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  1. Say a prayer they weren't concious.....Godspeed
  2. Sage like advice above. You are young. You have years and years ahead of you. Allow yourself to mend up and keep faith in the face that you will be able to enjoy it without the nagging worry of your injury when you are back. In the meantime become a cardio machine and hit the gym and do your pullups and pushups. You will come back better than ever and it will be a pantie storm....not sure how the chicks are in Alaska. Keep the faith.
  3. It was a golden age in the Suspension Forum wasn't it Markus? The threads aren't as entertaining as they once we're no?
  4. Dungey is a good dude it seems....thought it was cool hearing KRoc talk about calls from him to check in.......and again his wife is breathtaking could anyone blame him for wanting to be around to enjoy that. Oh wait I forgot how many fags hang out in here haha
  5. Geez Gary that is such a nice looking bike....that thing looks crisp!
  6. I have gleaned a lot of info from Kelly....good stuff. Are you talking about that Eldoa stretching?
  7. Pullups pushups and core... planks/sideplanks....as many as possible as often as possible..........and mtn bike a lot.
  8. Can I interest anyone in a brand new stock exhaust?
  9. Nice work!
  10. Years ago I would move my shifter around and basically thought I had to have it high to get my foot under it while standing. Then I realized when you are cranking and really moving fast and need a shift your toe is pointed down and you can not shift from an ankle pivot....it's not possible...it became a quick lift of the entire leg. Then the shifter moved down to even with the peg like it is delivered or sometimes a notch lower. I remember looking at faster guys shifters thinking how do they get their boot under there? Watch someone fast shift and you realize a few things. Food for thought
  11. I sold my 450......stupid fast. Bought a 125 to see if.........I can be fast..........
  12. Yep......you can ride anywhere when you practice in the shit