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  1. Yup... ACR goes thru same high power system military uses... will get you a serious SARS rescue world wide. SPOT AND DELORME both go through a different system and sends your rescue request through 911. Delorme is the better of the two retail based systems... but ACR is pro level shit. No frills... but the best rescue system PERIOD.
  2. SPOT = Half the Power of Delorme SPOT = One way (outbound only) communications... doesn't even confirm that your emergency message was RECEIVED. or Delorme = Twice the Power of SPOT Delorme = Two way communications so you can text with the wife when late coming home and out of cell phone range... or maybe even communicate with RESCUE when they are trying to find you. Delorme = now owned by Garmin. Would anyone have bought a SPOT if they knew this before making a buying decision ?
  3. I like that one... they call it the twenty minute tire.
  4. I musta shipped like 50 since this conversation started... and reordered twice... GT has introduced two new tires and changed the model numbers on three others. Gonna have to start this conversation all over again.
  5. This is a perfect example of why you don't buy a SPOT at all. If I am laying there all night waiting for rescue I wanna be able to know rescue got my message. Buy a Garmin's Delorme InReach so you can have TWO WAY communication... and TWICE the power to reach that satellite. Laying in the dark wondering if SPOT got your message out is not very reassuring. It matters a lot when laying in a ditch with a broken hip.
  6. No... the bastards just sit there turning brown creating a forest for the snakes to hide... and if something sparked them off I could lose the house. I rake as soon as they dry out. I have a tractor and a drag but the raking is PT for my shoulder and cardio that I need badly. So I rake.
  7. I rake. I prefer a steel rake with fiberglass handle. But in a pinch any rake will do. I have 20 acres to rake. I have about 0.5 acres done. Wife says it is job security because by the time i am done I will need to start again next year.
  8. California

    315 ? Did you forget a zero ? That sounds very low for all the riding it seems like you do. I have over 400 on my 530 and I haven't ridden it for 2 years.
  9. California

    Riding retainers should start rolling in any time now.....
  10. FYI - These guys all run the 140/80-18 for max propulsion. But if you do go M5B I'd recommend the 130/80-18 for your riding. Better turning in the tight stuff. If you go GT333 you'll go 120/100-18. A tiny bit wider than a 130/80 M5B... a tiny bit narrower than the 140/80 M5B.
  11. Not anymore. Maybe one of the hoarders will give one up for you.. between Mitch, 909 & Anvil there is a warehouse of M5Bs out there right now.
  12. I cannot say a bad thing about the M5B from a performance stand point. But the new M5B EVO is a faster wearing tire. And those big fat paddle like knobs are not as trail friendly as the GT. But whatever you decide you'll enjoy great traction. You are dialed in... there are no bad choices on your finalists list.
  13. Thats weird Rick... I ran the Washougal Sticky and then the Washougal II 90/100-21 for some time... def seems smaller to me than the Fatty... but your pic def looks otherwise. Maybe cause the Fatty is worn out and the Kenda is new ? Fatty even had an issue rubbing fork guards on some bikes until GEN5. Never heard a Kenda do that. I know some of the Kenda tires are actually smaller than their competition. When Nuetech measured up all the brands for their new mousse Kenda Wash II 90/100-21 actually has to be fitted with a 80/100-21 mousse. A few of the Kenda tires run undersized. Joe for your environment I think the re-introduced GT333 Goldentyre rear would be ideal. I think it will be like grabbing another level of traction like your Tubliss. If you don't want the Fat 120/100-18 that just came out... there will be a 110/100-18 by end of summer. The Kendas will cost less. Kenda usually does. All I ran when I wanted a 90/100-21 front and shopping hard for price was the Washougal. It sticks good... I ran them bald and bleeding. The GT Fatty works as well or better and lasts longer... but costs a few bucks more. X30 is a decent tire.... just nothing spectacular about it. Kinda stiff... but with Tubliss and low psi it might do very well for you. IMHO
  14. She was always cute....
  15. Holcomb Fire 6/19/2017 At approximately 3:30 pm, a brush fire started in the Holcomb Valley - "Holcomb Fire". It is moving through Holcomb Valley towards the desert. The threat to Big Bear is moderate. As of 5:00 pm there are no structures or life and safety threats at this time. Voluntary evacuations are in place for the following areas: Holcomb Valley Homes around the "Dump" in Big Bear City It is approximately at 200 acres. There is a rapid rate of spread. There are 7 air tankers, 2 heli tankers, 1 dozer, and multiple units are on scene. For up-to-date information, please follow us on twitter: @BigBearDept or FaceBook: Big Bear Fire Department If you have a home in Big Bear, please sign up for the Reverse 911 call out: or call to sign up at 1 888 435-7565