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  1. I'm suffering right now... you made soda squirt out my nose... LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  2. Time Left: 29 days and 10 hours

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    TUSK IMPACT Wheel Set -$509 ONLY $499 for the first five (5) wheel sets SOLD ! CONTACT US after you buy to verify your bike and color choice. OPTIONAL ADD ON Kit - ONLY $169 Stainless Rotors, Rotor Bolts, Steel or Aluminum Rear Sprocket, Sprocket Bolts, Rims Locks and Rim Strips. Everything you need for a complete wheel swap. =========================== HONDA - YAMAHA - SUZUKI - KAWASAKI - KTM - HUSQVARNA These have been getting consistently better reviews than any of the other import wheels. Spokes don't keep stretching... rims don't pancake... and hubs and bearings don't disintegrate like the other budget wheel sets out there. The damn spokes are the size of your wife's ankles. LOLOLOL We have put these on several bikes of AMA D37 Desert Racers and hardcore trail riders. There is NO BETTER Budget Wheel Set on the market. These wheels just HOLD UP. We have them for most bikes so just ask. =========================== Looking for Warp9 with their rainbow of pretty colors, got those too. Need Excel Takasago or A60s... or DID Dirtstar in a High End Wheel set we have those too. Bottomline: If it bolts onto a dirt bike we sell it. More Deals on our Club Site Been on ThumperTalk for more than a decade... I am safe to deal with... ain't no scammer. LOL Thanks for looking... Jeff


  3. Ya... lets not make this a habit !
  4. Am I the only one that thinks Fankie takes two viagra 20 minutes before logging onto ThumperTalk ?
  5. Better that way.
  6. I want rainbows to fly out of my ass when I fart... but that ain't gonna happen either.
  7. Sounds like a nice retirement gig.
  8. It's not the tires...
  9. They sure do... they don't call Cougar Buttes cause of the mice. LOL
  10. California

    Def appears to be water in your oil... or oil in your antifreeze... or mud in your tea... cause that can't be coffee in that cup
  11. This thread has officially gone nutz.
  12. XCMS ?
  13. California

    Had that problem in Huntington Beach every time the owners went out for the evening... only thing that would shut it up was hanging a shop light over the fence... to make matters worse the owner was a 5 foot tall Napoleonic HB Cop who insisted his dog did not bark. It was the final straw that got me looking in earnest for my desert Oasis 6-7 years ago.