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  1. HUSQVARNA MOTORCYCLES LIFT THE COVERS FROM THEIR EXCITING 2018 ENDURO LINE-UP Husqvarna Motorcycles today launch their complete line-up of 2018 enduro models – a sophisticated new series of 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines that take the historic brand’s enduro model line-up to a whole new level in terms of technology and performance. Introducing the next generation of 2-stroke machines – the all-new, electronic fuel-injected TE 250i and TE 300i – Husqvarna’s latest enduro offerings deliver unprecedented advantages in terms of performance, rideability, fuel consumption and ease of use. The introduction of electronic fuel injection by Husqvarna Motorcycles represents a bold new step into the future of offroad motorcycling. Together with the fuel-injected 2-strokes, Husqvarna Motorcycles present a heavily updated range of TE and FE machines for model year 2018. Collecting feedback from top-level competition and combining it with extensive research, the brand’s engineers ensured that the 2018 TX 125, TE 150 (only for US), FE 250, FE 350, FE 450 and FE 501 remain true to Husqvarna Motorcycles’ commitment to offer premium motorcycles across their complete enduro range. 2-STROKE’S NEW ERA Perfectly embodying Husqvarna’s pioneering spirit, the new from the ground up electronic fuel injected TE 250i and TE 300i machines feature engine technology that revolutionises the field of 2-stroke enduro motorcycles. TE 250I/300I ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION HIGHLIGHTS =>Fuel injectors at the transfer ports → Ideal amount of fuel in all conditions =>Oil pump & oil tank → Convenient, eliminates pre-mix =>39 mm throttle body → Regulates air flow, TPS relays airflow data =>New EMS → Modern engine management, no need for jetting changes =>Standard map select → Customise power characteristics =>Frame integrated oil filler cap → Simple refills =>Translucent fuel tank → Large capacity, fuel pump integrated =>New intake snorkel → Adapted to throttle body SETTING THE BENCHMARK Combining the most advanced engine technology with a series of dynamic upgrades, all Husqvarna Motorcycles 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines set the benchmark in terms of handling, power, weight and aesthetics. MY18 ENDURO HIGHLIGHTS (ALL MODELS) =>WP Xplor 48 front fork → New fork tubes & setting for added sensitivity & bottoming resistance =>New Magura brake callipers & GSK discs → Optimal sensitivity & progression =>New ProTaper handlebar → Class-leading function & style The new Husqvarna MY18 enduro range will be available worldwide from July 2017 at all authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers. For all details on pricing and availability, please refer to your national Husqvarna Motorcycles Subsidiary or Importer.
  2. On it's way! Sweaty butt crack, your days are numbered in the garage.
  3. I've used my buddy's and it worked well. But, I need to insulate my garage doors and toss in some insulation above the drywall in the garage for full efficiency. I think I'm going to go w/ this...'Longhi-Pinguino-14%2c000-BTU-3-in-1-WIFI-Enabled-Portable-Air-Conditioner%2c-Dehumidifier-%26-Fan.product.100340308.html At least with Costco, returns are easy for any reason if I hate it.
  4. Concrete block wall. Also HOA would pitch a fit b/c you would see it from the street.
  5. Gets dumped into an internal tank that you drain periodically. My buddy moved here and lived with me a bit. I got spoiled using his.
  6. 67? I'd be asking about heaters then!
  7. On my 4th Florida summer and I'm going to break down and buy and air conditioner for the garage. Just too damn hot & humid to get any work done. After 15 minutes of basic bike maintenance, I have sweat pouring in my eyes. So, you could say that I'm a big ol' pus'. With that out of the way, I have no widows, so looking at portables like these: Anyone using a portable? If so, what make/model and how's it work? Need something for a 650 square foot triple.
  8. I grew up riding in/around Portland Oregon, so wondered if I'd been there. A beautiful as I remember. Thx for sharing.
  9. What do you guys think of this guy's conclusions?
  10. I can't say that either affect any of my bikes enough for me to notice. I'd bet that for most weekend warriors, that's probably the case. I'm sure that both do affect the chassis and handlebars at some level however.
  11. Keeps brush & branches from pushing your levers back, especially the front brake lever. I had the later happen with handguards installed that were not full wrap around. Almost went down hard. It also keeps your fingers from getting pinched behind the levers, between trees, and can save levers from breaking. I've also had times where if there wasn't the handguard, my hand would have been ripped off the handlebars. Your mileage may vary,
  12. 2 dollars in brass. 78 dollars in giving you a solid jetting result for a wide variety of conditions and mods based upon someone's knowledge. NEED it? No idea. If you're knowledgeable about jetting and a decent wrench, might not. If you're a jetting nOOb and don't feel like experimenting, buy the jetting solution in a box with tech support. About thee needle... how a needle is profiled can make a bit difference. Don't discount the R&D & testing that goes into getting this.
  13. Anyone a pro? For the rest of us, handguards have their place. I don't care what, say Jarvis runs. I'm never going to have his skill, so why think what's good for him is by default good for me?