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  1. Missouri

    On dirtbikes there's always a way. All they're really doing is killing trees because there's always a way around them
  2. Still looking for linkage for an 2003 Cr250
  3. The full wrap guards cause too much of a deflection, especially at higher speeds. The "flag" style guards flex which helps slide off the trees or whatever you are hitting, versus bouncing you the opposite direction. I still run full wraps though for added protection
  4. Because I'm sure you wear one everytime you hop on your bike.. lighten up a bit
  5. Another vote for Jonny Walker
  6. I bet it's legit. On the pulp mx show after thunder valley he was talking about having a double scoop at coldstone. He pretty said what everyone thinks. Aldon's program works for some, but not for most. Why have a trainer who had never raced at a higher level (has Aldon ever riden mx at all?).
  7. Kinda on topic, but kinda not. I was listening to a podcast and they had bike sales statistics from last year, and between 450s and 250s from the big six the total units sold didn't even meet one model of Harley's sold. That's one model of Harley, not all Harley's combined. I think we all know our sport is small, but it was kinda shocking.
  8. I have tried toilet bowl cleaner since it contains muriatic acid and I think it works pretty good. Afterwards I clean it off with dish soap or Simple Green since it has a more neutral pH level
  9. Better hope it's not by commission. Dirtbike sales really aren't that great. Probably minimum wage or slightly over. My advice would be keep dirtbikes as a hobby, not a job. But if you really want to work at a dealership then go for it!
  10. Cool thread, I've cut mine before, but haven't tried siping. Sidenote, anyone know where KJ790 has been? Haven't seen him on here in awhile.
  11. The machining that I've seen on any Chinese "replica" part is garbage. Stick with oem, even used or part-out oem over Chinese fakes
  12. Since I'm not sponsored by anyone I don't have any brand loyalty to anyone, but when One Industries was still in business I really liked the way their gear fit, and it was super durable.
  13. Possibly less likely to be damaged from roost if sideways.
  14. I actually prefer the PDFs because I can Ctrl-f and find exactly what I need.
  15. I've found many manuals online. That's what I use.