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  1. Yeah it was funny, but it's not as much fun anymore to take swipes at James because the swingers all abandoned him.
  2. Everyone but the guy with the big ass points lead.
  3. This is my idea of technical:
  4. Yeah a 350 would also be good on that Big Buck course. I understand the body takes a pounding. When I say I didn't see anything technical in the video, I'm talking about slow, tight gnar type stuff where some guys start contemplating running a two-stroke. I wasn't implying that it's easy to get beat to death on for 3 hours, just that it's relatively open. I don't follow GNCCs much, so like C-D was saying, it seems like these courses are more open compared to Enduros.
  5. He's plenty capable, as are several others. He lacks consistency, as do several others.
  6. Yeah that's my guess. That video of Big Buck...nothing technical about it, definitely 450 territory.
  7. There is no ESPN / major network $$$ in SX / MX like there is in NASCAR, F1, INDY, etc.
  8. KTM swingers pumped up expectations for Webb so they could blame the bike when he "underperforms."
  9. You want Canard on this Honda? He wouldn't make it one lap around any track without going through an ejection sequence.
  10. There it is. Baggett should have shut his trap like Meyer said. He pissed Tomac off. I'm surprised you aren't giving any credit to SickStyle. That rock in the goggles is likely the only reason he isn't sporting the red plate.
  11. Only in his twisted mind.
  12. We've seen Tomac charge through packs before. Baggett put on a show but it's not unlike anything that's been done before. I thought you told me several times before that the fastest rider is the one standing on top of the box at the end?
  13. Yeah Baggett hauled ass for sure. 38th to 3rd I think? It was just silly to think he could catch Tomac or Anderson from there. Not happening. He was still 20 seconds behind Anderson at the end.