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  1. LOL, I use bungee straps from each corner of the bar to that hole in the frame right behind the steering axis. I suppose I should state that this is a joke, you know how the internet is
  2. My 2t Freeride waaaaaaaaay out pulls my 230 stroker at low rpm's, yet it only takes giving the 230 more throttle. A pull at the least rpm's test is unrealistic..... but interesting, so my point is that this XT might also be a puller. Other than 4inch + more wheel base length, probably a good comparison only more refined.
  3. So, when I go out to practice this evening, I can look at my list, looking for the easiest on the list to learn.
  4. A bad air cut diaphram cause multiple symptoms. While your ordering parts, might consider it. I bypassed mine, however I got lots of noise on decel out of that OE exhaust when others did not. It may be connected?
  5. I would get the needle jet as well. If the needle is worn, so is the jet
  6. Sorry, I meant to post this in the observed trials section
  7. Looking for more ideas. I have several different size logs ranging from 6 to 14, and a 36. I need some app 20" and 26". I have a 7 foot heavy equipment tire, laid down, dirt ramped one quarter of it's side. I have a car we drive over, but we have busted the windshield so I need to lay something over it, dirt ramped up because the least bit of moisture and the hood has zero traction. 40 ft rock bed with a little climb on one end, rocks are mostly to big to move by hand. I have a log pile about 10 logs that stack to make 3 foot high. I have a triple log A type stack that is about 20 inches high. 3 logs 7 ft apart in a row. A 4 log square that we can cross singularly or jump over. A 5 ft dirt pile smaller base, a 3'6 dirt pile wide base, what used to be a large 11ft high, large base that has sunk to 9ft. The dirt piles meant for climbing, but have become jumps as well A 16" road tile, 5 sections of 16ft 10" wide staggered balance beam. A ramp up one end of the 36" log that is 11 feet to ride and balance across and jump off. Two fairly small jumps. 2 more skidder tires, one half buried, both filed with dirt. 35's, truck tires standing. Concrete rubble run. I have tons and tons at my disposal if I can get ideas on how to use it. I broke my 7ft x 8ft x 6" piece moving it with the skidsteer. I don't know what to do with it? I thought about leaning it one side of a dirt pile? I have 25+ 16 treated 6x6 used that I can build something if I had ideas. I have 40+ pieces of 5 to 8 ft 6x6's with no ideas on how to use them. I have lots of tires, but tires laying, no attachment have proven to be almost dangerous because they grab the bike. I built a jump over the ATV mud pit but am having reservations about it. Planning to remove it because the straight run up is only about 20feet. I built a berm for a run up but a failed attempt due to a spinout, etc will be bad. 6 attempts so far and 2 crashes. Being in construction, a skidsteer always on site, I can build most any idea I can get, I'm just out of ideas. I would love to have a bigger log pile, but that will have to wait until I have to clear a wooded lot. I have a thought but it would take more dirt that I don't have at the moment. I would like a 16' wide wall that climbs that you could practice lofting off of parallel to. At whichever height you chose. But that would take alot of wood, to be filed with dirt. Not sure what other option there is. We often blaze our own trail running parallel to the real trail which requires that we get back on at some point, often it being a drop. I would like to practice that. We built this not because we know how to utilize everthing, but because we want to learn. Practice in a controlled environment transfers to our woods riding. All ideas appreciated
  8. New crank and all new bearings.
  9. I don't know why, but the UFO made a WOW difference on my stock bike only..... So I know that the real secret is in the fuel emulision. Not size. The PWK likely will do this. I hate I sold mine before I got an AFR meter to test it on my 230. And not likely going to take one off another bike to try it
  10. The OKO website shows how to spot a china copy of their OKO.
  11. The oKO carb box says made in Taiwan. My stock 230 Keihin has Japan stamped on it. ?????
  12. Took me forever to find this;
  13. If you need a 35 or lower jet and can't get one then the option is more air instead. Up your slide by .5, if you have a 3 go to a 3.5. It will bring you up app 5 on a pilot jet size, likely around a 40. Which is much better. The small jets like 35 produced eratic for me. It all fuel to air ratio so it will not change anything, only make it less apt to get blocked.
  14. Baja Rambler, they are stamped with the Keihin logo except the slides. I throw out anything not Keihin because it leads to frustration. The Keihin slides are the brushed nickel looking ones and the chrome are the OKO. 26,28 OKOs and a 28 Keihin. Yes the slides are interchangeable. If a carb is crazy, no pointing in one direction, like a rifle scope that takes you everywhere, then it is likely the oring under the needle jet housing leaking air. A newer, larger Oring was designed because this was a problem. It's in the picture, lower left under the clear bowl. On the PWK/OKO, That entire jet holder, baffle, portion screws out with two screws. The oring seals the three air vents as well. You can identify a leak by filling with fuel while held upside down then blow air into the main jet holder while main is removed. LOL, OKO carbs are worried about cheap china copys of their carbs
  15. Notice the right hand corner pic. I modified the bowl to allow the pilot jet to be removed through the same hole as the main. It does not take much. I almost went to far with this one. The distance will allow a little lean, so you don't need much. A chainsaw file or dremel. Also, notice the difference in slides. Finish wise. This is the only difference I have found. Everything else is Keihin