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  1. A great rider, and a greater guy.
  2. I think he did have offers, but none met the amount he thought he was worth. Waited it out hoping he'd get one, and nothing came. Probably the same is happening with outdoors now. I'm sure someone would provide a bike, but won't pay unless he gets results.
  3. Also make sure the opening is either at the top or bottom, not sides.
  4. I think the front wheel is the easiest part to keep from hitting rocks. Used to run the stock one but it seems pointless.
  5. Missouri

    I was so exhausted after pushing and lifting I lost my front end in a creek, face planted, and just layed there it felt so good.
  6. Missouri

    It's definitely open. Lots of downed trees. Both from wind, and crews cutting them down
  7. They're open, rode today. I'll say this much, the crews sure are chainsaw happy. We got pinned in a section of trail that usually takes 20-30 min, and I bet we spent 2 hours fighting through it. All newly cut trees, and big ones
  8. Did Izzi skip bail to race? [emoji38]
  9. I'd really love to see bell get up there in the 450s. No matter what we're in for some great racing
  10. My money would be on a Kawasaki sweep. Tomac and Forkner.
  11. That's worth the $50 right there I'd say
  12. I'm calling bs on the no funds thing. Sure they might not have the ability to take a semi to the races, but there are a lot of guys who show up in a sprinter or pickup and have less money than Malcom.
  13. I think it going to be slot better than everyone is expecting. That being said tomac will get the title if he doesn't wreck hard
  14. Photoshop...
  15. I don't see the big deal.