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  1. Motoseat....period.
  2. .....and so the fun..... My last 4 bikes all had his shock setups. Now I own a 16 yz125 with stock suspension and a ride link.......yep stock- light shock rebound. It's the greatest suspension ever....why does it feel glued like a SPI shock though. Shit stirring of epic proportions
  3. All I know is his setups keep you safe.....whether you agree with heavy HS rebound in the shock or not is one thing but clipping gnarly crap and not getting catapulted over the bars with his setup is another....
  4. Exactly.....flip the Allen wrench so that you are torqying with the short end and get it snug.....then flip the tool to use the long end as a handle and count the rotation.
  5. Haha. I'm super excited about the yz but I'm gonna miss the 450 at Southwick right off the start. Honestly my whole thing was just needing a change after being on the 450s for a decade. Another 10 years I will flip again hahahaaa
  6. I have no idea what you are talking about. Sand dunes? Let's go race at Southwick.
  7. I've had them all. KTM are great....for me the things that broke were weird....kickstarter shaft etc. Not deal breakers but stupid issues. My ktm 350 was fine and the guy I sold it too cursed the day I was born. Just sold my rmz450.....it was a 12.....I rode the snot out of it and it never failed me while everyone was moaning about transmissions etc. I guess maintenance is key. Now I am flogging a 16yz125.....it's all about the love. Mix some good fuel jet it and a pipe....drive and tires. The bike is so great. Love the simplicity and love the fact that you have to ride the thing well to beat four strokes.........and I do.......oh I do haha
  8. Yep.....Carmichael EVO did the trick. Guys sell your 450s and go buy a yz125......you gotta work like a bitch but it's so fun I giggle....just keep it rolling very fast haha
  9. Well boys I'm back. Got a set of Carmichael bend EVOs and got them in the zeroed position. Incredible. I can't get over this little bike.
  10. Indeed....upon researching there really isn't anything unique about the stock rmz bars.....it's just that on the rmz they sit low. I always changed bars and since I owned the rmz for several seasons w out changing the bars I got used to having them low.....even at 6'1. I feel like it forces me to ride in the attack position and then it's nice having them low to rail. So when I unleashed the yz125 the bars were high as if they were windhams.....I just mounted a set of evo carmichael to get the low height back. I posted this on the yz forum but no love.....I guess I can't leave you guys the conversation is too good
  11. I have been getting the pints of yamalube and dumping into the jug w 4 gallons of fuel. I carefully measure out a 3:1 ratio of 93/ Sunoco110. No spooge and the bike is crisp.
  12. No worries Todd I talked to Pro Taper and ordered some Carmichael to slam down.....I will let you know how it goes just to follow up on the thread.....goes to show how different bikes with the same bar can be different
  13. Beware tall bars
  14. The unveiling was last night. 16 125. Spent the winter putting parts on and getting ready for the glorious return to the sands on......what was that?...no more rmz450? Chasing down those tractors on a 125?!!! Only one issue. I think I got used to the relatively flat bars on the rmz. These yz125 bars are way high....I am 6'1 but I like to stay in the attack position and really work the bike into the ground. I actually ordered carmichael bends today. This is a guy who way back when would run windhams. Anybody else feel like they are pretty darn high? I like them low so they are right in your lap when you rail sand..........oh and by the way the bike rails sand like nothing else. Fun fun fun!!!
  15. They are not.... be well brothers