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  1. Anyone know if they're still doing pit passes for a monster can? I did a little searching and didn't see an answer for this year. Don't want to pay $10 ontop of already inflated ticket prices unless I have to.
  2. I think the track layout was very good this week, just they had bad dirt. I also think the two row start would be pretty cool, maybe try it at the monster cup first though. I also think there need to be split lanes, and maybe a some off camber 90°s
  3. Yeah I went from a camelbak mule to the Kriega and although the Kriega is heavier I still found it much more comfortable, and even almost forgot I was wearing it. Like you said it is a little tight if you pack a decent amount, but I've found it to be sufficient for all day rides.
  4. I use a Kriega R20. It's a great pack, has adjustable straps at the top for body size, and bottom for tightening. The chest closure hits on your sternum and repositions the weight more on your chest vs. shoulders. Has a mesh back with an air channel, and it water resistant.
  5. Yea yea true... But hey, wouldn't you if you were her [emoji48]
  6. I know I'm focusing on the wrong things here, but why tf is she loosening the swingarm pivot with the shock and everything else still bolted up?
  7. Yeah it seems very unusual. But it didn't look like he hit a square edge, or got off balance. To me it looked like he even changed his line to go higher... Who knows tho
  8. I use hair spray because it's kind of a 2 for 1. You have the slickness for sliding it on, then it sticks a little after drying, but doesn't leave gunk after like glue does. Then I just saftey wire them. Btw if you haven't yet, get a pair of safety wire pliers.
  9. Talk about a d-bag move by Craig. IMO that wasn't an accident. I'm sure Craig didn't think he'd send him over the berm, but he knew what he was doing.
  10. Out of context quote of the day? [emoji23]
  11. I think most of the time people just what to hear what they want to hear, and they want you to agree with them. They already have their mind set, just for some reason they want you to confirm it. I work in a motorcycle shop, and my boss has been wrenching for over 30 years, very knowledgeable. People come in and ask what he thinks on something, he'll give his answer, then they'll say "well I read online", or "my buddy said" or they'll even ask me, who obviously doesn't even have a fraction of the knowledge my boss does. He knows most people are going to for some reason side with Joe Schmo off an internet forum, not knowing what their experience is. He'll still tell them what he thinks, but he knows alot of people will try to argue it.
  12. It's going fine for me. I'm still in college and working this job part time so it's good for me now, I'm getting paid a little more than most of my other friends. I still enjoy working on my own bike and am not burnt out, but I can see how people could after many years.
  13. Last I checked the aren't making OEM pistons anymore, or atleast that's for my 03 so I figure they also aren't for 01. I hear prox is an OEM copy though.
  14. I'm currently going to college, and working at a motorcycle shop as a mechanic. Definitely don't want to do this my whole life, but I enjoy it now. I'm looking into IT/Programing because technology is in high demand. I'm also looking into welding, machining, construction management, or some type of job I can work outside and not be couped up in an office all day.
  15. Or Dungey will stay consistent and Tomac will wreck/have brake failure/bad start/ whatever. Who knows, at this point history would lead me to believe Dungey will win it, but I'd really like to see Tomac get it.