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  1. To me the CVK40 was the best bang for the buck I did for my bike. A ways back it was very reasonable, like $100 for a decent one, and I think I paid $125 for one that was pristine. Why guys are spending upwards of $700 or more on FCR's is beyond me. One or two extra HP doesn't change the fact that the bike is still a DRZ and it'll ALWAYS be a DRZ.
  2. Didn't see it, but that's friggin' amazing!!! Lucky guy for sure......they also are pretty damn nasty.
  3. Looks like a gopher snake......not poisonous but unsettling when you're out there. Some of the ones posted by our "Down Unda" friends are damn scary.......those brown snakes are deadly!!!!!!
  4. Out for a Fathers Day stroll.........couldn't have been nicer! edit: 250 XC-F w/300cc Thumper kit
  5. Still going thru the Bucket..............and the only thing good looking about "Heavy" is his bike........bwhahahahahaha
  6. and not as hungry for biker dudes.............
  7. Awesome......I was beginning to feel like it was time to stop posting. Glad they are showing up.
  8. Hey Randy.....those gravel roads are sort of minimal to be honest. I ride thru the woods to get to them and you're right...that's where the gnarly stuff is. Here are a couple I took that didn't come out like I thought, but it'll give you an idea......
  9. Thanks boat rides for me. I do know someone who has a cabin up there around the corner and right on the lake. They catch Kokanee and smoke em' on the BBQ, so one of these trips I'll have to coordinate a little better and stop in. It was refreshing to see people out and just plain enjoying themselves. Had my ice cream cone and just sat in the shade a took it all in.
  10. here here....
  11. My yearly Lupen "shot".........a little late because of all the snow, but they are alive and well..... Awesome day for a ride here in Oregon.....made it all the way to the lake. There was still quite a bit of snow, but managed to bypass it. 79dirt mi. all told
  12. That's awesome! I've never hooked into one that big, but I have gotten some really decent Ling Cod. They are very good eating. Most fun fish I've ever caught is a tuna........a little like a Steelhead but more intense. When you hook up with a 30lb Yellowfin you know you're in for a ride. Nice goin' my friend..........
  13. That's one killer halibut buddy.............thought they only grew that big in Alaska. I can only hope the "Q" got fired up for that baby......
  14. Maybe that's where the name "cowpie" comes from????
  15. acerbis

    Best gas tanks, PERIOD! The plastics are good quality but subjective in their design. I liked the Polysport better, but that's me. Others have reasons that are valid too.......just up to the individual.