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  1. Now that is something we need to make!
  2. They do share the same mounting hole dimensions. Many over-bar mount setups will work with each other as well.
  3. Indeed you are correct! Also if other brands make a frame clamp/post for it then our stabilizer and over-bar mount will typically work in-conjunction.
  4. No need for a win/win or competition but merely a topic of discussion for those who currently use or interested in learning more.
  5. Curious, what bike do you currently ride?
  6. Which one would you go with and why?
  7. Hey Everyone! We now have spark arrestors in-stock for the new 2017! Get them as they are going fast!
  8. fastway

    You're saying that your setting your standard on foreign manufacturing costs? We're not trying to lower our quality standards but merely trying to find out what triggers riders to buy certain parts.
  9. footpegs

    Jens check out our footpegs. We have 4 different models all with the capability of being lowered. You also have the option of adjusting the camber of the peg for better knee positioning while riding. The traction cleats are adjustable/interchangeable so that you are able to create the perfect platform just for you. Click here!
  10. You're looking for an alternate rubber mounted bar system?
  11. Are you referring to the PHDS system dampening?
  12. Rubber mounted kits is something that we have been looking into creating. Hopefully it will come to life, also we do carry thread inserts for hand-guards. Click here. Anyone else have any product input?
  13. Hey everyone! Do you have a 16 or 17 model with stock bar mounts? Get them updated before they ruin your day! We've got a complete rigid mount that will eliminate your worries.
  14. fastway

    How about country of origin? How much does it influence the deal?
  15. fastway

    These are all very good points of view, it's interesting to see that not everyone thinks of it the same.