving goal post, because MX is different than trials, we all ride differently. Some race, we don't. Some jump huge triples, we don't jump, etc, but still you can get hurt in the least of ways. So, not saying it's not needed, just saying we all make a choice as we manage our risks. Truth is that this is a very dangerous sport. And all of the gear will not make it safe.
  15. Please name the gear that you are referring to. Boots, helmet, and what all else?