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  1. 2016 350RR minty with 725 miles $7,695. Can ship crated at buyers expense.
  2. 1. I don't take the screen off the bolt, just spray it off with brake clean if dirty and blow with compressed air. It's usually clean so I just blow it off. 2. I usually use needle nose pliers inside the recess spread apart to pull it. Trans oil: 1/2 Disregard the weep hole and just add 750ml each to both engine and trans.
  3. 2016 350RR for sale at my shop.
  4. Installled an AXP Extreme skid plate. Man this thing is thick! All one piece with the linkage guard built in. Sorry about the mud it was a wicked ride last night.
  5. My buddy has a Lectron on kit KTM 150 and randomly can't get it started. Have to pull the plug and kick it over to clear it out, it's loading up/flooding. Will usually start after that while holding the throttle wide open but even then not always. I'd suspect the carb, since you're getting spark I doubt it's electrical.
  6. Maybe that's not the right computer? Here's a shot of the plugs for a 16 350 RR dash computer, it's the 3 white plugs on the left. This is for a four stroke so might be slightly different but that 4 pin molex connector looks out of place.
  7. They just pull apart, one side will remain in the bracket. There isn't any locking tabs on them.
  8. Ran it out of gas. Me and a buddy were mileaging the route for our enduro next weekend. It started to thunder, lightening and rain really hard the last few miles. I ran out of gas about 1 1/2 miles from the end. My buddy leaves to finish the course and then bring gas back to me. I waited there an hour, in the pouring rain, lightning strikes all around, getting ready to start walking but figured I'd stay put for a little while longer. Finally I got a phone call from another buddy who took a truck to try and find me. Turns out the guy I was mileaging with ran out of gas 3/4 of a mile past where I did and he had to walk back to let someone know. That was right about 60 miles when I ran out. 30 mpg single track with the 390, I got closer to 40 with the 350. Have to go back out today and mileage the A loop.
  9. Umm, there's no clutch cable but there is a throttle cable, no fly by wire on any dirt bikes that I know of. Glad you didn't get hurt.
  10. Go into settings on the mobile app and I believe you'll find an option for loading images.
  11. Betas' spec is 120nm, which is about 88 ft lbs, and blue thread lock. I use 50 ft lbs which is what Rekluse specs. fyi the torque specs for engine and trans assembly are in the service manual which is on the betausa site under support. Page 84 for your 13 350.
  12. I love them for the same reasons as Chris. Hardly even notice them anymore they're just there doing their thing, until I ride someones bike that doesn't have them and notice right away the difference. It's one of those simple things I probably won't be without anymore. I was lucky and scored a set used.
  13. Haha well I am a mechanic believe it or not, and I own an auto repair shop, and a Beta dealership. I don't owe my first born to snap on though lol. So last night I removed the new FMF 4.1 Ti system and put the FMF Q4 back on. Haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or sell it, it's just a little too loud for me. We're riding tonight in some nasty shit so didn't want to ding it up in case I do sell it. Also did a stepper motor reset since I hadn't done it since loading the FMF map.
  14. You need these. Beta sells them or you can find them elsewhere I'm sure.
  15. Installed the FMF Factory Racing 4.1 Ti exhaust that I got from Collin from Purvines Racing.