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  1. Prepare for the ahole dad who's kid is riding way too fast for the kiddie track, but he doesn't want him to look bad/slow on the big track he should be riding. Ask me how I know...
  2. I believe the KTM is pretty much the same basic motor since it's redesign in 2014. For both bikes, there is no metal subframe; everything integrates with/off the fuel tank. Having ridden both, I could love love either. The degrees of separation aren't what I'd call material. While not twins, definitely brothers.
  3. The husky is an all new motor from my understanding. It has a 2nd counter balancer and more hp, but having ridden both, the difference in vibes is negligible at best. The 690 is stronger down low and very linear. The husky is softer down low and has a noticeable power surge in the middle of the mid range on up with its extra grand in rpm. I dragged raced my buddy to the mid 90s, he's heavier and no question the Husky has more on top b/c he pulled me by a few bike lengths at a 1/4 mile or slightly less. KTM seems a bit more off-road focused in its power delivery and the Husky a bit more supermoto. Different, but not night/day. The new engine produces an additional 6bhp, bringing peak power up to a quoted 74bhp at 8000rpm. Torque is also increased, up to 52ftlb at 6750rpm. The new engine also features a second counter balancer shaft to reduce vibrations. A new 50mm throttle body gets rid of the mechanical linkage to the throttle for improved throttle response. New engine highlights Increased power & torque of 74 hp & 71.0 Nm An additional 1000 rpm of usable power Reduced oscillating masses for lower vibrations New intake resonator for improved response at low rpm Long service intervals & low fuel consumption Single overhead cam =>Double spark plugs Large bore & short stroke [105 mm & 80 mm] Forged aluminium piston Cutting edge ride-by-wire electronics
  4. Are you asking if the 2017 690 ER and 701E are the same outside of ECU tuning?
  5. Anyone do this? If so, impressions?
  6. Also, check your spokes after your first couple of rides. Both our bikes had quite a few that loosened up a fair bit.
  7. Edit rights time out because if others reply to a topic and the OP decides to completely change their opening post, it can screw up the context of the entire thread. So you can edit a post, but not days later. To update the topic, just reply to it.
  8. When you use the filters found under the "Activity" menu, it's limited to the last year. We have close to 17 years worth of data, so it's a massive resource issues if we pointed "Activity" at database that massive. To search the entire database, you need to conduct an "Advanced Search". To do this, click into the search box and and on the left, you'll notice a menu on the left with a down arrow. Click the down arrow and select "Advanced Search". There you can search by author using a custom data range.
  9. Welcome to Florida... Where you at 'zactly? Tell me you're younger than 65 and drive at least the speed limit, please!
  10. CORONA, CA – May 22, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Troy Lee Designs rider Cody Webb took the Day 2 win on his way to second overall at the Red Bull Minas Riders, part of the Hard Enduro Series, nearly giving him the win over reigning series champ Graham Jarvis. As a rookie to the competition Webb was quick to learn what was needed to succeed, but with rain canceling the final days he had to settle for second overall. The “Hard Enduro” in Minas Gerais, Brazil lived up to its name with challenges spanning over 150 miles. From sketchy bridge crossings to cliff climbs, Webb’s skill was tested but in the end he excelled in the conditions. After getting a grip on the style of racing that makes up a Hard Enduro, he took the win on Day 2 and came within just two minutes of the leader before the race was called due to unrelenting rains in the area. “After the first day, I knew it was going to be an challenging second day,” said Webb. “It was probably some of the hardest terrain I’ve ever ridden. I was able pick up my race a lot in the second half and I pushed through to gained time on Graham (Jarvis). It’s pretty awesome to be right there with him. It would have been interesting to see how close I could have gotten to him if it didn’t get rained out.” Webb was wearing the SE Air Streamline Orange and Navy Jersey with the SE Air Pant, along with the Air Glove, all from the brand new 2018 collection. Check out the full 2018 lineup or click to find your local TLD retailer. Final Results, GOLD Class Graham Jarvis Cody Webb Alfredo Gómez *Photos: Maragni M. About Troy Lee Designs For over 30 years, Troy Lee has been customizing helmets “For The World’s Fastest Racers.” TLD’s relentless commitment to creating products that exceed the cutting edge of style, design and quality, has earned them the reputation as an innovator in many different fields of racing. Troy Lee Designs has since expanded into a full force operation, offering a complete line of helmets, apparel and premium protection for off-road motorcycling and bicycling, sportswear and accessories, and operating the TLD supercross and motocross teams. Based in Corona, California, Troy Lee Designs has a global network of distributors. Source: Troy Lee Designs
  11. Make sure to break er' in right! Big believer in this: Congrats!
  12. There are a million options. But, can't go wrong with Ancra brand. Once owned, don't leave them in the back of your truck 24/7 for the weather to degrade them. If taken care of, they last a good long time. Also, here's a way to tie them down so they can't slip: I do have these and like them a lot: Built in soft ties w/ velcro strap to secure the loose ends and the carbiner end eliminates twisting. Not the cheapest straps, but well build and nice features.
    Love this product because it flat out works at shielding vulnerable materials from heat. It's easy to cut to shape, does a good job conforming to most bends & curves, and sticks to surfaces (including itself) very well. I recently used it on the exhaust side turn signal, side panel, and fuel tank on my 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R because the stock exhaust catalytic converter gets so damn hot! There have been reports of melted plastics, so I figured that I'd give this a shot. So far so good... For details on this install project, see the #dualsportduo blog
  13. Yeah, it's not the best thing on a bike that sees brush. I know of a blogger that cut open his can and decated it, but honestly, that's more work than I want to do. Pretty happy with my solution and its cost (cheap). But, for the cost of these suckers, should come from the factory. You listening KTM? Husqvarna?