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  1. Isopropol alcohol does work, and if you heat it with a heat gun it will bring the release agent to the surface, which then can be wiped off. I too have seen videos of this method and the people who do it, actually do it 2 or 3 times. The release agent actually becomes embedded in the plastic because when the plastic is injected in, it's a liquid, which then blends with the release agent. To get it TOTALLY clean, you have to heat it so that it rises to the surface. The vids I watched were experts who painted plastic gas tanks and wanted absolute adhesion of the paint, so that said, decals you could probably get away with slightly less work. The newer decals, at least the ones I see that are advertised on various sites are VERY thick......18-26mil. They are super strong with sticking power, but pliable enough to contour with a little heat and careful application. Just to compare, the vinyl used on trucks and vans is typically 2 mil. and is guaranteed 7-10yrs. Obviously there are different manufacturers out there all selling a slightly different product, so all of this information may or may not apply. The best vinyl I have used for curved applications has a honey-comb glue structure on the back which is known as "air release" which allows you to lift up if the application starts to go south, and reapply without harming anything. To do a car or van wrap, this is by far the best stuff for doing this. There is also a clear coat product made by 3M (not at the shop right now and can't remember the actual name) that you can brush on or use a Q-tip to apply around the outside edge that will also make for a excellent bond. When I wrapped my "home made" decals around to the inside of the shroud, I coated that inside edge with that 3M product and it held perfectly.
  2. Very interesting vid.....that release agent is one of the things that is imperative to clean off when applying decals. Shroud, for instance, should be heated with a heat gun and then alcoholed 2 or 3 times to get all the release agent out before applying decal is you want it to stick.
  3. Bring em' on M8.....this is my only way to travel the world.
  4. Yeh M8......been ok. Got the KTM from Washington State and it was plated, but not street legal. No light, brake light etc. Went to DMV to transfer and they want to see the VIN #. Obviously can't bring the bike in without all the stuff on it, so am in the process. What a pain in the a$$.....if I had to do it over, would never have bought the bike. Oregon laws are just too strict for plating, and the ironic thing is after spending all this money on "street legal" parts, there's still no guarantee they'll transfer the plate. Major spincter pucker right about now..... You didn't suffer some sort of bad experience in SM mode, did you? I know just driving in my truck I see people all the time doing stupid stuff in their cars and what it would be like while riding a bike......especially Cali. What seems to be happening here now is just random comments.....bonding up with like minded people must not be what they are wanting. I don't have a way of even accessing my "friends list" anymore. I realize remaking the site takes time, but this is ridiculous.
  5. Feel the same way.....he definitely has a lot to contribute still. Wouldn't hurt to check in every now and then, just for old times sake.
  6. Killer shots M8.....absolutely rugged terrain. Some of the rock formations were breathtaking.....1st time I've seen such extensive shots of down unda. Pretty lucky to have that to ride in.....
  7. Funny how things come full circle.....I think after getting caught up in all the mods I did, I was ready to come back around but couldn't. Probably the main reason I ended up selling the bike. Glad you're still at it, and yeh, hope things are going good with you and the family. Now that the site has changed once again, I can't see who's on anymore at the bottom of the page, and if I don't know when my friends are here, what is the point.......seriously thinking about giving this a rest. So, does that mean you've gotten rid of the SM rims too?
  8. Sometimes you have to question humanity......catastrophies can bring out the best, but also the worst in people. Go figure M8..
  9. Good ol Jake doing his part...........that's what I call a working dog!!!
  10. Forrest usually answers the phone.....he owns Wheeling. Turn-around is immediate if he has in stock, otherwise he'll tell you when. Best company to order from....
  11. Wheeling had the whole sets a couple years back.....the rear fender needed some cutting when I did mine. Other than that it all worked great.
  12. Sorry.....but it is what it is.........
  13. Ain't it great to have friends like you...............lmao
  14. OMG.....lmao on that one. Gotta love the humor here!!!!