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  1. Does Poldies build these with a new frame and new 200 motor? That would be sweet to have a powder coated orange frame like the '15.
  2. 500cc bored and stroked two stroke?
  3. Could you start with a 2017 150 XC and get close to a 200 with the same cases?
  4. If Webb plays spoiler to Tomac and wins a race I'm going to be.....very conflicted!!!
  5. He's ready to put it to Anderson again. Hopefully he can put it Dungey as well.
  6. Roids roids roids?
  7. Tough guy? I didn't reply to you, it's interesting that you took my comment to heart though. Triggered?
  8. Did you have to detune it due to your limp-wristed riding style?
  9. Wow Mog, I'm impressed to see that you would actually put the SSS ahead of AER.
  10. Wow that's some serious domination. KTM today couldn't even get close enough to sniff the warm butthole of the 1986 Honda team.
  11. Decotis, you're &%$#@!in out. McAdoo, you're &%$#@!in in.
  12. He doesn't want you to own my avatar for the rest of the year! Go Eli Go!
  13. I never realized that we had so many MDs in the forum. It's cool hearing medical opinions from so many actual medical professionals!!!
  14. But but but.....James promised all of us 'haters' that we wouldn't be rid of him that easily!