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  1. When I ordered the kick starter kit last month, I was able to translate the website and stumble my way through ordering. It wasn't too bad. I didn't pay up front, but rather placed the order online then got a message saying I'd receive an email w/ secure site link to pay via credit card. Got that, paid and the kit was at my house 4 days later. I even exchanged emails w/ the representative just before my shipment went out so that I could add crankcase and powervalve gaskets to the order. He added those on no problem. I really found it to be fairly easy overall. No phone conversations at all.
  2. I wish I could say, but like I said I bought a kick starter kit from them (not that suspension kit). I was just trying to make the point that the shipping from Italy was a non-issue. The suspension kit is on my short list though :-).
  3. It looks like boano has the kit available now - http://www.betaboano.com/cgi-bin/archivio/Kit_cartuccia_XTrainer_BPS_K9_2171.asp. I bought a kick starter kit from them last month - they shipped here to VA, no issues.
  4. That is what I'm thinking. I added a compression damper to an old Cannondale Lefty fork about 8 years ago - Installed the assembly at the bottom of the fork which ended up putting the external adjuster knob at the bottom of the fork leg. Prior to that install, the bottom of the fork leg was just blocked with an allen bolt which I removed completely in order to install the compression damper/adjuster knob. If I were to guess by looking at the pictures this looks quite similar....but just a guess.
  5. That ad seems to indicate external compression adjustment at the bottom end ("foot") of the fork. Are there suspension companies already doing this or are they just making internal changes with no external adjustment? Also, the ad references a K9 spring upgrade as part of the kit. I wonder if it is the same as the K9 spring on the Boano site - that one says it's for riders in the 242- 264lb range.
  6. Cool appreciate that. Yeah I've got both that Honda Type II as well as the Toyota Red sitting around - about 3/4 gallon of each. Both seem to meet that silicate free requirement, made for aluminum engines, etc. Only reason I'm even replacing the old stuff is because I had to drain it while I'm installing a kick-starter. Currently waiting on delivery of a clutch basket safety washer so have some time to think ahead about this coolant replacement & process :-). Thanks again.
  7. I haven't put a ton of thought into it, but leaning toward the Honda Type II (automobile) coolant that I've already got sitting in my garage from a radiator replacement I did on my Honda Pilot last year.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation, I appreciate it. The only reason I want to do a thorough flush is because I'm switching coolant types from OEM to something else. I understand that it's not recommended to mix coolant types so just playing is safe from that aspect.
  9. I'm switching coolant. This bike is new to me and my last was air-cooled so just want to be sure on the flush process to get all old coolant out. I was just going to drain old, fill w/ distilled water, run bike to get hot enough for thermostat to open, drain then fill w/ the new coolant. Is that the best way to go about it?
  10. Hey I'm just curious...Have you upgraded the springs to match Beta's recommendation per their spring weight chart? If so, did you stay w/ in recommended range or did you go up 2 or 3 spring weights from Beta recommendation?
  11. One of my exhaust pipe springs (left side) just dangles - it has no tension on it at all. The other side is nice and tight but also doing 100% of the work. The pipe doesn't appear to be bent or anything. I've pulled both springs thinking one may be longer by design, but no dice...both identical and in both in good shape. Any ideas what the cause may be?
  12. Nope, it uses the stock louvers that come w/ the bike. Heres a pic I found on the xtrainer FB page.
  13. Mine just came in the mail today (FMF Part# 025173). It's about 2 inches longer than the stock FMF pipe. I too only heard the bike run w/ stock pipe for about 5 minutes, but honestly it doesn't sound any different to me at idle and w/ a few revs here and there. Can't speak for WOT or anywhere in between.
  14. Hi Edwaters - I believe you may have misunderstood. The AXP braces leave the OEM front louvers in place. What I was actually referring to is the aluminum bracing extending back toward the rider as seen in this picture:
  15. Been trying to figure out which radiator guards to get for my xtrainer. Some that I've come across have bracing that follows the OEM plastic radiator shroud back toward the rider like this - AXP Racing. It looks like Force also makes something similar. Most of the guards on the market, though, do not have this kind of bracing (unabiker, enduro engineering, bulletproof, etc). Curious what folks' thoughts are on this? To me that added bracing kind of makes good sense in my own mind, but then wondering if there are faults i'm not considering - weight, access to engine, etc?