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  1. 1. Well, there is Plenty of racing to go 2. Managing points is just that, and he's currently the points leader 3. Exactly, Cooper says what tactics, bike stalled. 4. RD stays within his comfort zone, I'm waiting as well. 5. BTW, I've been on the Left nut for awhile, no room here, you need to grab onto the right one
  2. There is a lot of racing to go, RD may have been managing points, however ET is faster and his wins indicate this. I'm pretty sure team tactics will come into play and I don't think Marvin wants anything to do with it, However Give Anderson a few extra bones and he's all in. What we know RD will not run the ET pace until he's down on points. Questions are If down on points will RD ride outside his zone in what possibly could be his last.
  3. I'd ride the shít out of that, looks fun
  4. Damn your hate runs deep.
  5. 2T aren't pigs regardless of brand, besides where's the black stripes
  6. Would be nice to see a 2017/18 special edition YZ in yellow
  7. Yamaha looks so much better in yellow
  8. I also have the Kriega pack, do you any issues with the release strap that goes across the breast? I find the push button release clamp is a pain in the ass if its dirty. I'm thinking about cutting it off and just installing a standard one.
  9. If the tire blew just 15 or so seconds later this might not of happened. very sad
  10. As I understand it, the pay scale is structured in such away, it's every man for himself
  11. Actions speak louder than words, Marvin wants a paycheck, what's a better resume then beating RD.
  12. Supercross

    Read my Previous post, Practice is everything when it comes to Fantasy
  13. My drunken mindset has misguided me, I apologize ,
  14. but Decoster is not paying MM, if MM want the pay checks he needs results. In the End the the The team is second
  15. I thought internet stalking was a crime