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  1. Well i can help on the build i had done the top end on one that the late Tryce welch built i think it was for Lewis i know it beat the aprilia 125 2 stroke in florida
  2. Wish you could use the EFI engine i have one hear that is built up to the botom new crank super finshed trans with 3rd 4th gears under cut falicon rod have nt bought a piston yet but have a fully ported 2016 head with bronze alloy intake seats 25 mm buckets my rhc .5 mm orver intake valves .
  3. you can get a remap but as i recall the 2015 was pretty good even with the pipe change there wasnt much to gain if any
  4. Question!..i have a 95 kx125 with a 144cc big bore kit. Would a kx250 expansion pipe work on the bike

  5. i have a 08 kx250f and want to swap to a 09 kx250f frame will it work?

  6. Hey Ron..will a 06 crf 450r counter shaft work in a 05? Even though the part # is different.

  7. hey ron, just bought a 83 honda xr350r and im having trouble with the clutch, if i run the bike at a steady pace without changing gears for a while my clutch wont disengage when i try to downshift what do you figure is causing this and what is the best fix?

  8. Hey R on. Im new to the site have a question for you. I have a 2000 yzf426. Im doing a complete top end rebuild. Started installing my cylinder and notice the piston had alot of rock in the cylinder.  Didnt know if that was normal for those short skirt pistons?

  9. hiya have just bought an 1979 honda xl 500s with no cylinder head and as you no thay are very hard to find but have come across loads of xr 500 heads will it fit my xl 500 thanks

  10. no
  11. to much timing in the low rpm and low throttle openings if you have the tuner try taking a couple of degrees out @ a time untill your happy
  12. I started building a 2016 yz 250 for ax i ended up getting the 2017 head and took a good look @ the 2017 cams there going to be hard to make an improvement on for a ax bike the intake cam is pretty agressive as it maintained nearly the same duration @ .200" lift as most of the race cams available that have the same duration @ .050".the chart shows my flo compared to a ktm 250f race edition head it has my +.5 mm intake valves with the special back shape there a full 1 mm smaller than the ktm and the intake port is 4 mm smaller in a comparable cross section 38 mm compared to 42 for the ktm i had increasesd the yamaha by 1 mm from stock the yamaha flos considearably better @ the lower lifts and only gives up about 8 cfm @ the top .I also had some more of my custom boxed J&E pistons made with the dlc pin .Austin Haugt is the rider hes a big boy hopfully we can get him some hole shot power .
  13. Have you tryed calling dyno jet and see if they will give you a code to alter your drum weight . i had to make some adjustments with my super flo bench and they gave me a code to get into the software
  14. My dyno started as a dyno jet and I had converted over to a performance trends software and hardware I can adjust the drum inertia to make it read what I want when I converted I used a bike with a known hp and calibrated it from dyno jet reads quite low compared to others and I have spoke with others that had the same issue which isn't a problem but customers always want to see that high number it would be nice if dyno jet would give you a code to go in and adjust your inertia to make the dyno read similar to others like MXA .there for a while mine was reading lower than mxa if I would use the std correction they were closer to the magazine results I have always used sae.I have a brake that I installed and the software will let me do sweep test I have not done a lot with it yet but you can program the computer for a test bring your engine up to just a bove a selected rpm range and hold the throttle to a specific angle and push a button and the computer supplys the voltage to ramp it down through specified rpm rates .im still working on torque calibration on the brake .
  15. interesting i just tested this morning and got nearly 62 hp on the stock 2017 crf 450 i also tested a new 2016 450 kaw recently and recorded 55hp which is comparable to the last test mxa did and who evers dyno they were using befor that my numbers were a couple less .in any case our curves are simlar and yes its impressive stock im sure this engine is going to be 70+ on my dyno and as long as my compnents keep winning championships i guess the number doesnt matter a hole lot only the improvements.impressive gains for only tuniing with the ecu . ..