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  1. May not be entirely true
  2. Maybe, however That track was chewed to shit, well need more than 1 race to see how he's doing.
  3. On the way to Hollister Hills, I always pick up a flat of berries from the fruit stands. fresh fruit at the riding area is awesome, and even better are the margaritas the next day
  4. Unless things go south, he'll be around top 5.
  5. Ktm knows The Frenchman and the white rider are not their tickets to championships. I suspect they are gonna drop the money truck on CW front lawn. Whatever he chooses the guy is in for a huge payday.
  6. Anderson was never really in the hunt for the championship anyways, seems there are always 5 or 6 motos where he just disappears for whatever reason Talk about inconsistency he is all over the board
  7. I'm thinking about stalking her
  8. 125 2-Strokes, loving it
  9. I see James ....... Ok 2012
  10. I do love me some Jenna
  11. I'm 5'7" 185lb, In 09, my first bike was a 04 250x, I rode and loved that bike for about 5 years. It was a sweet ride, However as a new rider I often was picking that bike up and damn was it heavy. Since then, I switched to a ktm 200, much lighter, nimbler. I wish I had started out on a lighter bike as I think my progression is increasing much faster.
  12. I agree, However I'm pretty sure he wants Guaranteed monies and not based on performance.
  13. Squid has no choice, He's on life support, He's now ALL in on the White Rider and that road is going nowhere.
  14. Does Black mean Lazy?