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  1. Bob is a hybrid... sounds like Frankie but has a touch of Slyko in there too. Slanko ?
  2. Kyle thats some funny sick shit... OLOLOLOLOLOL
  3. California

    Hey now... that tard is my wife... LOL
  4. California

    Boy I'd like to get that image OUT of my head just now.
  5. As long as you are pretty sure that's cool... I dont like facts to get in my way either. Making up shit as I go is waaay funner... LOL
  6. California

    I park my bike in the toy hauler free floating... two handle bar straps in front... and one strap on a foot peg pulling to the rear. thing does NOT move a millimeter. No chock required. I also crank a tent bungee around the front brake lever. Parking brake for 50 cent. The really nice thing about that idea is I can put the bikes anywhere. As long as you can tripod three straps to some secure location the bike cannot move. Bikes pointed everywhere... Not single chock in the place. Check out that fancy Parking Brake
  7. Where have you been the last couple decades... LOLOLOLOL The Green sticker OHV grant fund is ALL ABOUT GIVING USFS and BLM dollars for their maintaning of OHV trails. It's a HUGE business... and it employees whole departments of people... and specific activities from trail grooming to restoration of unauthorized trails, building of facilities (staging areas, bathrooms, cabanas, fire pits) and OHV specific law enforcement... That's all those grant dollars are for. CA Parks manages the State Run OHV lands under a different budget outside the grant dollars. Feds have been stealing CA State Gas Tax dollars to maintain our Fed public lands since this whole green sticker program started.
  8. Yea waaaay back when there was some sort of collaboration... or knocking off... or sharing a factory... or some such nonsense that ended up with Pirelli having a similar tread in the old Pro FIM. Seems they keep it around to satisfy the FIM requirements of the Euro crowd. GT has taken that old tech and brought it forward several generation to the GT216 series you see now.
  9. California

    Very short screws... and dont smoke in the van.
  10. You get that from the Riddler's dude... who knows a guy ?
  11. Ah Bob... I know the one to which you refer... you need a 5th generation GOLDENTYRE... not Pirelli's 1st gen knock off. Those went on the back rack shortly after the covered wagon. Look up Riddler... he has a guy that will hook you up with a guy... who knows a guy.
  12. If you are a Federal agency like the USFS or BLM and you take CA State Green Sticker Dollars for OHV access you are expected to enforce Red sticker restrictions... and, by and large, they do. Feds aren't gonna throw away millions of dollars in grant money each year for some dude riding off season on a red sticker bike. Its all about the money. Its always about the money. Individual mileage may vary but that's the official status of things.
  13. Whats that old saying... you don't have to be faster than the bear... you just have to be faster than the other guy.
  14. Never sell... you never know when that old bike will come in handy.
  15. Thats harsh... even Pirelli is a little better than Airtrax Bob almost all Pirelli are called Scorpion... even car tires... so we really don;t know what you are putting on there... MX32, XCMS, XCMH, eXTra-X... or in your case eXTra-J.